10 Awesome Collection of Work for Hire Agreement Templates


In this section, I would like to present a significant document called the work for hire agreement template. This is particularly a useful document for people who hire independent contractors to work on their projects on short-term. Be it a big corporate or a small business, sometimes need to utilize resources with specific skills for a short period is required. At that time one may require work for hire agreement.

This document may be necessary all time by small business and at the time by large companies as well. For the benefit of all, the details about the agreement and free templates are given. Feel glad to get inputs at the same time use the templates and grow your business professionally

Top Five Need For Work For Hire Agreement Template

  1. It protects the interest of both the contractor and the business owner by documenting every term including fees, tenure, and work details.
  2. A signed agreement is considered a legal document and both parties are bound to abide by the terms.
  3. Project details are listed down in detail and hence allow both parties to have clarity.
  4. Project timeline, work schedule, milestones, and payment terms will be recorded and reviewed on time to time basis. No rooms for any excitement can be entertained with the agreement in place.
  5. The work ownership also will get defined and hence people involved will know their roles.

    How to Prepare a Work For Hire Agreement

    Follow these simple steps to make your agreement ready.

    1. Open a word document and save a new page.
    2. Mention the Agreement entered to date, place and the name of the hirer and the hiree. The hirer is the person who will assign work and make a payment referred to as COMMISSIONING PARTY. Hiree is the independent contractor who executes the action and accepts payment called as the CONTRIBUTOR.
    3. Then start listing the project details one by one. You can include everything you want to get documented. Never feel that anything would make your document look kiddish. Making a record of every term is a wise way and list them all down as points.
    4. Remember to tell the do’s and don’ts clearly to the contractor.
    5. Include Arbitration clause based on the country’s law. Let know the ways to bring the dispute and how to resolve them as well.
    6. Termination clause – This will discuss the reasons for terminating a contract. Who can conclude and what powers do both parties hold.
    7. Then Have Space for Signature
    • Address and Seal on the Left-hand side of the Hirer.
    • Signature and Contact details of hiree on the right-hand

Yes, you’re done just seven steps to save your agreement template in word and use them based on your need.

Simple right?

Not actually.

Ask me why. You must know what to include, how to define your terms, how much charges with and without tax etc.

However, do not panic and you can follow the guidelines given below to include details quickly. But the best solution that I can provide would be to download a free template for the kind of business you run from the options available here and keep moving forward.

What Are The Important Things To Add In An Independent Contractor Agreement

  1. Work Nature and General Clause – Without saying we know that the details regarding the work and what needs to be done by the stakeholders must be mentioned in the beginning section of the agreement.

The details should include what must be done when it should get completed, how much accuracy required etc.

  1. Status of the Contractor – The contractor differs from n employee. So this section will define the rights and the services to be performed as a contractor. It will describe in detail about the power, privileges, and such information constricted to a contractor.
  2. Training Details – Few work area requires specialization and hence the training to be offered by the company will be mentioned. The cost involved in the preparation and expected delivery will be specified in this section.
  3. Also, clarification related to the payment, tax, and insurance clause would be mentioned.

Suggested Guidelines

Apart from the essential things, there are few more terms to be included based on the business, and you can follow this guideline to draft your work for hire agreement accordingly.

  1. Task: Both the parties do not have rights to change the ownership during the project task. For instance, the hirer cannot let another person release payment, and the worker cannot assign the job to another person. Task change request must be approved by both owners, and only then it is possible to happen.
  2. Obligatory Effect: If the company sells the business to another company, then still the contract worker is let to complete the task.
  3. Entire Agreement: Whenever any changes are done, then a new agreement must be written a document the changes and the old one becomes void.
  4. Expenditure: Only mentioned expenses will be covered by the company, and the contractor is responsible for delivering work irrespective of the amenities offered.
  5. Legal Governance: Laws referring company in specific based on the country must be stated to safeguard the interest of the contractor and the company.
  6. Indemnification: In case of issue arises due to the act of the contractor knowingly or otherwise, then the hiree must hold the responsibility of clearing the liability if any to the organization.
  7. Insurance: This clause will let know if the company wishes to cover insurance for the contractor. In general, the company does not take care of the protection of the contractor.
  8. Severability: Even if one portion of the agreement becomes void the remaining will still hold good until mentioned in particular.
  9. Claim Release: It must have a written statement regarding waiver if any.
  10. Warranty: The contractor must give assurance to the company that he is eligible to do the work as per the law and has a valid permit from the respective country for the same.

Things to Avoid

  • However, as a company remember to avoid these terms in the agreement. The conditions that differentiate based caste, gender, religion must not be mentioned in the contract. It is considered illegal almost in all countries across the world.
  • Any offensive or threatening statements must be strictly avoided.
  • Avoid using jargons and details that have no relevance to the project.


Work For Hire Agreement Template

Now you know the basic details, and it’s time to download the agreement. But, there is a catch, not all contracts will have the same clause, or sometimes clause may be equal but with different terms. So you must find the deal you require and download to use it.

The one given here is the basic one, and you can use this for many purposes. Preferably this PDF can be used for any business. The details are self-explained in the document, and you can fill wherever terms required and used them. In a nutshell, it is a template which can be used for any work and hire model business.

Film Work For Hire Agreement Template

Film work agreement will include the delivery terms. Copyright and the credit. The filmmaker and the artist will sign this agreement. The filmmaker owns the copyright. Artist will work on the film for the filmmaker and the entire fame, and monetary credits go to the filmmaker. Artist will be paid for the work and will have to bear the expenses that involved in the travel etc.

You can use this agreement for making a short film, stage play, or such sort in the media business.

Film Work for Hire Agreement Template

Graphic Design Work For Hire Agreement Template

Graphic design freelance work has become common like a freelance writer task. From creating a logo to a company to making the entire website, everything comes under graphic design. The agreement is mandatory in this field because the creators will claim ownership until they sign legally. Once getting paid the designer cannot hold the rights and the company must mention in the agreement to use the work. This agreement template has all that is required for the company from a graphic designer.

Additionally, you can use the templates given for a Freelance Work For Hire Agreement and

Work For Hire Agreement Illustrator. These templates are specific to a freelance writer and a comic book illustrator. However, you can use this by removing the words writer and place with the task you assign to a freelancer.

Freelance Work for Hire Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement Template Work For Hire

The template given has an exhaustive list of all components related to the independent contractor. Starting from service, payment, expenses, contractor status, tax, fringe benefits and many more, You can use this as a reference to prepare the ideally appropriate work for hire agreement for your kind of work.

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Music Work For Hire Agreement Template

The music work is also close to an artist filmmaker relationship. One who makes music for a group or a company will be the artist in this case. The company will take the music maker service based on the need. The contract timeline will be defined as per the schedule it could be for a month or more. The individual will complete the music work per the signed agreement.

Two more templates for your perusal as given under

  • Work-For-Hire Sample Contract For Artist
  • Work For Hire Artist Agreement Template

All the above three templates are strictly same with relevance to the artist, and you can refer them to pull the required section and even make a new agreement.  The name artist can perform works like creating characters for channels, illustration in books could work in film as an artist, etc. One too many tasks come from the working artist, and people from various arena uses this template.



Music Work for Hire Agreement Template

Work For Hire Contract Template

The individual who creates a work for a company or even another individual can use this template. This will have the terms of the work, time, payment and copyrights. One who does the job will not have any rights upon getting paid, and the ownership gets transferred after signing the agreement. The contractor will do the job on behalf of the paymaster.

Photography Work For Hire Contract Template

Photography work for hire need for being for official purpose alone. One can hire photographers for corporate events, personal functions, etc. This job requires agreement because it involves confidentiality. It is necessary for the photographer to take photos, develop them and give the same to the hirer without making a copy of the same. The payment terms will define this and only when all details are shared with the concerned company or individual the task is considered completed.


Photography- Work for Hire Contract Template

Sample Work For Hire Agreement – Ghost Writer

This agreement is the most looked one by people as today concept of ghostwriting is very famous. You need to write a book, a recipe or just content for a website; then you must hire a contractor. Use this sample that is self-explanatory with all details. You must download the doc and fill your details and the contractors and sign to share via email. Start getting contents and make money.

Sample Work For Hire Agreement

Software Work For Hire Agreement Template

The software work for hire agreement is executed between a company, individual with a software developer. In simple words, it is between a client and an individual to complete a specific project using some software. The agreement will be valid until the development gets over and the copyright and license are transferred to the company that hired the resource. After that, the client has the rights to sell, use or do anything with the software and the individual do not have any hold on his/her development.

Software Work for Hire Agreement Template


Work for Hire Artist Agreement Template

Work for Hire Agreement Illustrator

Work Made For Hire Agreement Form

The Work Made For Hire Agreement template is designed keeping in mind about the following works namely illustrators, writers, artist, and photographers. Not any other task that does not involve creation comes under this agreement. This agreement will help both parties to know about the equipment used, cost included, location, and other aspects related to the creativity.

Work Made For Hire Agreement Form

In summary, these agreements are required to be signed and documented to get the copyright transferred from the person who does the job to the person who buys it. Independent contractors are hired online, and most of the time no even their name could be known. Hence make sure you have the agreement in place to protect your company or your interest of reserving the copyrights for which you have made the necessary payment.


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