ID Card Background Downloads (Free)

Need to find an ID Card Background for your company or organizations ID Card Template? Choosing the background for an ID card isn’t as tough as you might think. In fact, there are literally thousands of websites offering free ID card background downloads out there.

With that being said, we’re going to link up some of our favorite websites and collections for creating your own ID cards.

Best websites for ID Card Backgrounds

As we mentioned above, finding a background isn’t challenging. What’s important is that you’re not just downloading anything you find on the internet. There can be legal ramifications for using any old file you find, should you get cornered. With that being said, you can absolutely purchase an ID card background from any of the sites we’ve listed below.

On top of that, if you need to download ID Card templates, we’ve created an article for that as well. We’re constantly working on bringing better designs and better creative for you, for free.

iStock is one of the internet’s top sites for generating images. All images on iStock are for purchase only, they do not offer free content on their site. With that being said, plans are pretty affordable. They offer monthly packages if you need up to 100 images per month or more, or they sell them individually.

Search for things like “background” on iStock and you’ll be able to choose from thousands of potential backgrounds.

Purchase the above image on


Shutterfly has a similar business model as iStock, offering images and different vectors for sale at a price. They’ve got a specific page built just for ID Cards on their website. Note though, that the site is paid and each image or vector file comes at a cost.


I have not used Vecteezy, personally. With that being said, the site boasts a ton of similar options as Shutterfly and iStock. If you know how to use Photoshop their vector graphics would come in handy and you’d have your ID cards in no time.

How to find a background for ID Cards

If you look at examples of ID cards anywhere on the internet, you’ll notice that most end up using a white background. Personally, I like a white background with an employee photo and some other information on the card.

If you’re an organization that’s a bit higher security and looking for something harder to manipulate, purchasing a background or modifying it on photoshop is probably something you’d want to look into.

Create ID Cards Without Using Photoshop

For creating ID cards without having to use photoshop, I highly recommend the use of Canva. Canva has thousands of templates that are easily sized and customized to the dimensions you need. Here’s an example of an ID card that can be edited on their platform, along with a link to the design.

Even better than Canva is a website called Stencil. Stencil has thousands of pre-made templates that we highly recommend the use of (in fact, many of the designs on our site are designed initially on Stencil.