Found Dog Flyer: 10 Best Flyers to Help finding Lost Dogs

When your pet dog is missing then the best way to find your lost dog is by posting flyers. Flyers offer the most effective procedure of promoting proper announcement about a lost pet. But at that situation, people often goes into distressed condition panicking about the whereabouts of the lost pet dog. In much haste, they prepare ‘found dog flyers’ which lack appropriate information and proper design. The flyers should be designed in an effective manner so that it is attractive enough to gain attentions of the on-lookers.

Attractive ‘found dog’ flyers are very much required to find the pet dog. Anyone who goes through this flyer will surely try to hand over the lost dog to the owner by contacting with the help of information given in the flyer. So proper input of information is essential in case of founding a dog to keep as a pet. The designing of flyer can be prepared in many ways. fliers can be created through MS Word, MS Paint and various online customizable template designs.

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How to make a found dog flyer

For ‘found dog’ flyer, you need to circulate flyers at the exact spot where you have found the pet and even in the surrounding places. You have to provide some information in the flyer regarding the every details of the pet and your contact details. The flyer should have a caption that reads as “FOUND WHITE DOG”.

Suppose you are out for a walk and see a domestic dog wandering here and there. It is easier to recognize domestic pet dogs which are alone and away from the masters’ love and care. What should you do in this situation? If you are willing to help, you can make ‘found dog’ flyer to find the master of the dog.

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Certain steps to be followed to create flyers and circulate in your neighborhood and key places such as veterinary offices, pet shops, post offices, and in the regions of supermarkets.

  • Plenty of found dog flyers is to be made initially. Then try to contact the rescue organisations in your area that will impart shelter to the dog till the real master of the dog is found.
  • The colourful picture of the dog is to be given in the flyer for better illustration of the dog. The photo should be larger and should be placed in the centre alignment of the flyer. The flyer should hold all the details of the dog such as the breed, hair colour, body colour, hair length and body markings. You must give your contact number in the flyer. The flyer must have headline such as “REWARD FOUND DOG”.
  • It is better not to include your name, address and the particular amount of reward on the flyer.
  • Make the fliers prominent by using bright color combination and bold letters so that the fliers are easily visible to the passer-by.

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Found dog flyer template

While creating a flyer you may need help to get some ideas about how to design a ‘found dog’ flyer. In this aspect, the template will help you. In the hurried state to make flyers, a template is needed to assist you in designing proper flyer. For a found pet flyer, when you are panicking to figure out what you will do at this time, you will not be in stable state to keep calm and prepare the best found dog flyer with best and effective design. At that moment, your only consideration will be to reunite the lost dog with its caring master. ‘Found dog’ templates are available in many online websites. The templates available in different sites are very simple and free to use.

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You simply have to choose an effective template with proper designs and have to include a clear, bright and big photo of the dog. All you need to do is to provide with the appropriate contact details of your so that owner upon seeing the flyer will able to contact you further.

Customizable Design Templates for Lost Dog

As you know that with the advancement of the technology, all the necessities are fulfilled by the internet facilities. You can even find a ‘found dog’ flyer to design an appropriate flyer according to your desires. Surf the internet by searching “Customizable Design Templates for Lost Dog” that will provide you with hundreds of options of templates. The templates will help you to design the fliers easily without any chaotic hardship. Simply you need to choose your desired template and do some edits in order to customize ‘found dog’ flyer with the need information. The fliers impart the easiest way to find missing pet dogs. Some free Customizable Design Templates for Lost Dog are easily available in different online websites.

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Free Lost Dog Flyer MS Word Template

You can be able to create and design your own flyer using Microsoft Word. The steps are given below to design free lost dog flyers.

  • At first you should open a new document in Microsoft Word and start creating the layout of the design. Then fill up the content in the centre portion of the flyer. Highlights the main points with bold letters and bright colours. It is preferable to use WordArt for headings. You can attach pictures of the pet with colourful graphical illustrations.
  • The you need to insert a table with only one row and the number of columns will be equal to the number of tear-offs required to be there on the flyer. Once the table is created, then fill each of the cells with the telephone number, contact number, email address and other detailed information.
  • After highlighting the whole row of cells, set the desired text orientations from the ‘Text Direction’ option of ‘Layout’ tab under the Table Tools tab.


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Tips for Posting Lost and Found Pet flyers

The tips for posting Lost and Fount Pet fliers will include the base point “Where and How to Post Your flyers”. The other necessary guidelines are stated below.

  • You need to print many fliers. Coloured fliers with bold letters is required. The colour, Yellow has the most visibility strength from the distant places.
  • You must post the fliers on local poles at different traffic stops near the junction areas. The flyer are also needed to be put on bulletin notice boards in various pet stores and veterinary centres.
  • You can also print some big fliers for posting them near the busy areas such as school, parks, restaurants and supermarkets.
  • When you are posting a flyer then you must insert it into a page protector.
  • Always use a black marker or highlighter to bold up the letters holding important information.
  • For attaching the flyer to the poles, you must used nails and duct tapes. Minimum four strips of duct tape are required to hold the flyer to the pole in a secured way for longer period of time.

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How to locate your missing dog

As described before, flyers are the most efficient way to locate the missing dog. There are other ways to find your lost dog. The guidelines of ways are described below.

  • You must post your flyers in the area where your pet was last seen.
  • Do a visit to the animal shelters and rescue organizations situated in your locality. It is better to file a report about your lost pet in every animal control offices of your locality and even in surrounding localities.
  • You can walk around the surrounding places where your pet dog likes to have a walk with you on regular basis and leave some favourite foods of your pet on those places so that she may able to recognise your fondness and return back of its own.
  • Along with fliers, publish advertisements in local newspapers and even you give posts regarding your missing dog with its picture and every body details in the online websites such as Missing Pet Network, Petfinder,, Centre for Lost Pets, and Craigslist and in the social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • You must not loose hope. Please note that many pet dogs gone for months have been returned to their loving and caring owners. Do not panic very much. Do your best to search your missing pet.

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Final Words

If you have found a dog then follow these certain steps. At first look if any tags are there in the dog. The tags sometimes contain the codes of the location. Then you must contact the local center of Animal Control or you may take it to the vet or animal shelter for scanning the microchip that will provide the owner’s information. Then comes the fliers option. You need to create ‘found dog’ fliers and circulate them in the nearby places from where you have found the dog. It is better if you even circulate the fliers in coffee shops, animal shelters and veterinary offices and health centers. You can also give ads in the newspaper and even share information about the dog in the social networking sites.

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