64 Professional Medical website templates


Medical website templates free for your commercial use are presented elegantly in this article. Today, the websites turn out to be the first point of contact between the customer and the business. Even the medical field falls under this category. Whether it is about new researches, new outlets, advertisements of clinics or the services offered, one basic carnal need is common for all the aspects, which is “its website”. You can easily find a number of free medical website templates that can give a much needed boost to your business.

Listed below are more than 60 free medical website templates download that you can pick from, depending upon your need and choice. Have a look!

1.  Medica

This is an absolute perfect medical website template for medical colleges and new hospitals. The template even suits for health care centers and forensic labs. The blue base template gives a professional look for your healthcare website.

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2. Medical Clinic

If you are running or launching a medical related organization, this free medical website template would do the trick for you.

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3. Illumelabs

This is a concise and clean-cut website template that is apt for a medical or health related issue site.

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4. Blue

This is a multipurpose template that could be used for medical or personal websites. XHTML 1.0 Strict is the Doctype for this template.

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5. Evolution

This is one of the free medical website templates full but serves best for hospitals. It was designed by Tristar Web Design.

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6. Hospital Website Template

This template is well suited for a hospital and gives a soothing touch to the visitors.

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7. MedExpert

MedExpert is available among free website templates that could be used for any medical related institute. It is designed by w3layouts.com.

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8. WelCare

It is a simple yet effective website design which could be very useful for a variety of medicine related areas.

See and Downloadmedical-website-templates-89. Doctor Website Template

This template can be used by individual doctors or hospitals, dental clinics etc. It presents a perfect amalgamation of images and text.

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10. Cardio Center

This template is designed especially for a cardiology website, but can also be used for any other health-related business.

Cardio Center Website TemplateSee and Download


11. Medical Center Website Template

If you are fond of green color, this would suit you! This template is proficiently used for medical websites.

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12. Pro Clinic

Pro Clinic is a website layout designed by w3layouts.com. It could be used by medical clinics authorities.

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13. Medical Website Template

This template has very authentic medical appearance making it apt as a medical website.

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14. Medical site

This template can be used by individual doctor, hospitals, clinics, etc. The color combination is relaxing to the eyes.

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15. Intensive

One among the simple yet effective medical website templates free which could give an edge to your company.

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16. Dream Template

This medical websites template is very appealing and has a signature medical touch to it.

See and Downloadmedical-website-templates-1617. Medicare

This website layout is commonly used by hospitals, nursing homes etc.

Medicare Website TemplateSee and Download



18. Medical Hospital

This is a hospital website template can provide a lot of information to the visitors, making it an apt design for any medical-related business.

Medical Hospital Website TemplateSee and Download


19. P pharmaceticals

This is a good blog or website template and has lot of space to put up information.

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20. Drug Store

This type of template is frequently used by medicals shops and pharmacies.

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21. Medico

This template gives an advanced touch to the company and leaves a great first impression upon the visitors.

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22. Logas online

This is a perfect template for displaying goods and is used often by medicine vendors and drug stores.

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medical-website-templates-2223. Child Care

This template is made for hospitals that deal only with child care and treatment.

See and Downloadmedical-website-templates-23

24. Healthy Smiles

This layout is specially designed for dentists and orthodontists. It is simple medical website template that can help customers connect to you online. It is also suitable for medical and other clinical practices.​

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medical-website-templates-2425. Healthy

This advanced looking website template is well suited for medicinal organizations and clinics.

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medical-website-templates-2526. Pharmaceutical Company Website

This template is extensively used by a number of companies in the pharmacy industry and drug stores.

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27. Dental Clinic

This is a dental purpose website layout. It can be used by dentists or dental clinics.

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28. Medical Template

A simple template used by some of the best known hospitals.

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29. Hospital company template

This kind of template is best for hospitals or medicinal companies.

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30. AtomoHost

This is an apt medical website template or medical blog template. It keeps it simple.

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31. Conglomerate

This is a user friendly template. It is simple and elegant.

See and Downloadhttps://76crb34usu-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/medical-website-templates-31.jpg32. Cool Web

This is a template majorly designed for heath blog or health journal.

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33. WebTile

This is a multipurpose template that can also be used as a medical website.

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34. Medical Networks

This is good template for hospitals that have many branches.

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35. Good morning

This is a simple but warm and appealing template.

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36. Medical Store

This template is for medical stores that wish to highlight their different offers.

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37. Cream of the crop

It could be used as a hospital website or healthcare blog.

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38. Beautiful Day

This template has a very compact and sophisticated appearance which is best suited for healthcare field.

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39. Warm Blue.

This template is designed by Peel Out Labels.

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40. Blue Gray

This could be easily used for business or medical purpose.

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41. Intelligent studios

This website layout is best for hospital website and provides a variety of information to the visitor.

See and Downloadhttps://76crb34usu-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/medical-website-templates-41.jpg

42. DeepBlue

This template is designed by Breezy New Media and gives a refreshing look for your medical websites.

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43. Medical Clinic

It is a free medical website template that can be used by clinics, doctors, treatment labs, etc.

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44. Medical Site

This template is designed mainly for hospitals. It is effective and free.

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45. Your Clinic

This template has many columns and sections, making it the best option for medical organizations.

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https://76crb34usu-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/medical-website-templates-45.jpg46. I Hospital

If you boast of a great infrastructure, this template will show it off for you!

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47. Family Health

This website is a very good option for professional medical institutions.

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48. Dental Clinic

This is a website layout majorly designed for dental clinics.

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49. Medical center

This layout is useful for healthcare agencies and medical organizations.

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 50. Laser Surgery Website

This kind of template is designed especially for eye specialists hospitals and related organizations.

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51. Medical Center Website

It is a good template for medical research institutes as well as clinics and hospitals.

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52. Skin Clinic Website

This medical website templates free is best suited for dermatologists and skin care clinics.

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53. MedicalTemplate02

This kind of template is recommended if you are looking to display your facilities, along with giving a glimpse of your infrastructure.



54. Medical Clinic HTML5

A concise yet user friendly template for hospitals, research centers, etc.

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55. RS11

This template is designed by Rambling Souls. It is the best template for medical bloggers.

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56. Medical clinic

This template is made by CSS template makers. It can be used for website or blogs.

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 57. INF08

This template is designed by INFdesign. It can be used by medical specialists or bloggers.

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 58. Your Doctor.

This template could be used for medical clinics or individual doctors who wish to form a personal connect with the visitors.

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59. Medical Products.

This template is well suited for organizations which are into manufacturing medical products.

See and Downloadhttps://76crb34usu-flywheel.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/medical-website-templates-59.jpg60. DiviantArt

This is another free medical website template which is quite popular among hospitals and individual doctors.

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 61. Meder

This is a blogging or medical center website template.

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62. Health Care

This is a template for blog or websites that provides online medical help to the visitors.

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63. Medical Clinic.

A colorful template with many features, this is one of the best options for hospitals and other medical institutes.

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64. Duet Plasma

This template is designed by Rocket Website Templates and exhibits an impressive color combination.

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The above medical website templates free were collected from different sites and blogs. The importance of maintaining an efficient medical website can’t be stressed enough. You can witness a drastic change in your business with a proper and updated website. We are sure you would have made a wise decision and picked the template which best suited your needs. We hope this new website adds a breath of fresh air to your business.


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