T-Shirt Order Forms: 50+ Customized T-Shirt order form Templates

Are you searching for innovative and professional T-Shirt order forms to create your own great-looking T-Shirts for your fundraiser or organization events!!? If so, you are at right place to satisfy your needs to create awesome T-Shirt order forms. Our wonderful collection of templates helps you to satisfy your requirements and customize T-Shirt requests.

Do I need to talk about T-shirts functionality? It goes without saying that T-shirts are durable and can be used for any occasion. T-shirts go well with jeans, tracks, shorts, and even dhotis. Apart from that, it suits occasions it also makes the person feel comfortable. The soft banyan material with and without collar in an affordable rate is a great costume for both genders male and female.5Th Grade T-Shirt Order Form 1

5Th Grade T-Shirt Order Form 2

Why am I talking about T-shirts? I know you wanted some T-shirts order forms and why am I talking about T-shirts? Because, I would like to present you with different T-shirts order form templates using which you can order for T-shirts for any events. Buying T-shirts in bulk is not only done by sports group, but also in corporates, church gatherings, schools, and other places look for printing T-shirts in bulk. For doing so, you need to make an order form and fill it and send it. These types will have a set of predefined information, and that needs to be filled. You must know what all details are mandatory to be part of the t-shirt order form so that you can make the right order with your supplier.

Church T-Shirt Order Form 1

Church T-Shirt Order Form 2

Class T-Shirt Order Form

I am as usual here to make your life simple by providing all the required order forms for free. I would also want to give you some insights about the structure, where and how to use it etc.

The custom T-shirts are made by firms to suit a specific need, and many suppliers offer several benefits to purchase the T-shirts in bulk. Gone are those days of locating stores to buy clothes. In the online world, you can quickly place orders and get your work done.

Get along with me and know how you can order T-shirts for your need.

Class T-Shirt Order Form 2

Club T-Shirt Order Form

Club T-Shirt Order Form 2

Easy T-Shirt Order Form

Generic T-shirt Order Form Template

When you want some T-shirt of a standard size, and specific number, there are two ways to approach it one is to get on to the online stores to select and order from the available shirts. But the other way to order a generic T-shirt is to be specific.

Easy T-Shirt Order Form 2

Football T-Shirt Order Form

Football T-Shirt Order Form 2

Do I sound confusing? No, I am not. A specific approach is required to order for official T-shirts. Locate a store that supplies the T-shirts that matches your want and place order. You must know the number of T-shirts you want and the size, design, color, and pattern. You can use the form given here for free and send them to the supplier. Many stores do not have standard shapes, and hence I would like you to extend help. Get going and have a perfect T-shirt matching your theme.

Say for instance you want a T-shirt for Christmas gathering and you know the headcount and their size in general; then you can use the form and order your T-shirts.

Generic T-Shirt Order Form Template

Group T-Shirt Order Form 1

Group T-Shirt Order Form 2

High School T-Shirt Order Form

High School T-Shirt Order Form 2

Steps to Design and Distribute the Family Reunion T-Shirts

First of all, remember that uniting all your family members in one place is indeed tricky. Did you think about ordering T-shirts uniformly across age and gender? It is another herculean task. But, Trust me, I will help you out. Unlike generic T-shirts, the family reunion might be time-consuming as you do not know the T-shirt of all your family members. You need to take a couple of more steps to place an order. It is always good to plan on making any process a success. Especially when ordering for the dress, it is essential that it fits the person whom you give hence you need to follow few steps and gift the best t-shirt to your family members.

Homecoming T-Shirt Order Form 1

Homecoming T-Shirt Order Form 2

Little League T-Shirt Order Form 1

Here You Go With My 12 Simple Yet Planned Steps To Order Family Reunion T-Shirt And Cheer Your Family 12x During The Meet.

  • Decide where you want to place the order. Decide your budget and check who can offer in that range. My advice will be, go to a wholesaler, and you can save money and at the same time feel satisfied.
  • Then create an order form that has the following details

T-shirt size



Payment Detail

T-shirt collar type


You can skip this step and use the template I have given for your perusal for free. I have covered all possible details and you can fill the sections only you require.

  • Share the forms with your family members and ask them to fill and send with a defined timeline.

Little League T-Shirt Order Form 2

  • Send out reminders and get the form duly filled by the respective family member.
  • Create a roster and update the same with the details of the form received also make a table to enter the size and collect T-shirt count.
  • Collectively decide on the color, and the theme of the T-shirts based on the input received from the family members.
  • Identify a person from your family and make the logo representing the spirit of the occasion.

Middle School T-Shirt Order Form

  • Now, it’s time to place the order with the supplier. Give a minimum of six months time before the event and request so that you don’t have to worry about the arrival of the t-shirt.
  • Make it more alluring order for bags to put the shirts.
  • Print the labels for the bags.
  • Arrange the T-shirts in the bags.
  • Finally, you can send them to your family members via post or give at the time of the meeting and request all of them to wear it for the occasion and get ready for a snap.

Monogram T-Shirt Order Form 1

I am sure you will feel significantly convinced for you took that initiative of distributing the uniform T-shirt for your family reunion.

Now, I am sure you are keen on knowing what the details that should be presented in the T-shirt order form are?

Find below the details in detail.

Monogram T-Shirt Order Form 2

Pto T-Shirt Order Form 1

Pto T-Shirt Order Form 2

Before that know that the T-shirt order form can be available in the following formats.

  1. T-Shirt Order Form Word Template
  2. T-Shirt Order Form Doc
  3. T-Shirt Oder Form Pdf
  4. T-Shirt Order Form Template Excel

It could be of any form, but the necessary details remain the same. The fundamental difference between a PDF and a word/excel template is the editing feature.

A PDF form can be downloaded and printed to fill manually, and the word/doc/excel form can be downloaded and loaded to send them via email, or they can be written as well.

Relay For Life T-Shirt Order Form 1

Relay For Life T-Shirt Order Form 2

Reunion T-Shirt Order Form 1


  • T-shirt supplier name, address and contact details.
  • Client’s name.
  • Order Placing Date.
  • T-shirt numbers required.
  • Who will be using the T-shirts?
  • T-shirt size (It could be the size in numbers or mentioned as small, medium, ).
  • Number of T-shirts under each size.
  • Price Per T-shirt.
  • Delivery Date.
  • Total cost.

Reunion T-Shirt Order Form 2

School Shirt Order Form 1

School Shirt Order Form 2

Free Printable T-Shirt Order Forms Can Be Used For The Following Purposes

Reunion – We saw family reunion in detail. It does not stop there; the meeting can include friends, class students, batch mates and much more. It can indicate the uniformity of one group in a gathering by wearing the same T-shirt.

Also, it can be used for field trips to identify people of the same group. Not only for students can even the tour have operators given the identical t-shirts to identify the people on their journey.

Simple T-Shirt Order Form Template

Student T-Shirt Order Form 1

Student T-Shirt Order Form 2

T-Shirt And Sweatshirt Order Form 1

Sports festivals will look great with one colored T-shirt, and different groups can come in different colors. Also, any concerts, music festivals, raves and much more get together can order for T-shirts in the same design and use them to show the unity, identification and unique of their groups.

If you want an apt example for T-shirt used in same print, but different colors you can think of Olympics. Different countries will have their respective color with the same Olympic emblem embossed on their t-shirts.

T-Shirt And Sweatshirt Order Form 2

T-Shirt Business Order Form

T-Shirt Fundraiser Order Form Template

Another example is a MARATHON, where all people participating will have the same T-shirt.

Even many fundraising organizations use the same t-shirt to be worn by their teams, and they make use of the t-shirt fundraiser order form template from here to order their t-shirts.

T-Shirt Fundraiser Order Form Template 1

T-Shirt Order Form Editable 1

T-Shirt Order Form Editable 2

Family Reunion T-Shirt Order Form

Think of a family reunion, and it feels great. Yes, it is a great meet to connect with all your kith’s and kin. Do you want to stand different in this meeting? Then you must order for a reunion T-shirt and welcome all your relatives with a gesture of love and care.


T-Shirt Order Form For Family Reunion

T-Shirt Order Form For Family Reunion 2

School T-Shirt Order Form

Schools may require T-shirts in bulk for their sports team. Am I right? Partially yes, but no. Ask me why. Schools not only need for that but their houses, events like Annual Day and Independence Day celebration, etc. If you look at sports t-shirts, then the numbers may be less. But, when it comes to the house in schools, then every school will order t-shirts for the whole students, and the amount will be tremendous. The information required in such a school t-shirt form will include

  • The total number of students.
  • Boys count, and girls count.
  • Size for different students under age groups classified as primary, middle, secondary, and higher secondary schools.
  • Four to six different colors to distinguish different teams.
  • Different pattern for boys and girls like with and without colors etc.

T-Shirt Order Form For School

Blank T-Shirt Order Form

Ok, so far I have been talking about many purposes on which you will use the t-shirt order form. But, there is another way, and that is you can use the blank form and fill it based on the situation. This is one form of all events, and you can use it every time for different purposes.

The form will allow you to customize information and details depending on the situation. Blank structure not only helps in filling details as per your wish but filling particulars every time differently.


T-Shirt Order Form For School 2

You may want to use for a school purpose or a sports team; then you need not define a size for each T-shirt as students of same age group may fall into the same size. But, for a family reunion, you may need to mention different sizes as the age group, and gender differs widely.

T-Shirt Order Form Fundraiser

Need to create T-Shirt Printing Order Form Online

It is becoming an easy option in the recent years to create forms online. When it comes to printing order form gone are those days of giving it to the printing press. All that you must do is to create structure online and print them as many numbers as you want is the quickest method to get forms.

I have another shortcut for you, and that is to use my forms in any format you desire, be it doc, PDF, or excel you can download them. Print it and use it for your T-shirt order.

T-Shirt Order Form Fundraiser 2


T-Shirt Order Form Google Forms

T-Shirt Order Form Survey Monkey

Thus if you see a school form must contain more details than a corporate t-shirt order form. As in corporate the color may be same, gender difference may not be there, and only the size will vary, and that will be mostly falling into three categories namely large, XL, and XXL, etc.


T-Shirt Order Form Template Blank

T-Shirt Order Form Template Blank 2

T-Shirt Order Form Template Excel

Final Thoughts About Need For A T-Shirt Order Form Template

I agree with you that, the form creation is a simple process and I am glad that I shared some primary inputs with you. But, why there is a need for me to give you ready-made templates.

T-Shirt Order Form Template Word 1

T-Shirt Order Form Template Word 2

T-Shirt Pre Order Form Template

T-Shirt Printing Order Form Template 1

Five primary reasons for a t-shirt order form template

  • You need not spend time in analyzing what details that need to be added and you can just use the form.
  • The form will have all the details in the template, and it will be standard so that you can use them as it is and not waste time in writing particulars from scratch.
  • The form is designed professionally and can be quickly interpreted by all stakeholders.

T-Shirt Printing Order Form Template 2

Feel free to use my templates and place your order on t-shirts and distribute for any purpose and make the moment a happy moment.