15 Free Joomla Real Estate Templates

Being an open sourced platform, Joomla has proved innumerable times that it is the best platform to develop websites economically . The CMS allows seamless template management and there are plenty of free templates that one can use for a variety of websites. The real estate environment has changed tremendously after the advance of internet and its wide reach. Although, brokers are still there very much, real estate websites have emerged in a large number to advertise properties and if the site is in Joomla, elegant free joomla real estate templates can come very handy for a website owner or website developer. So here, let’s have a look at such 15 Free Joomla Real Estate Templates. 

1. Real Estate Joomla 3.0 Template 

The easy to customize free real estate joomla template designed in light gray and dark green is attractive, responsive and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 version also.




[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ajoomlatemplates.com/demo25/ij03″ target=”blank” ]Demo

free joomla real estate template1

2.  Real Estate, November 2013

Created specifically for property websites, the Joomla 3.1 template don an extremely modern design and fully responsive layout that makes it an apt one for real estate market.



[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasvit.com/realestatemanager13″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

free joomla real estate template2

3. Real Estate 2 Joomla Template 

With more than 10,000 downloads, the template is a preferred one with a good design and ample space to post your content in a nice order.


[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/preview/?preview=7542″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

free joomla real estate template3

4. Real Estate 1 Joomla Template 

The Joomla 1.5 x template is an eye-catching one with a black and red contrasting color contrast and elegant design to display content on a white base.


[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/preview/?preview=7541″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

free joomla real estate template4

5. Real Estate Joomla 1.5x Template

The template features pre-defined space for posting, three column layout and is easy to customize including the four product boxes.


[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/preview/?preview=7040″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]


free joomla real estate template5

6. Real Estate- Company 

The template has a soothing color combination of white, subtle green and orange with almost everything a real estate company website desires to have in short.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/preview/?preview=8146″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/Joomla-Templates/8146_Real-estate.html” target=”blank” ]Download /More Info [/button]

free joomla real estate template6

7. Real Estate Joomla Template 

The template feature an interesting color contrast of white, blue and dark red and main menu in the left for a convenient access by visitors.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/preview/?preview=1123″ target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themesbase.com/Joomla-Templates/1123_Real-Estate-Joomla.html#” target=”blank” ]Download / More Info [/button]

free joomla real estate template7

8. Free Estate Joomla Template 

The clean template in pristine white is Joomla 3.x compatible and needs a free user registration  for  a free download from its source.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/demo.php?view=pc&t=FreeEstate” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/View-document-details/496-Free-Estate-free-Joomla-template.html” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/free-estate-free-real-estate-template-2014″ target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla real estate template89. Dream House, November 2012 

The Joomla 2.5 template can be touted as the most simplest template and is best for people who are beginners  in real estate business.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/View-document-details/393-November_2012_Dream_house_template.html#” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/Joomla_templates/Real-Estate-templates/november-2012-dream-house.html” target=”blank” ] More Info [/button]

free joomla real estate template9

10.  Real Estate Template, September 2012

The stylish real estate Joomla 2.5 template is indeed a charming one to attract visitors and to feature properties for sale or rent in an eye-catching manner.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/View-document-details/365-Real-Estate-Free-template-Your-Property-September-2012.html” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://ordasoft.com/Joomla_templates/Joomla-Templates/september-2012-your-property-joomla-template.html” target=”blank” ]More Info [/button]

free joomla real estate template10

11.  Template Blogana 

The alluring Joomla 1.5 template designed in olive and black has two wide sliding banner images. It boast of an impressive two column layout.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.globbersthemes.com/demo/blogana/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://http://www.globbersthemes.com/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=18&Itemid=57″ target=”blank” ]Download [/button]

free joomla real estate template11

12. Best Real Estate Joomla Template for Free

The template has a soothing design with an image slideshow on the front page and three column layout with text in black on white background.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themegoat.com/j17/?template=realestatexl-et” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themegoat.com/download/Real+Estate+XL” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.themegoat.com/best-real-estate-joomla-template-for-free” target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla real estate template12


13. Joomla 1.5 Real Estate Template 

The Joomla 1.5 template although having a simple two column layout, feature an eye-catching banner image and looks beautiful.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://account.buyhttp.com/dl.php?type=d&id=19″ target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.buyhttp.com/joomla_templates.html” target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla real estate template13


14. Happy Home 

The Joomla 1.5 template feature  a modern design in which users will feel it like a breeze to go through the listings.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://account.buyhttp.com/dl.php?type=d&id=27″ target=”blank” ]Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.buyhttp.com/joomla_templates.html” target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla real estate template14

15. Real Estate – March 2011 Joomla Club Template 

The Joomla template feature  five menus and a SEO friendly code that definitely helps in staying at top in rankings.

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://http://www.shape5.com/demo/index.php?http://www.shape5.com/demo/real_estate/” target=”blank” ]Demo[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”small” link=”http://www.shape5.com/product_details/club_templates/real_estate_-_march_2011_joomla_club_template.html?id=2334″ target=”blank” ]More Info[/button]

free joomla real estate template15

Choose any one of these free real estate joomla templates to list your property listings more efficiently and increase your reach to more clients. Before downloading, you can check the demo available for some templates or can check more information regarding the same to know better which one ideally suits your purpose. Don’t forget to write to us about your opinion regarding the collection of free joomla templates for real estate business.