September 25, 2014

15 Free picnic flyer templates

Picnic is always the most cherished memories or our childhood days. It is something more than a get-together of family or loved ones as it has a soothing effect on our minds facilitating a relaxed feeling which we never get in our routine life style. So, here we are presenting for you a bouquet of wonderful 15 free picnic flyer design templates that you can use for making preparations for a memorable picnic. So, here we go!

1. Community Picnic Flyer Template

A  cool blue flyer design template in power-point with a dash of bright yellow is just apt to send an invitation for a community picnic. The text is fully editable and  you can download the template here. For more info, click here.



2. Picnic Flyer Template In Word

The flyer is an elegant one yet simple with all the ingredient of a successful picnic at its best. To get the template, download it now.  To have any additional information, click here.



3. Picnic Flyer Template With Ornate Red Border

If you are thinking to have a simple flyer template with a nice border and basket of mouth-watering strawberries, download the template in doc format from here.

Picnic Flyer Template-3

4.  Elegant Picnic Flyer Template 

The flyer template created in Microsoft word 2007 is an elegant one and can be customized easily. To access the inviting template for a great picnic day, click here.  Have more info about the template here.

Picnic Flyer Template4


5. Picnic Flyer Template In MS Word

With a black border and two people enjoying a picnic while sitting on a mat under the shade of a true appears tempting to accept the invitation. Isn’t it? Download the editable template here and not to miss the additional info about the same.


6.  Church Picnic Flyer Template 

The template is lovely one with a colorful banner at the top and the message below. The template can be edited in Adobe photoshop or paint brush easily. Download the template here.



7.  Sea Shore Picnic Flyer Template 

The  word template beautifully depicts the essence of a picnic on a palm studded sea shore with vast spread of sand. Download the template from here.  Check out the additional information here.

Picnic Flyer Template-7

8.  Family Picnic Flyer Template 

The template has a wood color border and some benches perfect to portray a family picnic at its best on a light blue background. The flyer  can be edited easily by using paint brush easily and can be accessed here.  Get more info by clicking here.

Picnic Flyer Template-8

9.  Classic Picnic Flyer Template 

Decorated blue diamond border with a small picnic basket in the corner makes the simple template a classic one. The template is designed in Ms Word and can be downloaded from here.

Picnic FlyerTemplate9

10. Picnic Flyer Template In MS Word

The template of the flyer is a simple one with two images and ample white space for the text. The text can be edited and to download the picnic flyer template click here. Don’t forget to check for more info.

Picnic Flyer Template10


11. Labor Day Picnic Flyer Template 

The template is a simple with a picnic banner at the top in bright yellow and a family going out to enjoy picnic below on a light blue background. Download the template to customize the same from here.  Have more info about the template here.



12. Company Picnic Invitation Flyer Template 

The beautiful company picnic flyer template in Ms Word has a soothing combination of light blue, yellow and dark red to depict a sunny day and a picture of lemonade . Download the template here

Picnic Flyer Template12

13. Family Picnic Invitation Flyer Template 

The template is a sober one with red stripes on a white background and a good amount of white space for message. Customize the template in paint brush or photoshop after accessing it here.

Picnic Flyer Template13

14. Easter Picnic Poster Template

Since the size of a poster sometimes not differ much from that of a flyer for sending an invitation for an easter picnic, the template is safely included here. Download the editable PSD template from here.  Have additional information from here.


Picnic Flyer Template-14


15.  4th Of July Picnic Flyer Template 

Created in Microsoft Power-point, the flyer template is a colorful one with a broad border, national flags and people enjoying. To download the feel good template, click here.  To have an additional info click here.


Hope, the list of 15 unique picnic flyer templates will help you to send invitations to your loved ones just by a little bit of customization. Although, there seems many free picnic flyer templates in psd over the web, the links are mostly broken. Hence, we have tried our best to compile the list covering all formats like ms word, ms power-point, Photoshop, etc. If you know some others, please add then in the comment box given below.