Superhero Birthday Party Invitations : 30+word templates

I think you will all agree with me that creating cute invitations for your kid’s birthday is not an easy feat. It is TOUGH to create the same as it demands a lot of creative skills, and of course much of your precious time!

Well, actually YOU CAN CREATE such invitations using simple computer skills and not only simple ones, but superhero birthday party invitations! Are you surprised? You all may probably are already aware of superheroes, heroic characters that are known for their specific costumes and superhuman powers.

Here, I am GOING TO SHOW you the way….. and believe me your kid and guests will absolutely love your creation. I am well aware that there is a remarkable difference between thinking and actually becoming able to act on it.

Before going to show you the way, let me explain you quickly why I am putting an emphasis on learning how to create creating super hero birthday invitations without any help.

Free Superhero Birthday Invitation



Superhero Images Attract Kids Instantly

Just think hard….

What was your secret desire during your childhood days?  Doctor, Engineer, Cowboy, Soldier or a BATMAN or SPIDERMAN?? Well, when nobody was around at home, we all long to become a superhero and to have the power that we lack because of our age. Especially, for kids around four to eight years, super heroes emerge as characters that they should become to have the independence to take any action without any fear of their parents and teachers.

Imagine after becoming a super hero, kids can become saviors and will not be dependent on their elders for their safety.  They can FLY, can BEAT THE BAD GUYS, can SAVE, or anything impossible or possible in this world. With such immense possibilities, there is no reason that kids will not get INSTANTLY attracted to superhero characters.


Things to write in your superhero invitations

There is no restriction on what you can write in your superhero invitation. You just need to use a little bit of creativity. Here, are some top wordings that you can use in your invitations.

  • Calling all Superheroes as Jacob or Jane is turning 7 [Here you can type the name of your kid instead of Jacob or Jane]
  • To frighten evil ones and help the good ones, enjoy my birthday cake and snacks as a superhero should!
  • All superheroes are welcome to our kid’s birthday party. Have super delicious food and loads of fun!
  • Grab your mask as Jacob is turning five! [Here replace Jacob with your kid’s name and five with the number of years your kid is turning to]
  • We think you have what it takes to become a SUPER HERO. So have a blast at Jacob’s B-day party

Yes, one thing is for sure. You also need to put the time and venue details just below the wordings or else how will parents send their kids? Confused how to get it right?


I will PRESENT here a large number of free printable superhero birthday invitation templates for your convenience.

BUT ….

As a parent, you should also know how to use Superhero theme to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Just creating, printing and sending the superhero invitations are not enough to organize a successful birthday party.



Ways to use superhero theme in your kid’s birthday

There are unlimited ways of using the superhero theme in your kid’s birthday. After all, your kid and all his friends will become SUPER HAPPY to discover that their beloved super hero is all over in the birthday party décor.  Here, are some ways to use the theme.

  • Create a magnificent backdrop at the food table. You can either draw an image of your kid’s favorite superhero or take a large colored printout of the same. You need to use your creative skills to make it lovable using bright colors.
  • Get some cardboard cut outs of the super hero from an online store or a local shop (if available). Such cut outs placed here and there at the venue, especially at the entrance looks attractive! You can also opt for life size cut outs of super heroes from eBay or at as low as 40 dollars or even less.


  • Do not forget to get a superhero table cloth which has either attractive images of a super hero or an image of the city skyline that he needs to protect. Gone are the days of using a simple table cloth for a theme birthday party as a superhero table cloth looks extremely inviting to the guests, especially kids
  • Use dinner plates, cups, straws, capes, or masks to create an atmosphere of excitement for the little ones. The possibilities are limitless as the market is flooded with such party supplies and you can have these at a fair price with a little negotiation.

Now that you know how to use SUPER HERO THEME in your party décor, I am confident that you can make your own superhero invitations too!  However, in case you want to invite your kid’s friends in a different manner to make the whole affair a unique one, you need to put your brain at more work.


Ideas to invite kid’s friends differently

REMEMBER, when you were a kid, how excited you become after getting an invitation to a birthday party? Well…… The same happens with the Millennium kids too. The hearts starts beating really fast and they are on cloud nine as if the invitation is for a lunch or dinner with the President!

Let’s have a look

  • You can use a superhero mask as a template to cut out masks out of foam paper. Punch two holes in each and tie an elastic to get your DIY superhero birthday invitations. Just DON’T FORGET TO write your kid’s name and venue detail to its backend. It will fill the kids with loads of excitement!
  • If you are good at drawing and a little origami, you can create a pop-up superhero birthday invitation with a few minutes. Just add some bright colors.
  • You can a cut small circle on foam paper and a relatively smaller circle on a differently colored foam paper. Paste the smaller one above the larger one to create a color contrast and write your kid’s name as well as venue detail in minimal words. Cheap and effective, it will look adorable.

If you are too consumed with your party planning or décor work, skip all these as I have the perfect solution-superhero birthday invitations templates free. So let’s have a look.

We hope you have loved our free superhero birthday invitations which are also editable. For your sake, I am also suggesting some birthday recipes that your guests will simply love to relish in a super hero themed birthday party.

  • Spider man Burgers
  • Batman quesadilla
  • Superman toasted sandwiches
  • Superman Cookies [Take help of Superman cookies available online]
  • Red and Blue Spider man Ice Pops
  • Spider man Cupcakes