21 Best Certificate of Attendance Templates For Your Events

The Certificate of Attendance Templates has become a simple tool used by employers and teachers.The age-old maxim ‘Time is money’ keeps us constantly conscious of the value of time. It develops a sense of responsibility and discipline for respecting time. No wonder, attendance in offices, schools or colleges have gained so much importance. So we find marking attendance for employees in offices or students in schools and colleges is a strict and serious matter. A system of appreciating attendance is in place everywhere based on one’s performance on punctuality.  Let’s have a look at the free certificate of attendance templates for your next event or business.

Editable Certificate of Attendance Templates

There are many websites that offer a free download of wide-ranging certificates of attendance. These certificates generally include the name of the recipient, the reason for giving the award and the details of the issuing authority besides the number of days relating to attendance.

Certificate Of Attendance And Participation Template

Sometimes it may be better to modify these templates to give a personal as well as professional look. These changes can be made anywhere even in the comfort at home by using a personal computer.

A lot of money is thereby saved and the whole thing becomes totally hassle-free.

Certificate Of Attendance Blank Template

Certificate Of Attendance Conference Template

Certificate of Attendance Wording

Whether the certificate is given to employees for their attendance at work or to students for their attendance in schools/colleges, the idea is to reward the best performers and achievers. This helps to inspire others to improve their practices and bring about change in attitude towards punctuality.

Certificate Of Attendance High School Template

A certificate may be worded as follows:

The Certificate of Attendance is presented for “perfect attendance “or “outstanding punctuality”. Such wording goes a long way in bolstering morale of the recipients. Employees feel encouraged to work hard and students get motivated to attend classes daily so as not to miss any lessons or extracurricular activities.

Certificate Of Attendance Letter Template

Certificate Of Attendance Template For Training

The Certificate of Attendance Sample

In colleges, students get their certificate of attendance at the end of an academic year. It gives the number of days the recipients attended classes besides the following details.

  1. Name of the student
  2. Brief description of his performance
  3. The name of the person issuing the certificate and his authority and date (this makes the certificate authentic).

For participants in any Conference, the Certificate of Attendance is issued with following details.

  1. Conference name
  2. Session Title
  3. Date (Start Time: and End Time 🙂

Certificate Of Attendance Template Word

Certificate Of Participation Template Basketball

Certificate Of Participation Template Football

Attendance Certificate Format

There is no standard format and one can customize certificates to suit one’s needs. However, lest one misses the essential points, these are mentioned below.

  1. Company name and logo (if any) should appear at the top in bold fonts.
  2. The reason for giving the award
  3. The name of the awardees should be in the center of the certificate in larger bold fonts.

Certificate Of Participation Template For Seminar

Certificate Of Participation Template For Sports

Perfect attendance Certificate Template

A perfect attendance certificate is a kind of incentive awarded to employees for foregoing their entitled leave period and leisure. The organization ipso facto gets benefitted and in reciprocation, the employees are given the awards.

See our collection of Perfect Attendance Certificates

However, there could be genuine illnesses or other serious problems which might force employees to take leave. So, the perfect attendance certificate cannot be awarded to an otherwise sincere and dedicated employee. This is the drawback in awarding this certificate.

These certificates reduce absenteeism and boost productivity. Some employers, in addition to the certificates, offer other incentives like cash awards and bonus vacations. Thus the gift package can be made more attractive that would encourage competition among other employees to get it.

Thus, the not-so-punctual employees may mend their ways and their employers stand to gain in the long term.

Certificate Of Participation Template School

Similarly, a certificate of attendance for schools/colleges should include the following.

  1. The name of the school/college should appear in lighter print with logo at the top.
  2. The name of the student should be in the center of the certificate in bold and large fonts.
  3. The reason for awarding the certificate.

In all these cases, the name of the signatory and the designation/authority should appear at the right bottom and the date of the award at the left bottom corner.

Certificate Of School Attendance Template

Ceu Certificate Of Attendance Template

Attendance Certificate Format For Employees

A simple Certificate of Attendance format for employees should read as follows.

                                           Certificate of Attendance

Name of the attendee:

(Mention reason for giving): For excellent record of attendance at (department name)

Awarded on this day (Date to be given)



Name of the Signatory

Cpd Certificate Of Attendance Template

Attendance Certificate Format for College Students

A simple attendance Certificate format for college students can be made as follows.

                                                     Certificate of attendance

(Name of the student) …………………………………………

Is commended for regular attendance at ………………… (Name of the Institution)


By (Name of the authorized person)

Free Certificate Of Attendance Template For Word

Medical Certificate Of Attendance Template

 Certificate of Conference Attendance Template

For participants attending conferences, these conference attendance certificates confirm their presence in the event with details of date, time, venue, and name of the organizer. When the organizer is reputed, these certificates assume added significance for the recipients.

A simple template would read like this:

Certificate of attendance

Presented to

(Participant’s name) ………..

For attending (name of the event) …….

Organized by (organizer’s name)

On (Date)

At (Venue)


Name ….


Professional Development Certificate Of Attendance Template

Course Attendance Certificate Template

It is customary to award Course Attendance Certificate to students to mark completion of a course, workshops or series of events. Many students take pride in possessing them throughout their life.

Incidentally, these free award templates are available in Microsoft Office Word in PDF format. The student’s name can be written in the space provided and a brief description of what the award is for can be filled therein.

Depending upon individual preferences, the background, and color and font size can be customized. The wordings are basically same saying “X (name of the student) has successfully completed (name of the course) “and space is provided at the bottom line for signature, title and date to be put by the signatory.

Template Certificate Of Attendance At Course

Template Of Certificate Of Attendance Training

Workshop Certificate Of Attendance Template

Attendance Certificate Letter

Attendance Certificate Letter

Source: Howtowriteletter

Certificate of Attendance and Participation Template

As the name suggests, the participation certificate is used as a documentary evidence of an individual attending and participating in any activity, event or training program. It helps to show that the person has undergone the necessary training or has got the required competence to be eligible for a particular job or position. A participation certificate given to an individual on attending and completing a rehab program can clear the mind of the recipient of a sense of guilt and restore self-acceptance.

Inspirations from across the web

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