Dinosaur Birthday Invitation Templates : 25+ Word Templates (Best Designs)


Are you planning to organize a birthday party this Friday? If yes, why don’t you throw a Dinosaur party as your kid as well as guests will love it absolutely. But, yes, you need t first send the birthday invitations as soon as possible or else many of your guests will fail to turn up at the venue.

Oh! There is no need to scratch your head if you are tensed about how to send the invitations as your dinosaur birthday invitations are not ready at all! I agree creating them from scratch is nearly impossible for you as you are already pre-occupied with loads of work regarding birthday preparation.

Well, you don’t need to get stressed as indeed there are ways by which you can yourself prepare beautiful dinosaur birthday invitations that are printable without investing much of your valuable time.  Believe me, cheap dinosaur invitations are easy to create using your existing knowledge of Microsoft Word.

Here, I am going to help you by showing you the exact way to create diy dinosaur birthday invitations that too step by step. The end product will be a thoroughly professional one and by this way, you will be able to organize your kid’s birthday party at a modest budget too! This is simply because in such a case, you will not have purchase the same from a local shop or over the web.

Free Dinosaur Birthday Invitation











I know you are utterly confused about what to include in a dinosaur birthday invitation even before starting the designing part. Just RELAX…

You need to just perfect the dinosaur rsvp wording. Now, you may be wondering what is rsvp? It is actually from a French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît that means “Please respond”. Some of the rsvp wordings that you can include can be like –ROAR IF YOU CAN MAKE IT 1234567489 or Don’t be extinct, Call at 123456789. Here, 1234567489 is the phone number of your contact number.


It is also OKAY to skip the RSVP wording. You need to make sure to write a large header which can be comfortably a simple “Happy Birthday” in a beautiful font type and attractive color. Next, comes the message part to invite your guests. You can keep it simple like –“Its a birthday party for YOUR KID’S NAME” or something that can excite your guests like “A day filled with adventure and friendship, and so on….

Unleash your creative side while preparing the text for the invitation. You can have an idea about the wordings from the below free printable dinosaur invitation templates that I have presented for your convenience. The invitation can be also a creative rhythmic poem! However, it should be short and with easy to pronounce words. The key to writing a perfect dinosaur birthday invitation wordings is to keep it short and simple.









You can spin some Dinosaur lingo while writing the wordings like Join us for a dino adventure or party for our little dinosaur!  This will make all the little ones roaring to go to your party without any delay.

Also, do not forget to include the details like date, venue, and time at the bottom of your invitation text.

There is absolutely no dearth of birthday invitation templates over the web from where you can draw some inspiration for your own dinosaur birthday invitation card. You can look at the below invitations to have more clarity regarding wordings.







Let’s have a look at the following steps. You follow and you will be surprised that you are ACTUALLY able to design a wonderful dinosaur birthday invitation from scratch and that too by using your basic Microsoft Word skills. Believe me, it is as simple as counting 1-2-3! Now, without wasting any more time, I am mentioning the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open a new file in Microsoft word and change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape. You need to change the orientation by clicking on Page Layout which is the top of the menu bar on your Word screen. As soon as you click it choose Orientation and under that two options will appear. Out of the two, you need to give a quick click on Landscape. You can also choose to keep it in Portrait orientation if you feel.
  2. Next, click on Insert which is beside Home on your screen at the top and then click on Shapes. Choose a rectangle, square or oval as per your preference and simply point the mouse at the right side of the blank page that is open. Drag your mouse a little to draw a shape leaving some space on the left side for inserting some text.
  3. Now, bring your mouse pointer at the center of your newly drawn shape and click on it. Drawing tools will open at the top. You need to select Shape Fill and then click on Picture option that you can see. I am assuming that you have already downloaded a clean image of a cute dinosaur for your birthday invitation card.
  4. Insert that specific image in the shape that you have downloaded and saved in one of your existing or new folders and half of your work is done!
  5. You need to focus on copy pasting the text that you have already written for inviting your coveted guests in another file. Make sure to copy and paste the message using Control C and then Control V at the space beside the image.
  6. Change the font color or font size to make it eye-catching. Align it properly so that it oozes a professional feel.
  7. You can also create a nice border by again clicking on Page Layout and then clicking on Page Borders.
  8. There are many border art options that you can see when you will click on Box in the new window Borders and Shading
  9. Keep choosing different border arts and apply it to the whole document to see which one looks best or accentuate the beauty of your dinosaur birthday invitation
  10. Finally, save it and download the same to get it printed. Your dinosaur invitation card is ready!

You can also click an image of your kid with your smartphone and can transfer it to your computer to insert the same in the rectangular or circular shape that you have drawn on your invitation card. Believe me, dinosaur birthday invitations with photo are extremely likable and your kid will be on cloud nine!












How to get cute dinosaur party supplies

There is no shortage of online stores where you can get choicest of dinosaur birthday supplies at a cheap rate.  Just designing dinosaur birthday invitations is not enough as you need to plan the decor too as per the birthday theme.

Yes, there is also an option to paint large pictures of cute dinosaurs on a cardboard and cutting it out precisely to place it at strategic points at the birthday venue. However, the fact is that you are already running out of time with all the preparations. So, purchasing party supplies makes a lot of sense.

You can visit Birthday Express to get every kind of dinosaur birthday supplies within a box under three different packages. It is up to you that which package you choose as per your budget and number of guests.  Here is a list of party supplies that you can consider to purchase to make sure your kid’s birthday party becomes a roaring one!

  • Foil Balloons
  • Curly Ribbons
  • Themed Tablecover
  • Dinosaur Paper cups
  • Dinosaur dessert plates
  • Jurassic World Napkins
  • Personalized Vinyl Banner
  • Green Forks and Spoons











If you can afford to spend some more, you can even turn your wall into a Dinosaur train and can encourage your kid’s friends to click their selfies in front of that wall. There are beautiful wall decals that you can stick and peel afterward without damaging your wall paint.  You can also check for dinosaur party supplies on Amazon and Walmart.

In case you are looking for baby dinosaur party supplies for your kid’s birthday who is going to turn one, two or three this year, you can be creative as much as you can.  You can also order a dinosaur themed cake.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Now that you are done with your invitation card and decoration, let’s focus on dinosaur party food ideas.  Apart from the cake decorated with a fondant dinosaur in green or orange, you can choose the following food items for your kid’s birthday party.

  • Sweet Salty Pretzel sticks that you can name as the Dinosaur Bones
  • Big burgers that you can name as Tyrannosaurus Burgers
  • Jalapeno eggs that can be named as Dinosaur eggs
  • Cheese sandwiches made using a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter
  • Sugar cookies that you can make with a dinosaur cookie cutter. Don’t forget to add green frosting







You can also plan to prepare a great variety of juices in green and orange color to get a true flavor of the pre-historic times.You can try Volcano Punch which is easy to prepare by mixing some pineapple juice, frozen lime made concentration and some fruit sherbet scoop.  Garnish with finely cut orange slices and the little ones will rush to drink the same!

Another popular drink for your dinosaur theme birthday party is a green milkshake. Make sure to use a high –quality vanilla ice-cream and peppermint extract to prepare this refreshing drink.  Just rename it Dinosaur juice and kids will forget their aversion of drinking milk.

Last but not the least drink that you can prepare by investing minimal time can be lava juice. It will require only two ingredients- lemonade concentrate and strawberries, and yes, your blender will have to work fast!

I hope that you have loved my guidance and will surely manage to organize a rocking birthday party with a dinosaur theme.


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