39+ Free Softball Award Certificates Templates – Ideas and Titles


Softball an alternative of baseball. It is played using a bigger ball on a smaller field. Softball awards or certificates are given to players as a token of appreciation for their extraordinary commitment and devotion to the game.

In this article let us take a brief look at the Softball Awards Certificates ideas, Softball Award titles, Components of Softball Achievement Certificates, and How to add more humor to the award?

Softball Awards Certificates ideas

As awards are given in recognizing the player’s effort and to motivate them, it has been made with some sense of creativity.

Let us check out some softball certificate templates that can prove handy to you to acknowledge the achievements or efforts of softball players and coaches for softball tournaments organized by your organization or within your community.



The template is an eye-catching one with multiple stars in blood red at the bottom and the top. It also features a clear illustration of a  softball player to its right side and a red header on a gray surface.



The template has a wonderful border in combination of mustard and magenta on a white background. It has got some really nice graphics and font style that accentuates its beauty.



The text is in the template is within a cloud shape structure which has a bright yellow border and images of a golden trophy as well as a softball. The outer side of the same has ample number of stars and circles in contrasting colors.



The cute illustration in the left side and the impressive graphics at the bottom make it a clear winner as a softball certificate for kids who have played well in a softball tournament.



The combination of bright red and golden yellow has made this a winner. The template also features small circles in baby pink and a cute illustration to its left-bottom.



The certificate template designed in monochrome ha multiple illustrations of softball players in various postures and minimal text aligned to its center.

Softball Awards

Casual Awards

Keep creativity as the top priority to design an award certificate. The softball game is not played only by professional players. It is played for fun. Hence consider designing the award to make it a light moment.

Personalized Awards

Understand the players and personalize the awards. Focus on individual players to design an award. Make awards based on their victories and are of strength. For instance given an award like ‘Expected to shatter a window.’ There are 9 players in softball with 3 substitute players. You can think of making awards/certificates for each individual identifying their talents by talking to them and their coach.

Think differently

Never bother to change the not so traditional items into certificates/awards. It is not a must to use a parchment fancy paper certificate to print the name. Themes related to softball and softball equipment like signed bats or balls should be ideal.



The templates seems very distinct from all the other ones in our collection because of its exquisite border in navy blue on a light yellow background. It also has splashes of blood red and golden yellow in two of its images, each of which lie on both side of the text.



With several images of softballs at the top and bottom as well as an image of a softball bat and ball, the template has a very conventional look and has its text in contrasting black.



The certificate template has a sky blue background with an attractive illustration of a softball player and several circles in varied contrasting colors with text in pink in-between.



The template feature a yellow text box on a navy blue background consisting of wonderful prints in white, yellow and mustard color.  An image of a green softball with golden wings just below the black header make the same endearing.

Softball Award titles

Top 25 Softball Award titles are listed below.

  1. Most precious Player
  2. Suspicious Player of the Year
  3. Odious Player of the Year
  4. Maximum Bat Average
  5. Chief Slugger
  6. Premier On-Base percentage
  7. Golden Gloves
  8. Least Strikeouts
  9. Doubles Kings
  10. Triples Triumph
  11. Majority Home Runs collector
  12. Excellent Eye Award
  13. Hit and Win
  14. Highest Run Scored
  15. Works hard to give the best
  16. Always injured player
  17. Coach’s Hero
  18. Improved a lot
  19. Best Team Spirit
  20. Perfect Leader Award
  21. Rookie of the Year
  22. Best authentic walk-off home run
  23. Tremendous Showmanship
  24. You are an all rounder
  25. Best amicable person

Best Ideas to make Softball Awards & Certificates more humorous

Though we all love to be awarded at the same time we become badly insulted when we are not awarded. While we fail to understand the fact that we are not exceptional and hence not awarded. To overcome this conflict and to boost the player’s spirit we can add some fun in the awards either by having a funny designed card or by writing humorous wordings in the certificates. We can even purchase some funny items and award them to individuals based on their interest and unique qualities.



The certificate template is a wonderful one with an awesome combination of colors like orange, magenta, green, red, navy blue and white. Even it has its text in two distinct colors like red and black on a white background.



The template is a unique mix of sophistication and cuteness with an elegant border in off-white and a colorful illustration to its left-bottom on a white surface. The text is minimal and the template looks ideal to serve your purpose.



The certificate template has a nice background that resembles a blue sky with scattered clouds on which the text is within a white text box that also features an image of red bus with softball players to its right-bottom.



The certificate looks promising with an image of a beautiful landscape and a bright red bus. There are also white clouds in a row at the top and text in contrasting black.



The certificate template has an eye-catching layout with an illustration of a softball player holding a bat inside a purple colored oval. The border is also impressive with use of different shades of blue and purple near the edges on a white background.



The template is full of action  with a brilliant illustration and graphics in eye-catching colors. Moreover, the text is placed nicely aligned to its center inside a white cloud like shape.



Coaches also deserve recognition and the certificate template with a clear illustration of a softball batsman to its one side and text on the other side inside a bright red border seems out-standing.



Te template feature a large image of a golden cup featuring required text. It also has illustrations of a bright red cap, a softball batsman and a softball of which, the image of the bat and ball are on a black surface.



The template has a different look with its text inside a mustard text space that consists of a dark green border. Overall, the use of varied shades of yellow with green has enhanced its look.



The template has a sophisticated look with a rare combination of unconventional colors in lighter shade and beautiful graphics in its four corners. Moreover, it also features an illustration of a bat and ball at the two opposite corners of the text box.



The template seems to a be ideal to award to kids practicing or playing softball sport. It features a cute illustration of a boy wearing a purple cap and a blue jersey on a yellow colored background which in turn is placed on a light blue base.

softball_golden glove_certificate


The template has an off-white background that resembles a crumbled paper featuring text and ample space to include yours. The best part is the use of mustard color in a nice manner along its edges that gives it an elegant look.

Eight Funny wordings to be added to the Softball Award Certificates.

Religious Ball Follower Award

This award is to lightly emphasize the player who always chases the ball but never stops the ball and prevent the runs.

Obedient Award

This specially tailored for that player who hardly obeys the coach.

Absent Award

The player who cares the least about participating in the practice.

Best Foul Player Award

Always makes a foul while playing.

Beauty Award

For the Dirtiest Player. This player works hard to prevent the ball from running by falling on the ball and stopping.

Married to the Bag Award

For the player who is afraid to move away from the base.

Consistent back-scratcher award

Best catcher never back-scratches. This award reminds the catcher not to miss the ball.

Wild Pitcher Award

For the pitcher who is especially very wild

softball_golden glove1_certificate


The template boasts of a simple design with use of light yellow and pink in its layout. There are also images of a bat, ball and gloves in one of its corner that clearly indicate that the certificate template is for the outstanding wicket keeper.



The template features a white box on a sky blue background and looks promising with its elegance. It features multiple illustrations within the text box and there is ample white space that gives an impression of clarity.



The editable template has a simplistic approach in its design layout and features illustration of a bat, ball, and gloves on a light background. There is also use of dark red that creates a wonderful contrast.



The most standout feature of the template is an illustration of a batsman wearing red gloves and socks. It is a bit heavy in terms of text and has an impressive header.



An illustration of a batsman and a bowler at the bottom of the template on a light background makes it beyond doubt a certificate template for the best softball player of the year. There is also minimal text aligned at the center.



The layout of the template has a modern look and feel. The color combination is also awesome with the use of golden yellow and black.



The template has clarity and balance in terms of design layout with a square shaped text box at its center and text inside orange-yellow quotes. The brown border and the background with graphics has accentuated its beauty to a remarkable extent.



An image of a winner’s trophy and text on a green background on a white base makes the certificate template an interesting one. However, it does not feature any border like most of the other templates in our collection. softball_medal4_certificate


The template seem elegant with text on a white text box which is on a black background with white diamond shapes in multiple columns and a red-yellow badge.



The bright orange certificate template consists of a clear illustration of a softball player in action. There is some elaborate graphics at the two corners and text on a white text box.



Certificate template is an elegant one with an elaborate border in brown around a white text box that also features an image of a ball and a bat in one corner.

Components of Softball Achievement Certificates

Softball Achievement Certificates are given to encourage the players and coach to achieve more. In general, it is a paper with few components like title and date printed on it. Apart from that, some more components are essential to make the certificate more effective.

Let us understand about those components and their importance.

The components are discussed under two heading

  1. Text Element
  2. Graphic Element

Text Element includes the title, presentation line, and recipient, from, description, date, and signature.

All the names mentioned under the text element are self-explanatory. Let me just highlight few guidelines to place these components.

The title describes the award name, typically Softball Achievement Award or it comes with the sponsor’s name like British Softball Federation’s Softball Achievement Award.

Presentation Line comes next to the title in the format as follows. This certificate is issued to [RECIPIENT] on [DATE] by [FROM]

Recipient section mentions the name of the achiever.

From component is the name of the person or the organization that is awarding this certificate.

Description line can be simply one line talking about the reason for the award, or it may be a small paragraph elaborating the performance. The personalized description adds a feather to the cap.

In general, the date is written at the beginning or the end of the description. Date format followed is the 23rd Day of November or Fourth Day of June 2017.

Space is provided in most certificates at the bottom for the signature.

Graphic Elements contains the border, logo, seal, and lines.

Frame or a border is usually not a mandatory graphic element. It is added to give a rich look to the certificate.

An organization that gives out the award puts their logo in the certificate. Also, themes related to softball are printed as a logo in the certificate. A softball bat, ball, or batsman etc is embedded in the certificate.

Either an image of a seal or a sticker type seal is affixed on the certificate.

Lines or blank spaces are there in the certificate to be filled by the organization with necessary details such as recipient name, date, description, and signature.



The certificate template features a beautiful text box with double border on a blue background. It also features text in a remarkable font type and some illustration in its two opposite corners.



The certificate features a yellow text box on which a light yellow text box has text in black and some nice graphics in bright red. The most striking feature is the overlapping of images in white on a light orange background.



The certificate has an attractive layout that features many people in a joyous mood at the bottom in the background of the text. It also features a white header box in an oval shape at the top.

softball_tounament _certificate


The template looks a bit unconventional one with no border and an illustration that appears on a circular field. However, if you are looking for a no-frill certificate to recognize the best softball player, this one can be the safest bet.



The certificate template designed in bright yellow and white has a remarkable illustration of a softball to its right-bottom and there is minimal text in red on a white background.



The certificate is designed in an attractive layout with text inside a cloud-like structure that also features a bright yellow and orange border. It is the combination of black and orange that is making this template an eye-catcher.

Recognition is important in every field of work and sports are no exception to it. Certificates are part and parcel of every tournament. Give utmost care to give your best in making certificates. Though they are just papers but the value of it surpasses everything.

Please feel free to write your comments in the comment section below as this will motivate us to work more on our collections that we always present to help you.


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