Inspiration From The Bible PowerPoint Template

The Holy Bible is the religious book for Judaism and Christianity and contains all the important gospels and hymns dictating the various moral and social principles and customs that followers of the religion must abide by.

History Of Christianity PowerPoint Template

The history of Christianity goes a long way back, and the Bible serves as a testimony to its rich history steeped with many stories, such as the four Canonical gospels and various other tales of the life and miracles of Jesus Christ, and chapters like Noah’s Ark, etc.

Salvation Through Christ PowerPoint Template

One of the cornerstones of Christian principles and values, salvation is a highly valued topic that is given high importance in the New Testament of the Bible, and is said to be achieved through Jesus Christ.

Good Friday PowerPoint Template

Though most Christian festivities celebrate the goodness of Jesus Christ, such as Christmas, Good Friday is one such occasion that pays homage to the noble death of Jesus as a sacrifice for people’s sins.

Angels And Austerity PowerPoint Template

Christianity is not limited to the presence of Jesus Christ alone, and is also known for the angels and saints who spread across the good message of the religion.

Christian Weddings PowerPoint Template

Weddings are considered to be the union of two souls, and Christianity in particular sees this as a sacred and important chapter of every Christian’s life, destined to happen by God’s hand.