Photography Gift Certificate Template: 27+ PSD, Word Templates (Powerful Designs)


If you are a professional photographer and runs a studio, you can create your own photography gift certificates to offer discounts to your loyal customers or to attract new ones.Make sure to include the time period for which the gift certificate is valid.This is an effective marketing technique as these certificates engage the customers very well and increase the business. So, we are bringing here a collection of nice photography gift certificate templates that you can download for free. All of these templates are editable which means you can customize them easily with just a few mouse clicks.So, please have a look below.

Photography Gift Certificate Templates

The expression ‘A picture is worth thousand words’ reflection of our experiences. Instead of being verbose and using narratives, a good picture can be a wonderful way to express feelings and keep memories alive. Photography is essentially an art that starts way back in the 19th century when a person named Thomas Wedgwood successfully made the first impression.

The Photography Gift Certificate idea has evolved in recent times. For family members as well as friends, these could be the nicest gifts befitting any occasion. Whether it is marriage anniversary or engagement ceremony photography, pictures remain priceless possession for whole life.

Blank photography gift certificate template

Likewise, a new arrival brings immense joy and excitement that can be captured in photo sessions that would give the baby (albeit in her later years) and others immeasurable joy. Those who love their cars and pets can fulfill their attachment by photo shoots. The photography gift certificate idea would be very much liked and used by professionals as well as budding artists –whether painters, singers or stage actors.


Baby Photography Gift Certificate

The usual gifts for a baby wrapped up in attractive packing are sooner or later used and easily forgotten thereafter. To make your gift unique that would last life long, Baby Photography Gift Certificates are undoubtedly one of the best ones. These gifts offer packages for photo sessions for varying periods.


Boudoir Photograph Gift Certificate Template

The thrill and joy watching baby’s every moment and action are captured for repeated replays. Not only the parents and elderly members of the family share this joy but the baby, after years of her growing up, can see for herself her babyhood days.

Using these certificates, a treasure of special memories is created with pictures of baby in her special moments in the presence of parents and their friends. This remains a source of instant joy for generations.


Etsy photography gift certificate template

The Photography Gift Certificate Wordings

Though good images are self-sufficient needing very little text description, imaginative wordings can give electrifying effects. Using the right tone and clarity, the gift becomes a perfect one.

The cardinal principle to follow in wording is to be precise and there should be no room for any confusion. If the gift certificate says “You are cordially invited to Hotel Taj …”, recipients would be left wondering about the date, time and purpose for the invitation.


Free printable Photography Gift Certificate Template

For a Birthday celebration, the gift certificate makes a mark by wording nontraditionally “Shop till you drop. Love from us all.”

One can be a little humorous also and take liberty with his close friends. On the occasion of his marriage ceremony, the gift certificate with free Opera tickets can have the lines “You enjoy the Opera while we make love undisturbed at home”.


Some interesting wordings can be used appropriately. Targeting the selfie junkies, it could say “For the selfie-phile, visit us for a little while”. For a baby’s gift certificate, it could include “Let us go through the baby’s busy engagements”. Similarly, for gifts on marriage anniversary, just say “Marriages are made in Heaven but their photography is done here”.

Gift certificate for photography session

The Photography Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions:

A word of caution is necessary to be sounded to customers choosing photography gift certificates. In most cases, all rights to the photographs are reserved and customers are allowed to display them only in their personal surroundings. These photos cannot be copied, published or resold.


Gift certificate template for photo session

Privacy laws are protected by the sellers and personal details are not going to be shared with others. In some specific cases like Baby photo sessions for Baby swimming programs, a medical report prior to the shoot is essential to ensure that the baby would be comfortable in water and could endure a few short submersions.

The above terms and conditioned are for general guidance only. Depending upon customized sessions, additional terms and conditions may apply.


Gift certificate template with photo

Newborn photography gift certificate template

Photography Gift Certificate Examples

A variety of services can be included in a Photography Gift Certificate. It could cover traditional free photo sessions for the newborn. If one is game for larger spends for marriage anniversary celebrations or a special shoot while lazing with the pet, the long sessions can be tailor-made.

A salon gift certificate makes especially women very happy. The certificate can cover facial sessions, hair coloring and haircuts and so on.

Photographer gift certificate template free


Photography christmas Gift Certificate Template


How To Create A Photography Gift Certificate

There are many sites having thousands of designs to select. One who is not conversant with designing need not have to worry; one can choose any design out of them.

To create a photography gift certificate, one needs to take only the following steps.

  1. Select the Gift Certificate Design.
  2. Use graphic design elements like banners, frames and icons.
  3. Upload your own photo.
  4. Add filters and edit texts.
  5. Save and share.

The certificates can be customized with changes in the background and changing the text and font size. So making a customized gift certificate is possible merely with a few clicks.

Photography Gift Certificate


Photography Gift Certificate Template


Photography Class Gift Certificate

Everyone wants to make his gifts unique. If the gift is for a photographer, the recipient would be extremely happy to get a certificate for a photography class or workshop organized by Institutes of repute. The recipient would get a hands-on experience and lessons that will improve his skills; he will grow to become a better photographer in later life.

Photography Gift Certificate Template free


Photography Gift Certificate Template photoshop

Photography Gift Certificate Template photoshop free

How To Make Your Own (DIY) Photography Gift Certificate

Making these gift certificates for a special occasion has become a child’s play. Thanks to Word Templates Online and Microsoft Office suite, it can be done by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose an image from ClipArt or one of your own images.

Step 2: Copy and paste the image into a Microsoft Word document.

Step 3: Arrange some text above or below the images creating a collage. Say, you have your own photo holding the camera and focusing intently on an object, the accompanying text could say “This gift certificate entitles you to one-hour additional photo shoot worth $100.” Such certificates can be given to regular customers in expectation of repeat orders.

Step 4: Print certificates for distribution.

Photography Gift Certificate Template word


Photography session Gift Certificate Template

Many occasions may come for you to be ready with unique gifts. You have some ideas now and ready solutions.


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