Toy Adoption Certificate Template : 13+ Free Word Templates ( Beautiful Designs)


Are you in need of best and colorful Toy Adoption Certificate Templates to give your kids an unbeatable experience? You are in the right place. Check out our free certificate templates and download them for free 🙂

Free printable cat adoption certificate

If you thought adoption refers only to child adoption, think again. There are adoption categories galore. Ranging from pets to toys, the word ‘adoption’ has a wide applicability. Though child adoption is a rather serious matter, pet adoption or toy adoption can be fun and excitement.

In case of adopting a child, there are a lot of legal formalities to be completed as she is not related by birth to the person with whom she will be living. Her date of birth and other supporting details are provided in the adoption certificate. In case of pets or toys, it is much simpler and engaging experience for your kids.

Free Stuffed Animal Adoption Certificate

These certificates are simple to download and can be the cynosure in any Kindergarten party. Children can’t but love a stuffed animal adoption certificate showing a monkey at the bottom corner.  Rabbit lovers would just love a stuffed animal adoption certificate with a picture of a bunny on it even if it has a simple border.

A typical Free Stuffed Animal Adoption Certificate reads as:

Stuffed Animal Adoption Certificate

This is To Certify That

……….. (Name)

Has Adopted




These certificates are free, customizable and available usually with either a blue or pink border.

Free stuffed animal adoption certificate

Free Printable Cat Adoption Certificate

This is good news for cat lovers. They need not worry about cat adoption certificates like dog lovers do not have to. There are hundreds of free printable cat adoption certificates which can be downloaded and customized. These certificates usually are available in pink or blue.

These certificates have the same format as shown below.

Certificate of Adoption

This certifies that ……………..

Has officially adopted …………

and has welcomed him into his forever home.

Signature                                                      Date

Interestingly, some lines in smaller prints at the bottom mention responsibilities and promises covering the adoption. One reads like this:

By signing this certificate, I promise to give my adopted cat a lifetime of love, fun, and yummy treats. I promise to be his best friend always because he will be always mine. I also promise never to pull his tail.”

Hello kitty adoption certificate template

Free Printable Dog Adoption Certificate

The expression ‘Every dog has his day’ can be extended literally and figuratively to dogs adopted from shelters. All the love and care for the new member in the family can be expressed in Free Printable Dog Adoption Certificate. These certificates – available for free and editable draw attention of visitors at home.

When children adopt dogs, they get so much fun out of these certificates. Perhaps, the adopted dogs also feel pampered but there is no way to be sure about it. A typical certificate reads as:

Certificate of Adoption

This is to certify that


Has adopted

……………………. (Name of Dog)

And invited him/her into Forever Home



Puppy adoption certificate template

Soft toy adoption certificate template


Stuffed animal bear adoption certificate template

Fake Adoption Papers For Fun

Papers for adopting a child are issued as legal documents to protect the interests of the child and the adopting parents. Obviously, there is no scope for fun in this serious subject. But Fake Adoption Papers, as the name suggests, are meant for laughter. The exact wordings one chooses depend upon his sense of humor.

In case of Adoption Certificate for Pets, however, it is all for fun. So, a Fake Adoption Certificate always gives that extra fun. A sample text would be more convincing.

International Society For Pets

It is certified that

Rowdy Rat

Has been adopted by

Naughty Cat

Similarly, if a child has adopted a pet, the certificate could include special conditions under which the adoption is allowed. An example is given below which would surely bring out a few chuckles

“You promise to look after the pet and provide it with food, water, shelter and love.”

These Fake Adoption Papers are same as Adoption Certificates; only the funny texts are added to the former. It is up to one’s creativity and sense of humor to add any text.


Stuffed animal monkey adoption certificate template

Stuffed animal toy adoption certificate template

Stuffed bunny adoption certificate template

Teddy Bear Adoption Certificate Printable Free

Imagination goes wild among children with the very mention of Teddy Bear. Children, without any exception, love Teddy Bear and a Teddy Bear Adoption Certificate, by default, carries a Teddy Bear image.

The common certificates have these familiar texts:

“This certifies that ……………..

Has officially adopted …………

and has welcomed him into his forever home.”

But a slightly different text makes a big difference as given below.

“This certifies that on ……

A very special teddy bear was born and adopted by:


Name given to bear: ……………

Signed ……………..”

Teddy Bear Adoption Certificate with a different format could read as:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth: (Town)

Name: (Soft Toy’s Name)

Belongs to: (Child’s Name)

All these certificates can be printed from the comfort of home as they are available for free. Moreover, they are editable and customizable. So, a lot of fun for children and with children is just a click away.


Teddy bear adoption certificate printable free

Toy Adoption Certificate Template

Adoption certificate templates can be easily downloaded. They are editable and can be customized as per individual needs. Whether it is for a child, pet or stuffed animal, one can add or delete texts. It becomes all the more attractive when a picture of the toy is added. Imagine how nice it would look with a picture of a teddy bear or a doll.

The format is as simple as this.

Adoption Certificate

                                               Stuffed Dolls

This Certifies That ………

Has Officially ……..

And Has Welcomed her Forever Home

Signature                                                Date

Toy adoption certificate template

Free Printable Pet Adoption Certificate

These certificates, like the Free Dog Adoption Certificates, can be easily downloaded and their format is almost same except in case of name of the dog, the name of the pet is to be filled in. Some like to express their love and responsibility explicitly and put them in the certificates. It may read like this:

Certificate of Adoption

This certifies that ………… (Name)

Has adopted …………… (Name of the pet)

I promise to love and take care of my new pet.

Signature                                        Date

A different certificate can have more text and it may read as follows.

“By signing the certificate, I promise to give my pet a lifetime of love, care, and attention

and fun. I promise to be their best friend ever.”

Toy pet adoption certificate

Toy puppy adoption certificate


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