Creating a display is always tough, and that too for a science fair is a herculean task for most school children. Some even shudder at the thought of participating in a science fair for their school. However, if teachers and parent give the right guidance, they do it well. So, don’t you think, they deserve applause and a science fair participation certificate? If yes, this is an awesome thought and can serve as a source of encouragement for others to take participation in the same next year.

However, I know if you are a school board member, you may have to struggle hard to squeeze time out of your daily work schedule to design one all by yourself. Hiring a graphic designer is a brilliant option, but isn’t it will be great, if you can find a template for the same, download it, do some changes and use the same?

Sounds too good!

Well, this can be a reality as here I am going to present here a collection of science fair certificate templates that you can download for free. Moreover, you can pick the best one, edit it and just take a printout to use right away. I am sure you know Microsoft Word and can do the small editing if required.

Free Science Fair Participation Certificates

Free printable science fair participation certificate

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science achievement award

science certificate template for word

Science exhibition participation certificate


To do the same with perfection, it is a wise idea to first develop some understanding of science fair participation certificate wordings. In this way, you can ensure that there is no mistake while editing or personalization of the science fair participation certificate. So, let’s have a look.

Know about science fair participation certificate wordings

Now, if you have a look at the collection of our collection of science fair certificate templates, you will know that it mainly consists of a header and remaining text. The header can be with following wording:

And so on….You can be a bit creative regarding the wordings of the header but it must revolve around these words so that it can loudly convey the recipient that why it is being awarded to him or her.

The wording below the heading is like “This is to certify that”, “Awarded to”, “Presented to”, “We Hereby Commend”, “This certifies that”, and so on.

After the above wordings, it is wise to write the name of the participant. A blank space is left just below the heading and the words recommended. Once you are finished putting all these wordings in a participation template, you need to write other essential wordings that should convey clearly that on which date, month and year, the certificate has been awarded. There should be also ample space at the right bottom or bottom in any corner to have the signature of the authorized person.

Science fair 1st place certificate

Science fair certificate of appreciation template

Science fair certificate of participation template

Science fair certificate of recognition template

Know about basics of designing a science exhibition participation certificate

Once you are finished with understanding the right wording, you can concentrate on the aesthetics part. This includes including a nice eye-catching border or an image or a background image to make it appealing. In general, it is a good idea to choose images having a high resolution so that they appear exactly as intended by you in the printout. Also, the font color should be in contrast to the background color (if any) so that the text can remain readable to the eyes. It is better if font color looks good along with the colors of the background image or any clipart included by you within the certificate. To have a more clear idea, refer to our science fair participation certificate templates and you will understand what I want to convey in a more comprehensive manner.


Now that are you are well aware of the certificate wordings and the basics of its designing, it is best to follow some dos while creating such a certificate as then you will not commit any mistake. So, let’s have a look below but in case of any confusion just browse our collection of templates and download the one that is perfect for you.

Science fair participation award certificate

Science fair participation certificate

Some dos and don’ts while creating a science fair participation certificate

Although the rules regarding dos and don’ts in creating a science fair participation certificate is not very specific, it is wise to stick to the rule of avoiding very bright colors while creating the same for students at the college level or above. Such colors make it look flashy, and are best for students in elementary school.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, avoid the inclusion of clip arts like

    Atom

    Laboratory Flask

    Test Tubes

    Lab Coat

    Telescope

    Star

    Solar System

    Cute kids

And so on in certificates intended to give to high school students. It is a wise idea to make the certificate template for such student’s professional and clutter free.

Science fair participation certificate printable

Science fair participation certificate template

Know the best size for participation certificates

Although there is no fixed size for specifically such science fair participation certificates, you can very well print them in 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper size. This is called the USA standard letter size paper. You can use parchment paper to get your printout with a real professional look. Some of the certificate papers available in the market have a readymade ornamental border too.

Our free science fair participation certificate printable comes with authentic design and is in a great variety to suit the diverse needs.  The best part is these are fully editable, and you can customize any template to suit a kid studying in elementary school, higher school or college without putting any substantial effort.

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