20 Free food flyer templates

Food flyer is used for the advertisement of any type of dishes and foods or can be to promote food festivals too.  Some food flyers are meant to advertise the new dishes available in a restaurant or by a chef. Food flyers can be used to advertise your food catering business too. So if you are looking for free food flyer templates, then here are 20 food flyers that can exactly meet your needs. Moreover, these templates are free to download and can be customized too using a suitable software.

1. Best Food Flyer 

The template designed in microsoft word has ample text space and some tempting images of food over a light background.




free food flyer 1

2.  Fruit Black And White Flyer 

The template is designed using inkscape and feature midnight kernboy as well as arial font to have a professional feel.

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free food flyer 2

3.  Fruit Colored Flyer 

The template is also designed in inkscape as above one but is colored with images of strawberries and other fruits on a white base.

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free food flyer 34. Food Drive Template 

The bright colored printable template is available in both doc and PDF format with images of vegetables on a red background.

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free food flyer 4

5.  Bakery Flyer 

Designed in a shade of blue, the flyer template features images of delicious cakes in the bottom and text in blue as well as white.

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free food flyer 5

 6.  Lunch Flyer 

The flyer is designed on a pure white base featuring many mouth-watering snacks and text giving information in red, blue and green.


free food flyer6

7. Food Drive Flyer 

If you are looking for a simple food template, the food drive template can be a good option because of its no-frill design and focus on content.

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free food flyer7

8.  Sea Food Menu Flyer 

The flyer template in blue can be touted as an ideal sea food menu flyer with a ship sailing on the waves and a small fish lying in a plate along with fork, knife and spoon.



free food flyer8

9.  Blank Restaurant Menu

The blank flyer as an elegant restaurant menu is designed in chocolate colored border and light yellow background with welcome in black.


free food flyer9

10. Food Catering Flyer 

Designed in pretty bright colors like baby pink and orange, the high resolution images of food makes the catering template an eye-catching one.

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free food flyer1011. Food Sovereignty Week Flyer

The food flyer is designed in red, black and white color with a dash of blue in text to promote a documentary on food in an elegant manner.

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free food flyer11

12. Restaurant Menu Flyer 

The vibrant template is designed in red, green and white with much text space along with a couple of martini glasses in the right and the perfect table setting in the left.

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free food flyer 12

13. Raw Food Flyer 

The flyer in JPEG format has an image of fruits and vegetables in the background with mouth-watering snacks in the front in a row.


free food flyer13

14. Fast Food Flyer 

Attractive images of burger and hot dogs with a bright red vertical column bearing the text ‘Fast Food ‘ in white makes this an ideal food flyer.

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free food flyer14

15. Halloween Food Safety Flyer 

The flyer template is just appropriate for the occasion to promote food safety featuring an illustration of bacteria in green and uncovered food item images on a white background.

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free food flyer15

16. Dinner Menu Flyer Template  

Designed in pink, the menu flyer features delicious pasta and text giving information in bright pink as well as red to make it a perfect treat for foodies.

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free food flyer16

17.   Word Food Flyer Template 

Bright images of salad and pasta on a light background makes the food flyer designed in MS-Word a simple yet classy template.

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free food flyer17

18. Fish Dinner Flyer

Over a blue background, bright yellow text boxes and a plate of fried fish makes the fish dinner flyer a pleasant one and true to its name.

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free food flyer18

19. Healthy For Life

With  strawberries , a spoon and a glass of juice, the PDF template specifically meant to be a food flyer for promoting a healthy eating habits.

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free food flyer 19

20. Organic Food Flyer

If you want to promote organic food, then the flyer template with cattle grazing in a meadow and a distant apple with rays coming out of it is perfect for promoting organic food.

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free food flyer 20


Food is a basic necessity and so anything related to food gets attention easily, but yet in a competitive world with so many things going around, you definitely need an impresive food flyer to draw maximum attention. Comment in the section below about what you think about our collection of these 20 food flyer templates. Easy to customize, you can use these effortlessly to serve your purpose.