33 Free Printable Reading Awards for Students & Kids (Certificate Templates)

In this article, we are providing free printable reading awards for free.

Do you know? Most of the people love reading. It is not just the subject books I am talking about. But many other options available to make life enjoyable by inculcating the habit of learning. But, reading is an art, and one must know the right way to read and also it requires some motivation to cultivate the practice of reading.


Editable reading award certificate

Exemplary reading program award

Ask me the best way to nurture reading habit. I will immediately tell reading award certificates. What do I mean? Yes, give a certificate to the best reader and cheer up the right practice. Also, this will create a healthy competition among the other readers to get the certificate.

So what are you waiting for? Give the certificates. Hang on, and I agree with you that you need to design the reading award certificate.You can choose the one you want and get going.

I will also help you understand many details regarding the reading habit, and read awards.

Extensive reading foundation award

Gold reading award

Significance Of Reading And Reading Awards 

Ok, let’s dig some details like what is the need for reading and why reading is required. Both the questions look similar? They are indeed identical. Let me not beat around the bush and tell you the best Five Significance Of Reading To Increase Your Chance Of Getting Rewarded 5x more. 

  1. Reading continuously leads to understanding many details and improves concentration.
  2. One can become a good writer by reading many books as it will help to frame words increasing the aptitude for grasping vocabulary.
  3. It can add more value to the knowledge pool.
  4. Allows an individual to be part of any event and express their views.
  5. Makes a person complete by giving more insight into life and perception.

Home reading award

So How Can Reading Awards Motivate The Readers? 

Reading awards can be motivating when given in front of a broader audience as it will add a feather on the cap. It is good to provide printable awards for reading and encourage the readers. This will further instigate to get more such awards in future.

Who Deserves Reading Award Certificate

First, know the right time to read and decide the deserving personality traits of a good reader. Morning time is right to understand because it is the new time for both the reader and the environment. One can grasp more in the calm and the bright morning.

That does not mean night hours are not good to go. Many have trouble waking in the morning, and then they should not feel burdened to get up in the morning. They must read during the night hours when the mind is relaxing.

Those who read regularly and implement their reading in real life must be awarded.

International reading association award

Keystone to reading book award

Advantages of Reading Certificate Templates

  • The templates ready to be printed and the reading award certificate template in a word can be edited quickly matching any individual’s requirement.
  • There is no need to change any design as plenty of varieties are available online, and you download with one click.
  • You can type the details print them effortlessly.
  • And most important is they are free to download

Monthly reading award

National reading award

Reading Award Ideas

Ok, now you know why reading and how to motivate with certificates. In this section, I would want to take you through the many creative ideas to make the certification necessary for the readers.

Only a small set of people read, and you can indeed award them for their best efforts. But, what about the rest? No one understands and gives lack of time as a reason for not understanding. Reading reward alone cannot change the mindset of people. Get inspired by the many ideas given here to nurture kids and students to spare some time for reading on a daily basis.

Outstanding reading award

Parenting magazine reading magic award

Reading Achievement Certificate

Every work done will have one exceptional performer, and we call them achiever. So for that deserving student, you must give out Reading Achievement Certificate.

You can find beautifully crafted Reading Achievement Certificate which you can personalize and issue to the students.

Reading achievement award certificate

Tips to use the Reading Achievement Certificate

Customize the Reading Achievement Certificate by writing the information pertaining to the student and the achievement.

For example, student detail may include the name, class, and school. Achievement can be a number of pages read in an hour, a number of days consistently read for an hour, etc.

Print the certificate on a thick glossy paper.

Reading achievement certificate

Reading one adventurer award

Reading award certificate

Reading Award For Students

  1. Small Prize – Along with the certificates you can consider giving small gifts including vouchers, treats, bookmarks, and school supplies. It is good to have such small prize in hand so that you can get along with kids to influence them to read.
  2. Point System – It is not always possible to have small prize handy and also the suspense is getting lost when you rotate between the award. Hence it is good to create a milestone for reading the teachers or parents can inform kids that they will give them points when every time kids make progress. Once they accomplish learning, then they can buy something to them based on the scores cumulatively added to their account. This will be a great motivation for kids especially when it comes to summer reading awards. It is because during summer students do not want to study at all. But they mistake reading and reviewing, so to make them understand this motivation is a must. You can buy them school accessories when they follow the discipline during their summer holidays.

Trust me one time the habit of reading gets registered in the mind of the students it is permanently carved, and they will never lose interest.

  1. The alternative trigger for reading awards could be honoring the readers to continue reading by giving small badges, certificates, trophies, or rolling shield,
  2. One of the best ideas would be informing both the teachers and parents of the student who won reading award and call for a small treat and give out the certificate.
  3. Now some cost-free incentive ideas like making the best reader of the week sitting in a particular chair in the class. Making them feel proud in front of many is the best gesture to recognize the reading habit of students. Likewise, some special one can be an option, asking them to skip standing in line for prayer, making them monitor the class in the absence of the teacher, can be cost-effective and most efficient rewards to ignite the reading habits of students.
  4. Recognizing their excellent work and you can offer them the concept of the e-book and allow them to read books on a computer is the next step in making them understand The computer is always a fascinating thing for kids, and they want to use computers like adults. So you can be opportunistic and introduce them to sites like Wonderopolis, National Geographic Kids, and Reflex Math as reading rewards. Believe me; this IDEA will work wonders for the kids.
  5. Allow them to skip homework as a reward for consistently reading books for a period. Do not worry when they don’t do homework but sowing the seed of reading habit is a must. 

Reading award certificate for student

Reading award certificate template

Reading award elementary certificate

Reading Award For Kindergarten 

Kindergarten kids and reading, what connection you think? No, you’re wrong. As early as age three the reading habit must be developed. So you can start with reading books for them during the bedtime. Make them look at the pictures and narrate stories. Then ask them to read alphabets, words, small sentences and finally short stories. This will progress eventually to make them sound readers.

Perks are required for everything and reading is not an exclusion. So you must give them awards. What award for a little one? It can begin with a cuddle, clap, and a small chocolate. You can also use certificates from the templates given here to honor the little bugs for reading sincerely. 

Reading award for kindergarten

Reading award for middle school

Reading award ks2

Reading buses award

Reading Rewards And Incentives

Student incentives and rewards are the best way to identify the readers for doing a great job.

The rewards can include a pat on the bag. You think I am joking? No not at all, it is the best reward than monetary incentives.

That does not mean you can every time go with pats you can also give out rewards inspiring from the seven reading award ideas given in this article.

Take the best certificate from the pool of many available here to add more value to the appreciation.

Reading business award

Reading chancellors award

Reading counts award certificate

Reading experience and development award

Reading Improvement Award Certificate

Reading improvement award is required to identify the gap in the reading pattern and fix them. So you can give out certificates for improving in the following areas in reading.

  • Effort was taken to read
  • Expression
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency

When you acknowledge the students improve in reading, then you are enhancing their confidence and hence reinforcing the need for right interpretation. 

Reading improvement award

Reading improvement certificate

Reading innovation award

Free Reading Certificate Maker

There are many free certificate makers available. My page also has such makers which you can use for free.

Steps Involved In Filling The Details In Free Certificate Maker

Write the following details and select the style at the bottom of the maker using the drop-down menu and click make it.

Certificate Title – Reading Achievement Certificate

Name Of The Student

Achievement Details

Special Comments

Name Of The Authorized Person



Select the border and make it.

Such free certificate makers are available in plenty but beware of scams and use legitimate sites only.

Reading progress award

Reading school award

School Wide Reading Incentive Programs

When we think about a more massive crowd and planning to implement school-wide reading incentive program, then we need to think wise and make the incentive program more exciting and possible.

Make the incentive program very attractive to make students realize the value of reading books every day. Let them understand that reading is to improve vocabulary, increase concentration, gain more knowledge. Let them know that reading is not a burden. Initially, these incentives will motivate them and eventually be reading becomes part of their life like brushing teeth in the morning upon waking up.

Reward students certificate and book as a gift that has pictures. Visual reading can make reading exciting and is the most understandable form of text.

Ask students to know their interest and gift them those books as incentives and make them feel good about themselves. But, make sure this incentive rather privilege is given only to those reading achievers and this will motivate other average readers to become achievers.  You may have a list of books in mind to share with students for reading. Along with the list, understand reader’s interest and give them similar books. I meant same books and not the same books. You must tell them to read the book you feel is worth along with their interest and educate them to expand their horizon by reading different books with different narrations. 

Scholastic reading award

School reading certificate

Reading Incentive Chart 

Reading incentive chart can be used for giving children a feeling of accomplishment. When the kids start with the reading habit and follow sincerely on a daily basis, then they must be appreciated. Mere appreciation might not suffice and hence reward them with a reading incentive chart. A chart that is given as an incentive recognizing their reading habit does more than that.  The table can be of different types.

You can ask them to round an even number when they finish reading on a particular day the assigned number of pages. The chart will have numbers printed on an apple drawing between one and hundred. This can enthuse the KG kids.

For grown-up kids use a chart that has minutes and days. Ask them to circle the number of minutes they spent reading on a daily basis.

The Much more exciting chart is, asking them to color a star, circle, or any design printed on the table when they finish reading for 30 minutes. This will make them not only time bound but also the coloring duration will be a breather to them, and they can continue learning after coloring for another thirty minutes.

There are more charts for your perusal, feel free to download them for free and seed the habit of reading among children to give them the best future.