24 Certificate of Service Templates for Employees (Formats, Wording & Free Samples)

Are you part of any company? Especially in the human resources department, then you need to know about the employee certificate of service. Even for those who belong to courts, or any institution each one of you must know about when, how and what format to make a service certificate. Do not bother as you can make the best use of all the certificate of service templates given here for free.

Let me walk through the process the formats along with the sample. You can learn and many exciting things about service certificate from here to give out the best one to your employees.

You can feel free to download these templates and make necessary changes in font and style. One can also include company name, logo, etc. to personalize the same.

5 years of service certificate template

15 years of service certificate template

What Is The Purpose Of A Certificate Of Service

Certificate of service is a document that talks about an employee’s service in any job role. It can be in govt or private organization, banks, court, and even a domestic worker deserves a certificate mentioning his service tenure for the records.

Apart from being a record, these certificates are preserved for the future memory. Ask me how? Yes, a service certificate does have not only the dates of the employment but also the conduct of the employee in mentioned. Few companies state that in one and others give it in detail. This part of the certificate provides every individual with a tremendous happiness in collecting their memories looking at that at any point in time in life (Research was done by Kim, Kim & Tavitiyaman).

As an employer, you can save these templates one-time and use it by changing the year in all the years to come.

20 years of service certificate template

25 years of service certificate template

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Steps Involved In Using The Employee Certificate Of Service

The certificates given here are blank. So you can follow the steps to edit them.

  1. Download them to your PC. You can open the document and edit the background, design, text, and font style.
  2. Include the name, date, remark, and signature.
  3. State some specific points about the performance of the employee during the service. This will lot of confidence in their work experience. They can use this for their future growth.
  4. For employees who served long years in your firm must receive appreciation awards from you and that will build them confidence in themselves and will have gratitude towards the organization.
  5. Must to have details in the certificate include the following

Company Name


Employee Name

Date of joining

Date of release

Signature of the authorized person in the organization

Here you can find many varieties of a certificate of the service template. You can use them based on your need.

certificate for 10 years of service template


certificate of appreciation for long service template

Format Of Service Certificate

To create a service certificate, you must know two things namely the format and the difference between the service and the experience letter. You may think that both involve the duration of the employee worked in the firm. But, in reality, both have some minor differences, not in its format though, but the purpose where it is being used.

The difference begins in the subject matter. You must know the variations between both documents to issue certificates accordingly.


Experience Certificate (EC) Service Certificate (SC)
EC is given at the time of an employee’s resignation is accepted and when they leave the companySC can be provided at any point in time to an employee appreciating his work like certificate of service award
It explains the job fields and post of the jobIt tells about the position and tenure of the employees associated with the company
Name, DOJ, And Last working day mentionedName, DOJ, and date of letter issued in mentioned
Only given on the last day of employmentCan be given at any time based on the employers wish or employee request
Mandatory documentOptional document
Just a document used for future job purposeUsed as an award and confirms the performance of an employee.
Need not explain any details only dates will doBetter to highlight the employee’s performance to motivate and increase the morality
Anyone with some basic knowledge about the certificate can create the ECThe only individual who knows the legal procedure can make service certificate

Now, that you that a service certificate adds more value than the usual experience certificate given to all employees you can download the free document of service award template to appreciate your employee for their excellent work in your organization for any duration. You can also thank them for being associated with you for a long number of years.

certificate of appreciation for patriotic civilian service template

certificate of community service template

Service Certificate Format For Employee

Apart from doing the mere talking, I agree with you that you need some samples and I will explain them in the section below.

 Know How Exactly The Service Certificate Looks Like

 Sample 1

Section 1



Section 2

This certificate is issued to NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE residing at ADDRESS has been part of our company since DATE. The employee takes care of JOB PROFILE/DESIGNATION/ROLE.

Section 3


The employee has performed continuously well, consistent performer (YOU MAY ADD MORE)

Section 4

At this moment we recommend him/her for any posting, and he/she will undoubtedly take any company they work with to greater heights.

Section 5

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Signature And Seal Of The Authorized Person

certificate of long service award template

certificate of meritorious service template

Certificate Of Service Sample Letter

Sample 2

Section 1



Section 2

This service certificate confirms the employment of EMPLOYEE NAME with the NAME OF THE ORGANISATION. He/She has joined on DATE OF JOINING and Worked till DATE OF LEAVING.

Section 3

The employee was found to be a reliable, hardworking and consistent performer.

Section 4

We at this moment recommend this candidature will show promising work and will support the growth of the organization.

Section 5

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Signature and Seal

certificate of military service template

certificate of outstanding service template

Years Of Service Certificate Template

The general service certificate is used to acknowledge the employee dedication and commitment to work. Years of service certificate is given to appreciate and reward the employee for staying with the organization and creating a milestone during the tenure.

Five Benefits Of Issuing Years Of Service Certificate To Employees That Can Motivate 5x The Employee Morale.

  • It recognizes the best service of the employees. Employees feel proud of their work and work hard to reach greater heights.
  • Motivates employees and gives them confidence that they are worth the job. This feel allows them to contribute more.
  • Reduces attrition rate and increases employee retention.
  • Increases company revenue and helps the business to grow. When more employees stay long with the organization, it lets them know more about the business and thus increases the profit.
  • Makes other employees work hard towards earning the award. Every employee’s inner self is kindle to get such an award, and they start competing in a healthy way to provide more success to the company.

certificate of service employment template

certificate of service excellence template

Know The General Levels During Which The Years Of Service Certificate Is Given

Once completing ONE year, this award can be given to give them the feeling that company respects them. Every new employee needs more attention than the experienced one because they are still babies and looks for care and motivation.

Upon completing THREE years, you can appreciate the good work and motivate them to contribute more. Thank them for being with you in spite of others who move on an average of three years.

When they complete FIVE years, then the company can award them letting others know that they are worth it and inform others that the company is the best place for them to work for. The constant support from them to the group and vice versa made those people stay for five long years. So let that be brought to light and trigger other people as well.

If they work for TEN years, then they indeed must be awarded to highlight their commitment to all in the organization. It is too long in the current situation to work for ten years in a firm, and this act must be certainly appreciated.

When they work more than TEN, FIFTEEN, TWENTY-FIVE, then they do not look for appreciation. They have already taken the ownership, and you must make them feel part of the decision-making team.

certificate of service template for domestic worker

certificate of volunteer service template

Certificate Of Appreciation For Long Service

Ideas To Celebrate Long-Service Employees’ Loyalty

When an employee works for more years say TWENTY or TWENTY-FIVE 25 Years of Service, then you must recognize their work and give them individual awards called long service award.

State the details of the work in the certificate. Mention why you are giving this letter. Let it be specific and not a generalized one. You must appreciate their work for so many years by spending some time and efforts to bring their service to the organization.

Print the best Certificate of Appreciation for Long Service from here and get ready for a small event to give them.

Unlike other service, certificates can be handed over in person or via postal service. But, long tenure employees deserve a ceremony to show respect for their service and to motivate others to work towards the same.

Call for an event in the office or at a familiar place and organize for lunch or dinner. Talk about them in the gathering. Ask the team members and superiors to have a word about the employee’s association with the company.

Give them the award. Request them to convey their feeling at the moment and their advice to the young employees. This will not only make them feel privileged but also recharges them for more years to provide their excellent service for the company.


employee year of service certificate template

end of service certificate template

Certificate Of Service Template For Domestic Worker

 Ok, so far we have been talking about employees, and it is understood that they are individuals who work with the PC. But, do you know the domestic workers who make their hands dirty to give us a clean working environment. They reserve more rights to take home the service certificate for their dependable service to the company.

The domestic workers must be treated fair and equal to all other employees. They must have a defined letter of employment stating their rights to work, wages, leave details, operating hours, etc.

The domestic workers must be respected by other employees and must not undergo any harassment.

Make a clear policy to safeguard their self-esteem. They must be addressed with respect all the fellow workers and the top management.

For doing so not only employment letter will help, but they must be called for a meeting of all people of the firm and issued a service certificate. Yes, it must be highlighted for they handle the tough job and that should be thanked in front of all.

Use the templates available here for free to celebrate your company’s domestic workers sincere work to keep your surrounding clean.

federal certificate of service template

length of service certificate template

proof of community service letter template

Sample Certificate Of Service Federal Court

 As I have already mentioned, that the certificate of service is a legal document.

Is it required to file a Certificate of Service for legal references?

When all the parties have a council that is registered for ECF, then there is no need for a filing by the federal court.

If all parties do not have a council, or they are not registered, then filing is required.

So you must file based on the situation. But, have a word with legal authority to know more. However, you can download free templates from here for your perusal.

recognition of service certificate template

years of service award certificate template

years of service recognition certificate template

Certificate Of Service Employment

 Thus, in conclusion, I would like to summarize that the certificate of service is a must for every employee. It adds a legal value to both the organization and the employee.

When you are running any institution check for legal details to prepare and issue certificates.

Once you know your need, you can make the best use of any of these templates given here for your requirement.

Reach this place as and when you want to download a certificate of service and modify depending on the situation.

Remember to take out your time to describe some unique qualities of your employee as part of this certificate for that personal touch.