Creating birthday invitation cards can be a herculean one, especially if the guest list is quite long. However, now you can very well choose from a range of birthday invitation templates that are available for free over the web and can be downloaded. These templates can be customized as per the desire and text can be added or edited easily. Let’s have a look at 50 such stunning free birthday invitation templates that you are sure going to love.

1. Birthday Invitation Card Template V1.1

Designed in pretty colors, the template is lovely and appropriate for birthday invitation of a little girl.
Get the template from here for free.


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2. Printable Birthday Invitation Colorful Fish

The template is fully editable i.e text can be changed. There is also option to change the font color, type, size, etc to give it the desired look. The template can be accessed from here .

birthday invitation template 2

3. Printable Birthday Invitation-Celebrate with us

With multiple multi-colored balloons, the template is a rocking one to invite your friends. As before, the text can be edited. So, edit the text as desired and then download or print the template from here.

birthday invitation template 3

4. Printable Birthday Invitation-You are invited

If you desire a template that truly reflects the mood of a birthday party, then nothing can be more appropriate that this colorful template with loads of gifts and decor. Get this fully customizable template for free.

birthday invitation template 4

5. Printable Birthday Invitation-Birthday Decorations

With a metallic background and text on a light golden base, the free template is attractive and suitable to become a birthday invitation of teenagers and adults alike. Access the beautiful template at this site

download birthday party invitation

6. Printable Birthday Invitation-Celebrating First Birthday

If you are looking for a birthday template for your little one who just now is turning one, then check out the awesome editable template here.

birthday invitation template 6

Birthday invitation template

Organizing birthday parties involves a lot of fun. Yes, off course, it has a lot to do with planning and management too. Right from selecting a dress for the birthday boy or girl to making an order for the birthday cake and decoration items, parents work really hard to organize a successful birthday party. If you are planning a birthday, one of the most interesting aspects is creating a birthday invitation to invite all friends and loved ones. It should be informative and at the same time should be eye-catchy to attract the attention of everyone. While you can be very creative while designing such cards for your kids, designing the same for elders demand some sophistication in terms of color choice and font type. Today, most people take the help of computer to design a birthday invitation card. However, the good thing is that you can take an inspiration from the ready-made birthday invitation templates also that are available over the web. Here, we are presenting a fascinating collection of birthday invitation templates that you can download and use with a little customization.

7. Free Printable Cars Birthday Party Invitation

Get a high resolution JPEG image as birtday invitation template with a massive red car on a blue background. Ideal template for your boy. Download it now.

birthday invitation template 7

8. Surprise Birthday Invitation Template

The small sized birthday invitation template features two kids, one holding a massive pink cake and other sitting on a chair with gifts.


surpise birthday invitation template free

Download this Surprise Birthday Invitation Template from here:

9. Interesting Pool Party Birthday Invitation

The birthday invitation flyer template has an impressive broad border  featuring bright red and blue balloons. With loads of gifts in the bottom, the interesting template can be downloaded from  here.

Pool Party Birthday Invitation Template

10. Bat Man Birthday Party Template 

Have the extremely bright  birthday party invitation template of bat man theme for your little boy and sure the invitation will be loved by his friends too. To download the vibrant template in blue, yellow and black, click here.

free batman birthday invitations

11. Party CupCakes

With a range of yummy cup cakes and an image of your little angel or prince, the template is suitable for everyone. Customize this beautiful template at

birthday invitation template 11

12. Cute Fairy Birthday Invitation Template  

With a light green background and a cute fairy with her magical stick,the template is designed keeping in mind the little princess of your home. Have an access to this template from here.

cute fairy birthday invitation template

13. Pokemon Birthday Party Invitation

The template is filled with colorful pokemons in a backdrop of a rainbow! You need to add the text regarding name, venue , etc as these are all left blank. Download this eye-candy from here and print it to use immediately.

birthday invitation template 13

14. Pokemon Birthday Invitation Template

What can be more suitable as a birthday invitation card if the birthday theme is pokemon?To download the template for free click here.

birthday invitation template 14

15. 16th Birthday Invitation Template

A template for the birthday invitation if your little girl going to turn 16! This one is bright with a big orange-yellow colored star on a purple base. Download the template and get it printed soon.

16th birthday invitation template


16th Birthday Invitation Template

Download 533 KB 460 downloads

16. Hello Kitty Free Birthday Template

The template is one of our huge collection of hello kitty birthday invitations. It features a cute kitty and has a feminine pink background. Access the template from here.

hello kitty birthday party invitation design template

17. 1st Birthday Party Invite Template

If bright colors are not your preferred ones, then the template can be the most suitable one for your little one who is going to turn one soon!. Download the elegant template now and be the best host.

birthday invitation template 17

18. Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday Invitation

The template as suggested is for a baby girl who is turning one and is pleasant to eyes with a clean design. Just download the template and end your search here.

birthday invitation template 18

19. Boy Birthday Invitation Template

Get the massive birthday invitation template of 22×22 inches with colorful design. The template has ample space to write the message also. Get the awesome template here.

birthday invitation template 19

20. Lady Bug Boy 1St Birthday Invitation

The printable template is also large in print size and has a flowery border on a light blue background dotted with heart shape. Get the printable template here.

birthday invitation template 20

21. Mickey Mouse Free Printable Invitation Template

What can be more exciting for kids than a mickey mouse inviting them to their friend’s birthday party. Get the clean template with a mickey mouse on a white background here.

birthday invitation template 21

22. Robot Print Me Birthday Party Invitation For Boys

The template features a blue background and a prominent white robot on it inviting guests for an amazing party. Download the unique template from this link and have fun.

birthday invitation template 22

23. 50th Birthday Invitation Template

Want a small invitation card for the guests? Have this template designed elegantly with colorful balloons to revive the forgotten childhood days. Get the 50th birthday template here.

50th birthday invitation template

24. 30th Birthday Invitation Template

The template is in pdf format and can be downloaded or printed for use. With a small cupcake with a candle, the template is simple. To get cute template click here.

birthday invitation template 24

25. Heraldic Design

With a heraldic theme with ribbons and swords, the blue template looks awesome for a boys birthday invitation. The template is in word format, editable and can be downloaded in a hassle free manner.

birthday invitation template 25

26. Princes Birthday Invite Template

Download the beautiful girly template with an abundance of pink as birthday invitation template and fill out the text. The template in its original size is available here.

birthday invitation template 26

27. Birthday Balloons

The pdf template with balloons in subtle colors is ideal for a 30th birthday invitation. The text can be edited in Acrobat reader and then can be printed on a 6×4 inches paper. Get the free template here.

birthday invitation template 27

28. Girls’ Just Wanna Have Fun

The cool template in soothing colors with multiple stars and a nice border is great for a birthday invitation of your cute little angle. Get the template for free by saving the image on your desktop.

birthday invitation 28

29. Choo-Choo Train on white background

The template is great for inviting kids to a birthday party with a clean design featuring a colorful toy train on a white background. You need to fill the text. Get the template here.

birthday invitation 29

30. Barbie Birthday Free Template

The cute pink template has a barbie theme and can be can be printed on a 4×5.5 inches paper conveniently. Save the elegant template now from the link and get it print!

Birthday template 30

31. Pirate Birthday Invitation

Get the blue colored template of approximately 4×6 inches with a pirate theme ans space to insert the birthday boy or girl’s image. The template is editable in microsoft powerpoint and is available here.

birthday template 31

32. Table Top Birthday Party Invitation

If you are looking for a sophisticated kind of template then this may be an ideal pick with a cup of coffee, a beautiful flower vase on a colorful table cloth and the invitation itself. Just click the link and select download for further customization.

birthday template 32

33. Rock Star Birthday Party Invitation For Boy

With an image size of 10×6 inches, the template features a cute boy holding a transistor. The text can be customized as per your wish.Download the template here to rock the party!

birthday template 33

34. Moon And Star Sky Birthday Invitation

Get moon, stars, sun, cloud and what’s not on your birthday invitation template and gear up for a fabulous start for the birthday preparations. Get the editable template here and get it printed.

birthday template 34

35. Colorful Circles Birthday Party Invitation

The template is ideal for grown ups as the color scheme is sophisticated with a dark black background and four circles in subtle colors in the right hand side. The template can be easily accessed from here.

birthday invitation tenmplate 35

36. Freebie Bee Party Invitation

The blue template with white podka dots is a sheer delight for kids as a birthday invitation. The template also has colorful flower and a cute bee.You need to fill the text yourself. To get the lovely template, click here.birthday template 36

37. Free Printable Cookie Monster Birthday Invitation

If you have Adobe Photoshop installed in your computer, this can be a great template for birthday invitation with a huge blue cookie monster and colorful stripes at the top. Download the editable template here.

Birthday Template 37

38. Girl Printable Birthday Party Invitation

The template featuring a garden background and a cute girl is perfect for a girl’s birthday invitation. The template also boasts of a colorful border of a bunch of flowers. Download the lovely template and fill the text.

cute girl birthday invitation template


cute girl birthday invitation template.doc

Download 3.5 MB 161 downloads

39. Cupcake Printable Birthday Party Invitation

A yummy cup cake with cream and a candle amidst a blue backdrop sets the perfect premise of a birthday. The template is elegant and is suitable for both kids and adults. Download the template here.birthday template 39

40. Pink Barbie Birthday Party Invitation

If your daughter is fond of Barbie or is a Barbie doll for you, just download the very girly birthday invitation template and fill out the details.

free barbie birthday invitation word

Get this awesome template here.


Pink Barbie Birthday Party Invitation

Download 84.8 KB 317 downloads

41. Aristocats Printable Birthday Party Invitation
Three cute cats going mischevious on a pink background is impressive as a birthday invitation template of small kids. Click here to make the template your own.

cute cats birthday invitation template

42. Pink Balloon Birthday Party Invitation

The template is in pdf and a rather simple one with colorful balloons on a white base. Download the beautiful template here.

pink balloon birthday invitation template

43. Red and Blue Dotty Birthday Party Invitation

What can be nicer than red and blue circles on a white backround and blue text ?Just get it printed and fill the details. To download the same, click here.

color bubbles birthday invitation template

44. Teen Birthday Invitation Template 

With an animal print border in white and black, the template also has a dash of pink. Download the template here.

hello kitty teen birthday invitation template

45. Cute Cat Printable Birthday Invitation Template

With a bright yellow background filled with multi-colored balloons and a cute cat with a birthday cap in celebration mood, the template is just perfect for invitation for little ones.

cute cat birthday invitation template

Download the template here.


Cute Cat Printable Birthday Invitation.doc

Download 653 KB 379 downloads

46. Birthday Dinner Party Invitation Template

The template is an elegant one with a wide purple border, two decorated cakes with candles and multiple little flowers here and there. Get the dinner party birthday invitation template for adults from here.

birthday party invitation template


Birthday Dinner Party Invitation.doc

Download 535 KB 436 downloads

47. Free Printable 50th Birthday Party Invitation Template

If you are looking a simple template for inviting your friends and relatives on your 50th birthday, then just get access to the template featuring a bottle of scotch and a glass from here.

birthday invitation template 47

48. 13th Birthday Invitation Template

Balloons, cakes, candles all designed carefully forms the best invitation for the 13th birthday celebration. Download the template and make it yours.

13th birthday invitation


13th birthday invitation template.doc

Download 1.3 MB 242 downloads


49. Birthday Party Invitation Template For Kids

The template feature disney characters in a joyous mood with plenty of gifts around and a decorated cake. Just right –click and save the word document from here or open in word to decorate more.

mickey mouse birthday invitation template

50. Carnival Birthday Invitation Template

The last one is a beautiful template suitable for carnival birthday invitation with soothing colors. To get the same, right click here.

birthday template 50

Birthday parties are significant to both children and adults and we hope that the above mentioned templates can be a great help to you as you don’t need to design an invitation. Just simply download , customize if needed, get it printed and voila ! The invitation is ready to sent!

Steps to write a birthday invitation card

 Like everything, writing a birthday invitation card too involves some specific steps that make the task easier and less time-consuming. So, the steps are the following ones:

  1. First think about the exact number of persons that you will invite in the birthday party
  2. Buy the exact number of cards with a good paper quality from a stationary store
  3. Pick colorful cards if the invitation for a kid’s birthday party. If the party is for an adult’s birthday party, settle for a less informal one. Take into consideration the gender of the person whose birthday you are going to celebrate.
  4. If the chosen invitation card is simple in its appearance, add some decorative elements to make it attractive. Add images of colorful balloons or decorative banners on the card or draw the same. If you are choosing readymade templates, add the decorative elements via computer software
  5. Next, write the details like name of the invitee, birthday boy or girl, complete address of the venue and timings. You can either write all the text in your own handwriting or choose word processing software to do the same as most templates available over the web are editable in Microsoft Word.
  6. Don’t forget to include the date on which the party will be hosted by you and yes, the dress code too (if any)
  7. It is a good practice to write a nearby landmark in the invitation card so that your guests will face no inconvenience in reaching your place
  8. Also, include a phone number that guests can use to inform you about the confirmation about their attending the party. It also proves helpful if they find any difficulty in finding the party venue. Using this contact number, they can contact you easily.
  9. Nowadays, many people include an email address in the birthday invitation card as almost everyone now has an easy access to the web and has a proper email id.
  10. Now the last step involves putting each of the cards in envelopes and sending them to the invitees via post.
  11. In the 21st century, most people prefer sending such cards via an email which proves extremely cost-effective.

Budget friendly Birthday ideas to spice your kid’s birthday party

Remember, when you were a kid and birthdays were mostly organized at home? The golden rule of organizing a budget friendly kid’s party is organizing the same in your home only. Say no to professional birthday planners to save spending unnecessarily. Next, choose a theme as per the age of your kid. For example, for kids aged between 3-5 years, bugs, balloons, or butterflies are fine. Similarly, for kids aged between 6-8 years, princess, pirates, and harry potter themes are the best. Ditch the idea of buying readymade invitation cards from a store and create them at your home with glue, colors and some creative ideas. Invite only 10-12 kids. This is prevent overcrowding and will leave enough space for kids to play. Next, bake a cake at home and decorate the same with some icing sugar. Some of the food items that are perfect to serve to kids in a birthday party at home are the following ones:

  • Mini Hot Dogs
  • Pizza Pops with favorite toppings
  • Honey Joys
  • Potato Wedges
  • Mini Burgers
  • Spring Rolls

If you are organizing a kid’s party in India, the food menu will differ vastly. In India, the idea food items in a birthday party can be the following ones:

  • Welcome drinks like mango juice or orange juice
  • Birthday cake pieces
  • Ice Cream
  • Spring Rolls
  • Pulav or Poori Sabzi
  • Desserts (can be made at home with readymade mix)

Also, decorate your home with colorful banners by cutting colorful paper with a pair of scissors and glue. If you can afford, place a balloon arch at the front door of your home as this will simply make your kid extremely happy! Finally, do not forget to remove all the toys that your kid will not share with others and all fragile items of your home in one corner.

Just like organizing a budget friendly kid’s part, for an adult part too, it is best to cut the expenditure by baking a cake at home. Spend less on decoration and arrange the balloons on the wall at one place instead of hanging them around the house. Remember, the decoration for an adult birthday party must look sophisticated. You must choose a retro theme or a midnight in Paris theme that never goes wrong.

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