DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template: 15+ Templates in Word (.doc) | PDF

Are you a DJ?  Do you want to learn how to invoice your customers using preset of DJ invoice templates for payment?

You have come to the right place. I agree that billing client needs a professional touch. I also understand your concerns in preparing the same. I am here to help you. This page has many ready-made DJ invoice templates. All you need to do is, download and edit your details. Use it for all your DJ services.



Disc Jockeys (DJs) organize services for nightclubs, weddings, schools, and much more.

Here I have given an overview of the ways to write an invoice, quotation format, receipt format, DJ proposals, and contracts.

What are you waiting? Walk this page and successfully offer your DJ services.



How to write a DJ invoice for the Disk Jockey?

When I give you a downloadable template, do you wonder why you should know about how to write a DJ invoice? Yes, you need to know the components present in the invoice and ways to fill them. I know that you wish to become an expert.





Follow this article to become 5x more competent.

Imagine how a DJ invoice look will like. Use PDF, Word, or Excel formats as an invoice.

How to begin? Only write your organization name at the top followed by the logo. Then mention invoice date, invoice number, on the right.

Yes, I know you guessed it right. Contact information comes next. Mention name, address, phone number, website address, and email id. Are you confused whose contact details? Both yours and customers.





It’s straightforward till now. No worries, honestly speaking the upcoming fields do not get tough. Fill the details of services including all information about the service. Give the charges for each service. Indicate the date of the event. Specify the labor cost. Then add all amounts and find the total. Provide the tax details and sum it to the total. Mutually decide whether you charge per event or hour. Fill the cost based on that.

Feel free to add the comments in the bottom left. Comment column usually consists of the due date of payment, mode of payment, and bank details.



What does a DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template look like?

I have all done it. OK, I know what you’re thinking. After identifying the steps in writing the invoice, knowing what does a DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template look like? Makes any sense?

Just check this out and understand better. You know how to write a DJ Invoice, but not sure how it looks like. Rather what is a correct invoice? It’s good for you in knowing that.

DJ invoice not necessarily must have the same format, but better to know what details make the invoice complete. Mandatory information making the invoice look professional includes the date of the event, time, venue, the length of the show, DJ’s functions, and payment terms.



At this point, you realize that you need to write the agreed amount. Here decide by the rates. Either hourly basis or type of event.

Sounds good?

Then continue for deposit amount details and specify situation when the terms get canceled without intimation. Calculate the unexpected overtime charges and the penalty for a change in date or time of the occasion.

You think I’m exaggerating? Certainly not, as all these details make a perfect DJ invoice. I am not here to tell you about the invoice in general, but to help you understand DJ invoice in specific.

Coming back to the topic, point out the albums performing at some stage in the program.

However, I have listed all the varieties of DJ invoice formats for your view. Pick and choose to get your work done.



Wedding DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template

I know you are confused, the reason for me to mention a Wedding DJ invoice as a separate heading. How different a DJ of marriage invoice from other bills?

Wedding DJ holds more responsibility than the other DJ’s conducting small events.

But don’t worry, I will show you how ridiculously easy you can make or fill a wedding DJ invoice.

Essential items remain the same. Need to include more details for this larger event.

For the benefit of Wedding DJ, I have listed all the possible events conducted by you. Make use of our Wedding DJ invoice template and fill your service details and get paid.



I have a new invoice done for you to fill the details. Otherwise, download individual invoices for different services.

As a wedding DJ, I agree that you have a bigger role to play. The ceremony only package includes Sangeet Ceremony, Reception Ceremony, Bachelor Party.

By now you’ll have realized that other services like tattooing and caricature services add value to your DJ profession. Add them and include rates in the template provided by us.



Few may look for your service on Live Instrumentals, Live Webcasting, and Live Karaoke, etc. And you’re ready to go. Just go and don’t let the tedious invoice processing stop your work. I am with you, print our templates and use them.

Have space and include any add-on charges for offering pro dancers, or pro singers.

Calculate the travel charges based on the distance.

Now it’s your turn, quickly take action on the Wedding DJ invoice and benefit out of it.



DJ Quotation Format / Template

Quote helps customers to understand the market before confirming on the service. The validity of Quotation may last for 30 days.

Best get started with it, read the guidelines in making a DJ quotation.



Follow the instructions and get 10x more orders. Happy DJ-ing!

Fill the details in your letterhead. Start with your name at the top of the quotation.

Then give details of the price quote date. Next, write the validity of the quote from the time of reference made.

List down all materials supply details; setup required preparation, event duration with start time, and travel costs. Sum up for the total.

Then make a list of all you expect from the customer.

Mention the deposit price, and remaining payment terms.

Next, attract them with your discounts.

Sign the quotation and send it.

I wish you to have rains of the request.

DJ receipt

But here’s the interesting thing called DJ receipt.


3 Benefits of giving a receipt for your business

Every business prints a receipt at the end of the transaction.

  1. Keep recording your financial transactions for tax purpose. Various government agencies demand receipt at the time of revenue It also helps to maintain our balance sheet.
  2. My point is this; receipts can enable any refund or exchange when required by the customer. Receipt, a legal document confirming the DJ event got executed.
  3. When your organization has many employees, it’s nice to have the receipt to avoid any fraudulent activities.

So what are you waiting? Just download our DJ receipt template and use it.

Mobile DJ invoice template – Why is it different?

What’s the catch about Mobile DJ invoice? How is it different from others? Let me give the insight.

Mobile DJ, Mobile Disk Jockey or disc jockeys, different names by which we call them.

Unlike Club DJs who have a reputation in bars, and clubs. They look forward establishing contacts and progress towards bigger and more esteemed locations. They continually aim at making a residency at the clubs.

On the other hand, Mobile DJs have equipment on their own. They earn their reputation through references, word of mouth, or promotional activities.

The essential components of a Mobile DJ invoice remain the same as the standard DJ invoice. I will tell you the primary differences.

Mobile DJ invoice includes the cost for their vehicle. They make the arrangement in such a way that their vehicle consists of all instruments required. Speaker charges added extra.

The charges added further such as the lighting price, fuel rate, driver cost, etc.

Business proposal for DJ services

It’s easier than you think, isn’t?


Now, I will walk you through the business proposal.

You might have used DJ flyers and generated leads for your business. What would you do when someone asks for a proposal ?

DJ services proposal letter remains the same as the other proposal letters. The letter gives all the explanations regarding hiring that special DJ. Every proposal letter aims to win an agreement. The letter must convince the client to offer them the event.

How to make a business proposal letter? I will do it for you. Simply read this, and within no time you can write a proposal. I have also given a sample that sounds great no? Just use it.

Remember to write your proposal appealing, humble, and crisp. Never beat around the bush. No one has time to read your stories.

Make sure to address the target audience to win the agreement. Highlight events peculiar to the occasion.

Tips to make the best business proposal for your DJ services

I agree with you that you provide the best DJ service. Let me promise you to help you in making the best business plan. The face is the index of the mind. Business Proposal is the index of your service.

Let’s start,

Make the letter formal. While I know, many DJs have a personal style, but let that not reflect in your proposal. Being honest and humble leads to success quickly.

Address the letter to the individual or event manager looking for your service.

Do not delay in sending the proposal. Send it at once after the request made. Not only has this showed your seriousness, but also to beat the competition.

Give your contact details. Keep mobile number as the first option.

Attach enclosure with the terms and conditions.

Follow-up after a couple of days once your letter has reached them. Don’t you appreciate a personal touch? Your customers also want that. You have got the magical formula for business.

Here you go with a Sample DJ proposal format






RE: Proposal to provide as a DJ for _________(wedding) on DATE

Dear _______

I am glad to receive a request from you for my DJ services. Nice to know about the wedding. I would love to offer my DJ service on DATE at LOCATION. My heartfelt thanks for expressing interest in the excellence of my work. I have experience in singing and have been an emcee for more than 100 weddings. I have offered my service to clients in the hall you have mentioned. I remember doing it thrice in the past, including one last month on DATE. Check for my work testimonials on my website WEBSITE ADDRESS. With confidence, I can share the name and contact details of my clients. Feel free to verify my service with them.

I provide continuous entertainment. Make the program engaging. Involve your guest in some events.

I have a sound system with wireless mic and speakers. Hence I manage my price very efficient. Our team will dress per the program requirement. We accept your suggestions.

Please find attached my model contract for weddings. Contract explains the details regarding my services, equipment, and the time required for stage set-up. Price quotation attached for your review.

I assure you to execute my work to add value and fun to your wedding. I promise you that my show keeps your guest happy and make it a memorable event.

Eagerly waiting to your call or mail to serve you with my DJ service.

Thank you once again for contacting me. I trust you will reply in favor of me at the earliest.




Enclosures: DJ Contract for Wedding, Price details, Team members.


DJ contract – things to include / sample

Yes, I am happy that I gave you an insight regarding the DJ invoice, proposal, and other minute information about DJ business.

Now, I will make it clear about the DJ Agreements.

DJ_Proposal_AgreementDownload this agreement

A contract helps to set an outlook about the concert and payment. For the DJ, an agreement in place makes sure that you’ll get paid. In the event of the show gets canceled by the client, they need to make payment after signing an agreement. Also, it enables you to have the suitable equipment for your show. For the event organizer, a contract provides guarantee that the DJ will stand up to the expectation in conducting the program.


DJ_service_contractDownload this DJ Contract here

Here’s all you have to do and make a DJ contract.

Include the following and get your contract in place.

  • Agreement date and time.
  • Name of the Venue
  • Location of the Event
  • Show Date and Time
  • Payment Terms
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Equipment required for the facility
  • Materials provided by the contractor
  • Playlists details
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Recording Rights.
  • Witness details with signature

Trust me. Use this page for all your DJ invoice needs. It’ll all be worth it.