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Science fairs are common in every school and it is a competition where students are awarded certificates and accolades based on their work. Being an authority or the organizer who is promoting science, it is important to make such fairs competitive and awarding Science Fair Certificates so that students are much more drawn towards it and understand the importance of it.

Science fairs are one of the most common and attractive fairs where young students, science scholars, and professors display their science projects, models, reports, and research in a relative organized fair. Science fairs are common in schools, colleges, and universities. Students are assigned the job of making science projects and models on a particular topic in their schools and colleges. Science fairs are conducted in order to draw the interest of students in the field of science and its application.

Editable science certificate

Science Fair award certificate is given to those students who have excelled in the field of science and have done tremendous work on a particular subject during the science fair. For better understanding, in a science fair, students are asked to make models, projects and research on any science topic assigned by the teacher or chosen by the student themselves. The project in different categories is evaluated and awards and certificates are awarded to the students those who have extremely excellent work.

Science fairs are more important in order to make students understand the concepts and workings of science in a more practical way than normal textbook readings which are much more deserted from the practicality and reality. Science fairs helps the students and people witnessing these projects understand science, its application and importance in an easier way.

A science fair award certificate will definitely boost the morale of the student and will draw his/her interest towards science. Awards and recognitions also increases competition within students, a necessary part of student life making them more focused and determined towards their aim.

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Science achievement award

Science certificate template for word

Science Exhibition Certificate

As a student who hasn’t participated in science exhibitions? One of the most exciting part of the school life and specially a science student was to take part in science exhibitions where it is fun to experiment.

Science Exhibition Certificate is given to those who have taken part in such exhibitions and demonstrated models, projects and experiments. Such certificates are needed to be designed in color with the exhibition theme in order to make it more relevant.

Science exhibition certificate

Science Achievement Award

Apart from schools and colleges, many independent institutions mastering in science do organize such competitive exams, projects, fairs and seminars where students are asked to prepare on particular subject. Either they give written exam, viva, interview, display models and explain them, make projects or write research reports and write an observation.

Science Achievement Award is given to those students who have done excellent in their particular field and subject on the given topic to boost their confidence and instill a sense of entitlement within them.

Science fair 1st place certificate

Science fair 2nd place certificate

Science Fair Certificate of Achievement

And of course, if you have been successful in proving your mettle in the science fair then you deserve a reward. A Science Fair Certificate of Achievement is deserved by those who have excelled in demonstrating the best scientific art and project. An achievement certificate should be inscribed with words of praise, motivation, and honor in order to boost the confidence of the student. Such certificates should patronize the student’s name and make him feel proud of his achievement.

Science fair award certificate printable

Science Fair Titles & Wordings

The title of a certificate should be in bold and creative in order to portray the creativity of science. It should have wordings that are inspiring, motivating, positive and challenging. Some of the examples of wordings are:

  • Master/Miss ………………….. who is student of standard …………………… from …………………. School is awarded the winner of the Science Fair 2017. May you be the light bearer of this great subject science. Shine bright like a diamond!
  • Like the vast and infinite sky, be the torch bearer of this wisdom full subject. May you gain infinite knowledge and lead the world away from the darkness.

Science fair award certificate

Science fair certificate of achievement

Science Fair Certificate of Recognition

Recognizing a talent is very important among students of young age in order to guide them towards the right goal. It also encourages student to take risks and try new things in their lives. A recognition certificate will boost confidence in the student getting awarded and will compel him to work harder.

Certificates of recognition also work as a symbol of participation that can be fruitful in future terms for the student. As a student who doesn’t want recognition. Every one of us in our school and college life have tried to gain recognition in different fields. A recognition by prestigious science fair works as a morale booster among students.

Science fair certificate of recognition

Science fair certificate template

Science Fair Participation Award Certificate

A Participation Award Certificate is given to a student who has participated in science fair at school level, district level, state level or national level. A participation award certificate consists of the name of the participant, class, school and the date of participation.

Such participation award certificates work a medium to recognize the hard work of students even if they have not achieved any feet or award. Participation certificates do help students while participating in competition exams or getting admission at different levels.

Check out Free Science Fair Participation Certificates here. 

Science fair participation award certificate

Stem Certificate Template

Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM is a method or medium of education especially specializing or prioritizing science. There are many institutes that carry out stem exams. Such institutions also award stem awards.

A Stem Certificate Template should be designed in a special manner to reflect the values of stem exam. It should carry the label of stem. The wordings should be decent and should sound intellectual. The template design should be simple in maximum cases and few figures or pictures related to science can be inserted.

Stem certificate template

Things to Remember while Creating

It should always be the priority while creating a science fair certificate template that the theme should be related to science. The title and wording should be in bold, rewarding and professional. Always write the wording in a positive way full of energy to reflect the values of science.

Things to Avoid

Avoid making the certificate too decorative and clumsy. Write the wordings clearly and straight. Don’t be philosophical but to the point. Write the wordings in bold and cursive but never in decorative in order to make it serious. Never make the certificate look dull but bright and positive. Wording should not be demoralizing even if the student isn’t that good. Always be vigilant and positive while writing the wordings and especially mentioning the achievements of the student.

That is all you need to care about. Science fair certificates are definitely a success symbol for students. Achieving it with words written full of glory and pride will make every student proud, confident and motivated.

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