Pre-k Award Certificate Templates : 15+ Free Printable Certificates and Awards


Are you running a kindergarten school where toddlers get a place to learn while having loads of fun? If yes, you may be looking for pre-k award certificates to present them to the little ones during your annual award function or ceremony. These are also known as the end of year certificates in some kindergarten schools.

I completely agree that although you need such certificates of a wide variety, it is highly unlikely that you will yourself design the same as you are too preoccupied with your work. Also, you may not be well-versed in designing tools that are essential to design such certificates.

Pre – K Award Certificate Templates

No wonder, like a genuine friend, I am always there to help you in this regard. I am here going to show you an extremely easy way to create eye-catching preschool award certificates. Surprisingly, you can do this by just using your basic computer skills that too at a blazing speed! So, let’s have a look at the procedure step by step.

Award certificate for elementary school

Character award for student

In such a scenario, you may be worried, but actually, you need to just relax! You can have an easy reach to an array of beautiful pre-k award certificates that will surely delight the little ones. You need to take a print out of the ones that you feel are the most attractive ones and fill them with the name of the kid and age, date or other details.

Class room award for pre school

Things you can write in a preschool award certificate

This is the first step because before you start the design, it is vital to have a concise idea or understanding of the things that you should include in your certificate. You need to careful regarding the choice of words. It is better to steer away from including too many words in the certificate to make it look professionally designed and clutter-free.


Editable end of the year award certificate

End of term certificate

Some of the things that you must include on the award certificate are the following ones:

  • An assorted decorative border
  • A colorful header in large font size
  • A subheading in relatively smaller font
  • Date and Year

End of the year award certificate

Among the above ones, it would be wise if you opt to leave black space for date and year as then you can use the same template again also and it will remain relevant for really a long time. Moreover, the day on which you are supposed to present the certificates may get postponed due to some unforeseen reason. Also, never forget to include a blank space to add a name of the kid in the certificate.

Most adorable student award

As if this is not enough…

I am also guiding you through the types of headers that you can include in your pre-k award certificate. Some of these are given below.

  • Pre-Kindergarten Certificate
  • Completion Pre-K
  • Pre-Kindergarten Diploma
  • Pre-Kindergarten Graduation
  • Preschool Certificate
  • Kindergarten Diploma

You can be quite creative with your heading but still it is best to stick around simple words like Kindergarten or Preschool as it is meant for kids who have successfully completed the same. It can be also termed as the end of term certificates.

For subheadings written immediately below or above the header, you can write words like Congratulations,  ‘the certificate is presented to’, ‘this is to certify that’, and so on.

Most creative student award

Most Curious pre school student

Pre_k_artist award

Steps to create a pre-k award certificate

Now that you are already aware that what you should write in the certificate, it is time to move on. It is time to actually create the certificate with your basic skills in Microsoft Word. For your convenience, I am writing the steps in a sequential manner. So, let’s have a look.

  1. Start your computer system
  2. Click on the Microsoft Word icon from the start button
  3. Now click on ‘New’ to open a new Microsoft file
  4. A window with three panes will appear on your screen
  5. Click on ‘Award Certificates’ under the templates section to your extreme left
  6. Multiple certificates will appear in the middle pane of that window
  7. Choose any one that seems perfect and click on the ‘download’ button
  8. Now open that downloaded file and start designing
  9. Edit it to place your own text and if needed change the images
  10. Insert colorful pictures or images by clicking on ’insert’ in the menu bar
  11. Save the file and your pre-k award certificate is ready


Pre_k_athletic award

If still you encounter any difficulties in designing the certificate from scratch, use any of the free printable kindergarten certificate templates created by our professionals to help you to have such certificates without spending anything.

Big News!!

You must be feeling that it could have been great if you can know some of the pre k award ideas that can make your kindergarten students and their parents happier! Well, here I am to give you some awesome ideas that you will surely love.

Pre school diploma certificate

List of some pre-k award ideas for you

It is perfectly fine if you do not want to have a traditional kind of end of year certificate for the kids and want to present them something more memorable or cherished. Here is the complete list that will help you to get some ideas.

  1. Whooper award to that one child who tells the best story during storytime
  2. Milky way award to the kid who always daydreams during a class
  3. Crunch award who does not stop chewing a pencil when feeling hungry
  4. Symphony award to one who loves to play with musical instruments like a drum or just anything that makes sound
  5. The dove award to the kid who acts as a peacemaker when all other start quarreling over little things

Pre school graduation certificate

Pre_k_sportsmanship certificate

Student helping hand certificate

Some of the other awards can be for the one who is most polite, good in maths, help others, is most caring, best dancer, best speaker, most creative, and so on. The sky’s the limit when it comes to pre-k award ideas.

Last but not the least, be creative and if you are running short of time, check out the pre-k award certificate templates by us that you can print right away in a hassle-free manner.


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