Magazine Subscription Gift Certificate Template : 15+ Attractive Designs


Have you ever found yourself in a fix to decide on gifting someone? Well, I have undergone such situations many times in life. Wouldn’t it be great if I tell how I manage gifts these days? Yes, a Magazine subscription makes really good gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Just print these free magazine subscription gift certificate templates and surprise your loved ones.

Have you noticed? The publisher would send a small certificate to stick inside a card, but that does not look very lucrative.

I will give a simple suggestion, purchase the recent copy of a magazine and add a gift card mentioning the subscription. And you’re right; you give them a perfect gift.

Walk through this page to view and print magazine subscription gift certificate template and don’t stop with that. Get Inspired with the details about magazine gift ideas, how to wrap a magazine subscription gift, parent’s magazine gift subscription, how to fill a magazine subscription form, and details about magazine subscription card.

Become a pro in giving your magazine subscription as a gift using these gift certificate templates.

So let’s deep dive now.

Magazine Gift Certificate Template Ideas

 magazine subscription gift certificate template

Convinced about why you should go for magazine subscription as a gift. Now get some ideas to make the best magazine subscription gift?

Inspire With Ideas Based On Few Categories

Magazine Gift Certificate Ideas for HER

For gifting that important woman in your life, choose the best and evergreen topics which every woman yearn to know. Without saying it goes this way, think of fitness magazines and women’s health. But don’t forget to pamper her with the fashion publications. But, yes, she loves food recipe magazines too. I can think of Good Food and Cosmopolitan. Brainstorm more in these areas the surprise SHE.

magazine subscription gift certificate template for her

magazine gift certificate template for her

Gift your MAN with

The man likes reading too. Just think of subscribing F1 racing for your formula one loving man, you can make his day Men’s health magazine. He will be happy to read Esquire. Certainly, a Four Four Two would give him the best surprise, and he kicks the ball to the sky. You know your man so get going with the magazine aligned with his taste.

magazine subscription gift certificate template for him

magazine gift certificate template for man

For the General category

 Yes, you can also think of gifting Readers Digest, Saga, or Empire that will suit all ages. With a variety of topics covered in those magazines attract everyone’s interest.

general magazine subscription gift card

Budget Magazines

I understand your thought, for the magazine gift fitting your budget just opt for National Geographic, Marie Claire, and Classic Pop, etc. Budget magazines subscription gift card

High-end Magazines

For that high-end magazine gift idea for the most memorable occasion, go for Four Four two, Grand Design Magazines. Some home making titles or Guitar and Bass would give that image to you while making a magazine gift. 

High end magazine subscription gift card

How To Wrap A Magazine Subscription Gift?

Great going! With rocking ideas.

I know you now want to know how to wrap that magazine subscription gift. Yes, everyone loves the surprise and all become a small kid with high heartbeat while unwrapping any gift.

Make the best wrap to become the talk of the occasion.

magazine subscription gift certificate template with picture

printable magazine subscription gift card template

magazine gift certificate template with gift pictures

magazine gift certificate template with magazine cover

Top five reasons – why a magazine subscription becomes the ideal gift

  1. One time gift for lifetime
  2. Safe shopping – easy to transfer the gift subscriptions to the magazine you prefer or get refunded on not delivered copies.
  3. Awesome Subscriber Reward options available make it interesting with various giveaways every month.
  4. Simply Simple – Yes, I am not joking, spend only 2 minutes to place an order and download the gift card to give to your near and dear ones on occasion.
  5. Cheap and intellectual option to make a gift.

Use These Ideas To Feel 5x Better By Gifting

Wrap your magazine subscription gift sticking a cracker in it to blast your love.

Wanting the conventional wrap, then wrap it with a fabric cloth of the color and design that makes the receiver happy. Don’t forget to add the bow on the wrapper to give a professional look.

For the little one, magazine gift makes it great to inculcate the habit of reading in them.

Wrap it up with an old map and hint at the contents.

If you belong to the Mr. Frustrating group, then you must try wrapping inside a box inside a box inside a box and a box. Yes, it looks tiresome to tell, even more, to unwrap each box.

Do you know? Wrapping does not involve much cost, and you don’t need to be a professional wrapper. Just wrap it the way you want and make the receiver hold the breath till opening the wrap.

Hey, use a Subscription Ornament. Wondering, what? Simple, Use a color printer and print your magazine subscription gift certificate downloaded from this page. What’s new about this?

No, don’t stop with that tape an ornament on it. You have made your lady fall flat with this wrap and gift.

Go to your nearby car dealer and get a key ring that features a car loved by your car-loving man and print the magazine certificate from and fix the key to the card. Just hand over this key.

For that garden lover; buy a pair of garden gloves and some tools like weeding tool, garden shear, etc. Place the tools inside the gloves and keep the magazine subscription rolled into the gloves to hand over the glove bag as a gift. Two in one gift, garden tools, and magazine subscription.

Giving Magazine Subscription Gift

Subscription gift has become a trend and if you want to be part of the trend, then give a magazine subscription as a gift.

Magazine subscription gift helps to give a real gift to the person whom you gift has the choice to select the magazine of their interest.

Magazine Gift Subscription fall in two categories

Items that usually recipients purchase (you can gift them that by saving their money and time) they will shout aloud with joy.

Items they want, but for the price they may not go for it (so here you make their life with your gift and money.

Giving Magazine subscription gift falls into both categories. Costly magazines you gift them and help them to read their dream subject. 

Parents Magazine Gift Subscription

Do you know about Parents magazine? Yes, you’re right, the magazine that talks about scientific information about children and the development phase. This magazine keeps parents informed about the ways to raise their kids in the healthiest possible ways.

parents magazine gift subscription template

The magazine focuses on the health of children, their safety, cognitive behavior, and about their education. Does it stop there, no, also gives insight into the health of the moms to be?

And this makes the best magazine gift subscription for the parents and especially the ladies. All parents always keep an eye on their child’s health.

modern magazine subscription gift certificate template

Every issue has inputs and discussions from pediatricians. An annual subscription makes the real gift.

This magazine has become a favorite one for school going children as it talks about the ways to do home-work, has many puzzles, and interesting inputs for children.

A Parents magazine subscription gift certificate template will stand ideal for any woman on her family way to help her understand all trimesters and enables her to deliver a healthy baby. 

Magazine Subscription Form

Well, now it’s time to subscribe your magazine gift to the recipient. No worries, I will introduce the subscription form step by step. Also, make use of the free forms here to understand better.

This sample template is gifted for you, yes, the Magazine publishing sellers. Feel free to use this template on your site and get more subscriptions. Now, collecting the subscription money online also gives you an edge over your business.

magazine subscription form

You know what? Today you can offer magazine subscription gift to your people weekly, monthly, yearly, and even life time.

Magazine choices range from the cooking book, kids book, car, sports, and much more.

Make use of this form and get going. Either fill and print or download and customize to print.

Critical Sections In A Magazine Subscription Form

Name, Email, and Contact details:

Type of Subscription:

  • Single Subscription
  • Combo Subscription

Price Amount:

Shipping Charge:

Payment Mode: Cash on Delivery, Online Payment: Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal

The Following Details Can Help To Provide More Inputs about the Recipient

Personal Details:


Age (years)



Finally, Signature accepting the terms & conditions.

Trust you understood the format. Cool then, fill and gift. In the meantime print the free magazine subscription gift certificate template and give in person to the receipt and let the book reach them in mail. 

Magazine Subscription Card Size

Now the good news, get to know the Magazine Subscription Card. Technically we call this card as “blow-ins.” Ok, I will tell you in plain language,  that little card falls out of the magazine when you open the first page.

Thinking how can you tell someone that you ordered a magazine subscription gift as a gift?

Write a card and send to them.

Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is.

A 2 or 4-page card that blows in between signatures at the time of binding the book makes a blow-in card.

I know what you want to know now, how can that which got bounded fell when opening the book? In actual this does not get bounded but stays in the book till someone opens the book.

I will tell you the Mechanical Specifications of the blow-ins. 

2-page blow-in card

The size ranges from a Minimum of 3.5-inch broad x 3.5-inch deep size to a Maximum of 6-inch broad x 6 inch deep sizes. 

2 page blow in card magazine gift card template

4-page blow-in card

The size varies between a minimum of 3.5-inch broad x 3.5 inches deep to a maximum of 6-inch broad x 6 inches deep.

Just for you to know:

– Every blow-in card will fall in the first few pages of the magazine.

– The 4-page blow-in card has a feeding with a closed edge.

– Never put a blow-in card in the center of a magazine.

Great! I am happy to share all details about magazine subscription gift certificate to all those whom you want to grow intellect. I can see the cheer on your face, happy gifting!

Giving somebody a magazine subscription gift certificate can be a highly unusual gift especially if he or she is not a voracious reader. However, the truth is that many people just love to read magazines on niche topics like food and health, recipes, home decor, wellness, fashion, and more. Imagine their sheer delight when they receive such a certificate tucked inside a Christmas or a Birthday card! So, if publish a magazine or a set of magazines, make sure to have some pleasant looking magazine subscription gift certificates for your customers. If you are not much willing to hire a graphic designer to design such certificates, you can use our templates that are available for free to download.


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