12+ Free Long Service Award Certificate Samples (Wordings & Templates)

Long Service Certificates are given to those who are in service of a particular organization for a long time. These people have done a tremendous job in their area of interest and have contributed to the organization in all the possible ways. These certificates are awarded to recognize their hard work for the organization. These certificates are given to remind the employees that they are valuable to the organization and we care about them. Here we present a collection of long service certificate template samples for you to use in your organization for free. 

long service award

long service award certificate

Long Service Certificate Wording

As these service certificate awards are given to the employees who really matter therefore what is written in the award certificate holds value and importance. The first thing you need to mention is their contribution, their importance to the organization. How have they given their service to the organization? These words make the employee feel satisfied with what he has offered to the organization. There should be a sense of respect that should be evident in the certificate and something that is special for the particular employee. It should better be customized for each employee making it unique.

The difference that one draws from a 5-year long certificate award and 10 year long certificate award is the respect that the employee earns in the firm. Even an employee that works on a junior post but has been working for ten years commands respect from not only junior but most senior employees of the firm. A 5-year service marks their contribution while a 10-year service marks their dedication to the organization which should be valued the most.

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long service award innovation

long service award template

Are these certificates important for employees?

Yes, these long service certificate instills a sense of importance in the mind of employees who are tirelessly working for your organization. Words of appreciation are necessary to ensure that your employees are enjoying the company of yours. It also gives them a sense of fulfillment which impacts their work. Happy employees will always give whatever he can to the business.

Templates can be used to create professional certificates which can be further used by the employees for their future needs. These long service award certificate templates are used to design the certificates that are given to the employees. The purpose of the award varies with employees to employees.

Some employees are working since a long time with the organization. Their job may not be much to the contribution of the organization but they still hold value to the company. The other employees can be a senior administrator, task manager, and other such employees who have given a great contribution to the organization and working from more than 5 years in the company.


long service award word template

long service award

Long Service Award Speech Template

Words and speeches do matter when it comes to appreciation. Your few words of praise can make the life of your employees satisfactory. An award speech will make them feel overwhelmed. Nothing bigger can be offered to them than a genuine praise enveloped with respect. Here are few lines that you can add in your speech to make it genuine and special.

There are many who work in the organization for their living while there are few those who give their livings for the organizations. Those who have dedicated their life for this organization. What can we give them those who have contributed everything to this organization? We can humbly recognize them and give them a warm hug that his full of respect and gratitude. Their service unparalleled and we award this certificate as a token of their dedication to the organization. Without them this organization is nothing. Thank You for all you gave us!

These comments are surely going to please them and will make them satisfied. Giving someone a feeling of importance is everything. When you recognize their efforts you really honor them.

long service certificate

long service certificate

Long Service Award Letter Template

A letter is something that gives a personal connect. In the day of emails, a personalized letter holds more value than any other thing. Write a letter in a personalized way recognizing their contribution. Make it more personal by sharing some personal moments in the letter that makes the letter more special. It should be written such that the reader keeps the letter with him for long.

Long Service Award Letter Template

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Long Service Award Invitation Template

Invitations are the starting point where you connect with the awardees and therefore it is necessary to make them the best. Write the invitation in a formal way to make it look crispier. A sense of entitlement in the eyes of an employee is always a good thing. Something that makes them connect to you directly. A special moment shared, some genuine praises, recognizing their efforts, some lighter moments, some hard battles, mentioning them will definitely make them feel good.

long service recognition certificate

long service recognition certificate

Long Service Award Email Template

There are many sample long service award certificate templates that you can use. An email should be written similarly like a letter. It should have all that touches the heart of the employee to whom you are writing. A personal touch will always make it to the best. Some beautiful moments shared, some personal moments, some hard times and some lighter moments. An amalgamation of all these is what a perfect email is. It should always be genuine to make your employee feel genuinely happy and satisfied.

long term service certificate

long term service certificate 2

Every template can be designed and customized as per requirement. You can download free long service award certificate template from online websites as per your requirements. The templates are flexible and can amend as per your requirement. Honoring your long-term employees requires something special which these templates can make. It should be classic at the same time special and attractive. Some touchy line and special edits will make it perfect. Some personal photographs will add gold to the golden moment. A personalized letter always blends the moment. The purpose of the certificate is to honor the employees. An award certificate on their first year of joining, the fifth year of joining and the tenth year of joining. On their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th , 60th, 75th birthday will also be the moment. A special moment is always the best time to make them feel more important.

Write some wordings like that touches their heart. A sense of privilege for their work from your side is always appreciated. That’s all!