Perfect Attendance Certificate : 23+ Word Templates (School Clip-arts Included)

Are you a teacher who is looking forward to devising new ways of encouraging students to attend school or an educational institution all the more? If yes, presenting an attendance certificate to those who have scored a high attendance will surely do the trick.

A perfect attendance sheet gives due acknowledgment to their huge efforts of attending the school all the year round. Thus, it is a perfect award that they will cherish. So, your next move will be to search the perfect attendance certificates over the web. If this is true, then you are indeed at the right place.

I believe that you all will be 100% agree on this fact that designing a certificate whether it is of perfect attendance or a perfect attendance congratulatory letter is not a cakewalk. This is because designed need some specialized skills as per the popular public perception.

Free Perfect Attendance Certificates




Check out our free course attendance certificate templates.







This is only party truth as I know that you can design awesome attendance certificates with just a little effort and creativity. It will not be time-consuming at all.  You need only Microsoft Word and a little help from over the web. This may sound ofdd to you but you can do this for sure.

Worried? I am going to show you the way of creating attendance certificates to print. Yes, on this page, you will get detailed guidance to create such certificates in a DIY mode. Here, here you will also find a variety of free editable perfect attendance certificates that you can download anytime with just a single click of your mouse. I hope this will save your time and will give you a concrete idea of how the final product must look.









Know about perfect attendance certificate wording 

As you all know that attendance matters a lot for learning something on a regular basis, wordings of a perfect attendance certificate must be also related to the same like in recognition of your perfect attendance, in recognition of outstanding achievement in school attendance, is confronted for regular attendance, and so on.

It is known fact that even one day of absenteeism can become a bolt to an outstanding academic performance, you need to incorporate words regarding attendance, school, recognition, acknowledgment, and so on….

In short…

The main motive will be to include words which can convey that you are giving recognition or is acknowledging the recipient’s dedication towards learning that gets reflected in his or her perfect school or college attendance. The words should be such that can make the recipient proud and motivated to attend his or her classes with more regularity.











But wait, there is more

Types of perfect attendance certificates that you can create

There are various types of attendance certificates that you can create and I am with you in this entire journey. Some of the popular categories of perfect attendance certificates are the following ones:

  • Perfect attendance certificate for pre-school
  • Perfect attendance certificates for students
  • Perfect attendance certificate for employees
  • Perfect attendance certificate for teachers
  • Perfect attendance certificate for church

SEE, there is no dearth of attendance certificates and it is not necessary that they are restricted to students only. There are multiple possibilities for which you can use an attendance certificate template word. This is more because be it a school, an office, a church or any organization or institution, if individuals who are supposed to come there on a regular basis are doing the same as per the expectations, they deserve a recognition. You can have an idea about such certificates from the below ones:











Kind of images to include in a perfect attendance certificate

I hope, you have already picked up many nuances of how to design a perfect attendance certificate, but I know you need some guidance on which type of images you need to download from the web. The point is that you need to download images as per the type of the attendance certificate that you are designing or going to design.

For example, to design a perfect attendance certificate for a student, images can be the following ones:

  • An image of a boy or girl carrying a school bag
  • A golden cup or a gold medal
  • A holder holding multiple pencils or pens
  • An image of a school or books

Similarly, in a case of designing a perfect attendance certificate for a church, images can be that of a priest, Holy cross, church, and so on. Also, it is









Why Does Attendance Matter?

Attendance matters a lot for the sake of learning in every school. One day of absenteeism from school means an opportunity lost and this should be discouraged by every means. There has been found a strong correlation between academic performance and high school attendance. If a student repeatedly misses his or her school days even the best teacher in the world could face serious challenges in imparting learning and teacher’s effectiveness is an important factor in the success of a student.

It has been also found that students who miss their school frequently in their kindergarten days are more prone to get poor grades in the subsequent years.Many studies have suggested a different approach for overcoming the problem of poor attendance of students in schools. One of the approaches is to increase family engagement which has the potential to reduce absenteeism by a remarkable percentage. Many schools also work towards ensuring better classroom engagement so that student find learning interesting and improves his or her attendance.

With the advance in technology, countless schools, and higher education institutions are now making use of student attendance management software too. Some also have experimented with setting up a reward system for those who have improved their school attendance. However,  if there are insufficient funds to support a reward system, even presenting them nicely designed certificates with their names mentioned in the same can yield desirable results by boosting the morale of students to a significant level.

The Conclusion

Are you a teacher looking forward to ways for encouraging your students to attend school all the more? if yes, presenting an attendance certificate to those who have scored a high attendance will surely do the trick. A perfect attendance sheet gives due recognition to his or her efforts of attending the school all the year round and this is a perfect award that one can cherish.

Since designing a certificate of any kind demands serious efforts and knowledge of some designing software, we are offering for you an awesome collection of perfect attendance certificates that are printable. You need to only select the one that you think is best to serve your purpose and get it downloaded with a single click, but before having a look at the same, it is essential to develop an understanding that why attendance matters?