21 Free Printable Spelling Bee Certificates: Participation, Winner, School Templates

Spelling bee competition proves a wonderful platform for kids to learn many new words and can discover where they stand among other kids in terms of their knowledge about spellings of various words. If you are thinking to organize a spelling bee competition in your school or in the school or educational institute or academic / English club, you must have your Spelling Bee Certificates ready.  So, have a look at the fantastic collection of such printable certificates.

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Certificate for spelling bee competition

Certificate for spelling bee competition


The certificate features a bright red border with rounded corners and a white background. It has a watermark of a cute bee and its text in conventional black in a nice font type.

Classroom spelling bee winner certificate



Devoid of any border, the certificate is a refreshing one in terms of its design. It has two humming bees at the top-two corners and a bright red header. The blue and white combination along with circles and green leaves makes this an endearing one.

Free spelling bee participant certificate

free spelling bee participant certificate


The wonderful border of the certificate featuring circles of varied sizes at two opposite corners and cute bees at the other two corners is a great visual treat. The use of yellow, brown and white further enhances its beauty. Moreover, the text is in a font that oozes extreme clarity and elegance.

National spelling bee certificate

national spelling bee certificate


The purple border around the white background in this certificate gives the same a rare charm which gets accentuated further with the use of green color for the header. It also features an illustration of a cute bee with green wings amidst a floral backdrop.

School spelling bee certificates

school spelling bee certificates


The certificate resembles an open book in its design layout with the outer margins of the white pages having a blue border. While the left page has a red header, the right one features a header in both red and blue. The minimal text is aligned to its center.

Second place spelling bee certificates

second place spelling bee certificates


The certificate features a gray border and a cute illustration of a boy and a girl making a mountain of alphabet blocks.  With a badge in red and golden color at one corner and a colorful header, the certificate is apt for those who have secured the second position in the spelling bee contest.

Spanish spelling bee certificates



The certificate seems like a riot of colors to the four sides. The cute illustrations of bees and black font on a light contrasting background just looks lovely to excite and encourage a spelling bee participant.

Spelling bee award certificate



The bright use of colors like pink, yellow and green on a white background along with an illustration of bees wondering in joy at the two corners in the bottom are the highlights of this beautiful certificate. Its beauty s enhanced more with bright red header and the green sub-header.

Spelling bee certificate 1st place

spelling bee certificate 1st place


The certificate features a double border in brown and a contrasting background on which a header in red and the remaining text in black looks remarkable. The two humming bees in orange and black at the both sides of the header looks lovely.

Spelling bee certificate of participation

spelling bee certificate of participation


The certificate has a watermark featuring innumerable alphabets and a white background. It also has a nice border consisting of two subtle colors and its text aligned to its center. Images of two bees at the top two corners along with a subtle use of colors makes this an interesting mix of sophistication and cuteness.

Spelling bee certificate of participation 2

spelling bee certificate of participation 2


The green border in varied width around a white background makes an awesome combination. The rest of the certificate design being simple with text in a nice font style and an image of a bee in sheer joy gives it an adorable look.

Spelling bee certificate template

spelling bee certificate template


The certificate has a black border to the inner side has a green border. Both the borders lying adjacent to each other on a creme colored background gives a nice look. It also features a few brown and yellow leaves along with a bee in one of its corner.

Spelling bee champion certificate

spelling bee champion certificate


The certificate features a combination of magenta and blue in its border around a pristine white background. However, it is the brown header and an image of flying bee that provides a touch of elegance to the simple certificate. The top speller will surely love the certificate for its brilliant design with simplicity.

Spelling bee contest certificates

spelling bee contest certificates


This one is apt to award to little kids. The bold header in bright yellow and red on a light background with images of multiple bees as a watermark gives it a fun look desired by little ones after accomplishing a tough task. After all, participation in a spelling bee contest is not a mean feat. The orange border with rounded corners also added an element of fun.

Spelling bee first place certificate

spelling bee first place certificate


The certificate has a beautiful border in an abstract way with the use of multiple colors like green, yellow, pink and more. The main design element in the certificate is, however, the illustrations of a badge, a golden cup, and a cute looking bee to the right side of the white text box having text in red and orange.

Spelling bee international award certificate

spelling bee international award certificate


The white text box with an orange border feature loads of illustrations of flying leaves, bees, pencils, alphabet blocks, and a hat too! The use of various colors for these illustrations make this certificate a charming one with conventional black text.

Spelling bee participation certificate

spelling bee participation certificate


The certificate has its design divided into two parts. The left panel is in green on which there is an illustration of a bee with blue wings while the right panel has a white background with text in black. The certificate also features a narrow light green border.

Spelling bee runner-up certificate

spelling bee runner up certificate


With numerous letter blocks at the bottom stumbling on each other and illustration of two bees in orange and yellow pointing towards the text, the certificate is a must have to distribute among runner-up candidates. It also features a narrow black border and a bright green header in large size on a contrasting background.

Spelling bee star of the week

Spelling bee star of the week


The certificate features a couple of pencil colors at the two opposite corners with a backdrop of a colorful border. There is also an illustration of cute little boys and girls with both of their hands rising upwards in joy at the bottom. The text too is attractive with the use of purple, red and black on a white background with a watermark of a bee in playful mode.

Spelling bee winner certificate template

spelling bee winner certificate template


Green and yellow color scheme never fail to attract the eyes. The certificate has this combination at the border. The white background and the cute images of the bees inside circles also give it a rare charm. Overall, the certificate also appears to have a very clutter-free design.

Spelling Certificates ks2

Spelling Certificates ks2


The template is an eye-catching one. It features numerous images of circular shapes in red and bright red at the bottom. There is also an image of a bee in yellow and black on a nice backdrop of polka dots and a golden cup in a red circle at the top-right corner. With the header in blue color and remaining text in red, the certificate simply looks an outstanding one.

Nowadays, many schools and clubs organize such competitions across the world but do you know when the first spelling bee competition was conducted?

History of spelling bee contest

Although the practice of conducting such competitions was in existence in the 18th century, it becomes popular in the 20th century.  The National Spelling Bee contest was organized for the first time in 1925. It was then sponsored by a Journal and was meant only for the participants from Kentucky in the United States of America. However, they change their decision and send an invitation to other states too. There were nine people who compete in the first contest held in the Washington D.C. and the winner was an eleven-year-old boy named Frank Neuhauser. In the United States of America, such competitions are a rage. Participation in a spelling bee contest vastly enhances the word knowledge of a kid. Giving certification to these kids will help them boost their morale and confidence in participating Spelling Bee competitions.

So, do you love our collection? You need to simply check out all the Spelling Bee Certificates and download the ones that you seem are apt to serve your purpose. Write the name of the student and other details to fill the empty spaces given in the design and your spelling bee certificates will become ready for distribution.