Course Attendance Certificate Template : 10+Editable Word Templates


Are you looking for attractive course attendance certificate templates to give it to your students? You have come to the right place. We provide a wide collection of best free certificate templates in this article for you to choose from. 

Course Attendance Certificate templates

Be it an office, school or university; poor attendance is a cause for concern. Poor attendance means low productivity in a business, while in school and universities, it translates to poor grades. Naturally, when students regularly attend their classes, school and college authorities make their best effort to motivate them all the more, and nothing is more suitable than presenting them with a course attendance certificate or certificate of completion. If you are in an authoritative position within a college or school, you may too consider the same to encourage other students to have maximum attendance.

Blank certificate of attendance

However, I firmly believe that even with our best intentions, it will be not possible for you to do the same as designing the same from scratch will be a herculean task. Moreover, if you wish to hire a graphic designer, it may prove costly for you. If you think you can create a professional looking template, it is great! Yes, you can use the same template over and over again for creating multiple certificates over the years. But, the process of designing a certificate template is time-consuming. You may have plenty of work commitments.

Class completion certificate template

Wait! Here is the catch…

You don’t have to be disappointed at all! I am here to help you in having course attendance certificate template with my collection of free attendance certificate format for students and I am sure you will absolutely love them. You need to download the ones that you think are the best to suit your need and edit it as required by using minimal Microsoft Word skills.

Course attendance certificate template


Before having a look at the same isn’t it will be great if you acquire some knowledge of the attendance certificate format for students. So, let’s have a look.

Format of training completion certificate

What is the format of attendance certificate for students

Such a certificate usually features a heading in bigger font size followed by a single horizontal line needed to be filled up later on. At the center is a text in smaller size and below the same again is a horizontal line to be filled with content later on. At the center bottom lies the grade of the student and date. Thus, the format is quite simple and yes, you can add a decorative border to make it appealing.

Free course attendance certificate template

You can also put a date on the left-bottom and signature to the right-bottom. More or less the format remains same for the student studying in any class or grade. Yes, the heading can be different like-

‘Attendance Certificate’, ‘Certificate of Attendance’, ‘Perfect Attendance’, ‘Perfect Attendance Award’, ‘Excellent Attendance’, ‘Good Attendance’, ‘Certificate of Achievement’, ‘100% Attendance’, and much more.

In the horizontal lines, you have to write text as per your heading and sub-heading. For an idea refer to my free templates given below.


Free training attendance certificate template

There is also ample scope to include images or graphics related to things related to academics like books, pencils, pen, notebook, and so on. Many include an image of an owl or a trophy to one side of the certificate to make it eye-catching.


Sample course attendance certificate

You need to choose an image or graphic as per the age of the student to whom you are awarding the certificate. This is because while such images look good for a course attendance certificate awarded to kids studying in schools or kindergartens, it will not look nice when presented to a student studying in a college or even higher. Yes, you are free to add a background color as per your desire, but it is vital to make sure that the background color does not make the text illegible or difficult to read. The font color for the text must be in contrasting color as per the choice of your background color.

As if this is not enough…

There is no need to think much as you can have a look at our free templates to have a concrete idea about the attendance certificate format for college students. There is no rocket science, but just a couple of quick glances and you will understand what should be in an attendance certificate. The sole requirement is to understand the difference between a certificate of completion template and a course attendance certificate template. Both look same in terms of format but are not.



Sample course completion certificate template

Training attendance certificate template

Certificate of completion template vs course attendance certificate template

The most striking difference between the two is that while a course attendance certificate template can have images, clipart or graphics and an informal look, a certificate of completion template is devoid of such design elements. In short, it has a more formal look and feels. This is because these are mostly awarded after successful completion of project management programs, any short-term training, a degree, professional development course, an advanced skill improvement program, and so on. The company or organization’s logo is always present in a certificate of completion template. Generally, when you look at a certificate of completion, you will find that it features a colorful badge at one of its corner.  Also, the heading here generally has text like-

  • This is to certify that
  • Certificate of completion
  • Certificate of Achievement and Excellence
  • Certificate of Training
  • Certificate of Completion Awarded To

And so on…….

The recipient’s name is written just below the heading in all such templates in the large font but relatively smaller than the one used for the heading.

Training course attendance certificate template

Regardless of the format, an attendance certificate for students has proved to play a significant role in encouraging them to attend their classes on a regular basis. Many schools and kindergartens across the world acknowledge its importance and give such certificates to deserving students on a weekly basis. As per various research studies conducted worldwide, it has been found that school or college dropouts are directly linked with poor attendance and academic performance.

So, giving out such certificates that can be made easily via course attendance certificate templates are quite purposeful. Just download the certificate templates that you think are most alluring and enjoy! Gifting such certificates can extremely motivate other students.


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