Employment Verification Letter: 9 Best Templates for your Reference

The employment verification letters are like check points which serves as proof of employment used for various purposes in our day-today life. It is quite interesting to know about employment verification letters. Let us get started!!

What is a verification of employment letter?

Employment verification letter is a written document that confirms an employee’s current job status by an employer. Employment verification letters are so obvious usually given by a government agency or a bank or a potential employer. The main purpose of issuing employment verification letters is to confirm a person’s employment status. Let us discuss in detail to gain more knowledge and to understand how important a verification of employment letter is!!

Employment Verification

Who all seeks Employment Verification Letter?

Now-a-days, there are many purposes and transactions that seek employment verification letters to check an employee’s employment history and background ranging from small business companies to multinational companies. We are going to discuss a few among all those purposes.

Employment Verification Letter for Job seekers & Employer’s

The practice of confirming an employee’s employment in the form of a letter is an important process done by employers before hiring or promoting employee’s to the next level of designation. This process helps them to ensure employee’s education and job history is matching to the details provided by the employee.

Usually, the verification letter of employment defines job title, employment status and salary information. But occasionally, an employment verification letter request may also include analysis of job performance, address in the employment file, employment history and salary hike. In some cases, employees will ask for employment verification letter while leaving the employment. The employee can use this letter as a proof of employment in his future projects.

Employment Verification Letter Example

Employment Verification Letter for Financial and Mortgage Agency

Employment verification letter is one of the most crucial legal requirements to gain benefits from any private or public sector. For example, Insurance and Banks often request for employment verification in order to confirm whether the applicant is able to do the instalments in case of any home loans etc and is unlikely to endure financial hardship.

In mortgage industry, written and verbal verification of employment is performed by many lenders before the mortgage process starts. Many lenders may ask for this letter as an evidence of applicant’s employment status and history. In this process, lenders may also check whether the applicant is earning enough income to do the mortgage repayments.

The bank needs the following information to be included in the employment verification letter mentioning for your reference.

  • Employment status
  • Employee character details
  • Job description
  • Employer Information
  • Employment Status
  • Formatting

Mostly, all the companies and agencies provide Employment verification policy to ease employees when arise for employment verification request. So, it is advisable to each and every employee to follow the policy.

Exostar Sample Employment Letter

Rules and Guidelines of an Employment Verification Letter


The main purpose of employment verification is to verify a person’s employment history. Employment verification letter is used for a number of purposes in our day-to-day life.


The following are the basic contents included in the verification letter.

  • Dates of employment
  • Salary (Depends on the type of request)
  • Bonus/Raises (Depends on the type of request)
  • Job title (Former/Current Employee’s Status)
  • Employment Status
  • Your name, signature, and your contact information

Information About Employer Confirmation

But in some cases, employment verification letters may request for more information to be included in the letter. Not all the verification letter requests does not need for all the information they ask for. Such requests are associated with liability risks with certain information disclosures. Hence, issuers of employment verification letters must be careful while issuing such type of request letters.

The Format for an Employment Verification Letter

The body of the letter normally contains:


<li>The name of the company</li>

<li>The name of the employee</li>

<li>The dates the employee worked for the company</li>

<li>The employee’s title</li>


Job Letter

How to obtain an Employment Verification Letter?

Employment verification letters are so simple to obtain and so obvious. Generally, the Human Resource Department provides the employment verification letters written professionally like any other business correspondence.

Some companies wish to issue employment verification letters by themselves mentioning their company’s logo and name. In that case, it is advisable to make sure whether it is written professionally like any other formal business communication letters. Do remember that your letter should reflect positively on the progress of your business. Here are some basic rules to write an employment verification letter.

  • Use official letter head or business letter format
  • Include your contact information
  • Include the recipient’s contact information if you have it
  • Type the letter, do not supply a handwritten note
  • Include a formal business salutation
  • Include a handwritten signature
  • Keep the letter brief
  • Do not include information over and above what the request asked for
  • Review the letter for errors or typos before signing
  • Include a final sentence indicating that you are available if the recipient has any further questions
  • If the request is from current employee, then it is important to check whether he/she authorized the disclosure.

Sample Employment Letter

Verification of Employment

An employment verification letter cannot be used for any background check or reference or Social Security Number (SSN). Hence, it is highly recommended to check for these requests if any while issuing employment verification letters.

Work Experience Verification Template

Things that should not be included in Verification letter

According to State or Federal Fair Employment and Privacy Laws, there are potential issues associated with impermissible disclosures which are not allowed to mention in any of the verification letters.

Any personal life information should not be included in employment verification letters for instance; future plans to have a family or any information obligations related to their children.

Do not over-disclose any private or extra information apart from the mentioned requested information in the employment verification letter.

If you feel any verification request letter is uncomfortable, you can have a discussion with your HR or Lawyer to review any disclosures.

In this article, we have provided all the information regarding employment verification letter along with few templates that serves a s guide to verification letters.

Verification Employment Document

You can download more templates as sample from : http://www.letters.org/miscellaneous-letter/employment-verification-letters.html