Free Pest Control Service Agreement Template: 9 Templates Free to Download and Print

Every second person has some concerns before signing any agreement. The Pest control company before providing their service to the client, they want them to sign contracts abide by terms and condition. The Pest Control Service Agreement maintains an ideal work relation between contractor and client. It contains the content of both parties interest and helps them to work with each other accordingly.

The Pest Control Service Agreement is an agreement signed between the client and the service provider. Many questions like what kind of pest will be controlled? How much will be the charges? Follows around and their answers are in the signed agreement. Every arrangement will be organized with both parties consent.


Significance Of Pest Control Service Agreement

Several points are covered in the Pest Control Service Agreement that comes under pest control Association. Many clients feel secure after signing this agreement as they want themselves to be free from any arguments and want their work to be done peacefully an nicely.

The Pest control service begins their work and follow their schedule as per mentioned. The quality of pesticides, the time is taken for the completion, the material required, etc. are all followed. Client and Contractor follow this agreement like a calendar and does work within that time frame. It’s a very profound way of spending money on controlling the pest in the house. Such agreements are even signed for office pest control.

Above all people look for it and as a service providing company; you must have one with you to professionally best the completion.

Here you go with Free Pest Control Service Agreement Template. Quickly download and impress your existing client also add many new customers to your business.


Editable Pest Control Service Agreement Template

It is legal paperwork signed by client and pest control company. From charges to the number of pests they controlled, everything is mentioned in details so that there should be no confusion. The agreement provides the provision to say the names of pest and the recurrence of the service against which pest control start.

These agreements are flexible, and any of the concerned parties can make changes accordingly. It protects both parties from altering any signed terms that they have agreed upon.

You need not worry about taking the pain in preparing one, and we have saved your time to focus on expanding the business to make your clients feel free from pest.


Find Legal Pest Control

Conventional Pest Control Service Agreement Template

The content of the form is provided for the convenience of the client which includes all the information, instructions and materials to be used so that client can acknowledge them and can ask for changes if not as per suit.

The pest control form designed as a letter size of 8 x 11 dimension and includes the provision of Services and Warranty, Time of Completion, Client preparation, Payment and other Expenses, etc. The Pest control service makes this form under the consent of their company’s legal team.

Model IPM Contract

Features and Advantages of Pest Control Agreement Template

The noted points in this lawyer-prepared pest control agreement cover General Information, Step-by-Step Instructions, Limitation of Liability, Declarations by Pest Control Service Association.

Before proceeding, understand each word very clearly.

These forms have printed details in-between space to be filled by the client. The provided details in the form will be helpful for the company in many ways like:

  1. All the information like Client address, area to be controlled, etc. is appropriately filled, will help them to work upon better
  2. It will help them to work professionally. They will have tracks of every work that will be completed.
  3. This will help the company in the promotion and business expansion.
  4. Forms can be upgraded to richer terms, and you can add your personalized company’s legal Logo.

Pest Control Agreement Sample

Terms Included in The Pest Control Service Agreement

Make sure to include the following details in your agreement to not only prove professional but also to make clients understand and have clarity on what they can expect from you.

  1. Mention Your Company Name, Address, and Contact Details.
  2. Marginalized the work extension

The company will work within the abided rules and regulation as one unit and shall cover the details like

  • Observe and mention all the details of the pest that comes under Pest control
  • Checking the conditions before initiating the Pest Control Program
  • Identify and finalize the area to be covered under Pest Infestation using Chemical and Non-Chemical
  • Deciding and following the feasible approach for controlling Pest.
  • Inspect and Monitor the sealed area thoroughly to check if there is any other Pest.

Pest Control Service Agreement

3. Inquiry about the Service Provider

To maintain the Transparency, the company should also provide all the necessary details about them and the person in charge of facilitating the pest control program.The provided information should mention:

  • Under the pesticide act given by the respective state, a company should specify their valid License Number.
  • Should follow their practice as per the Regulations Of pest management commission.
  • Mention the method to follow, person in charge, number of members in the team, etc.
  • Should mention the work experience of the working people.
  • The service provider should follow the mentioned details and then plan out accordingly.
  • They should provide the details of the Licenses for the materials to be used before initiating the control.

Pest Control SOW

Pest Prevention Manual

4. Chemicals to be used

Following the rules and regulation for using only those chemicals and pesticides that come from the State, local and Federal Laws.

5. Scheduling Services

Details for scheduling the services should be mention so that client can work according to them

6. Providing support

All the necessary details required by the client through Email, SMS, the telephone should be provided appropriately. They should revert to the client querying with following responses:

Sample Contract Agreement

Mentioning the Problem in details, Address and Area to be controlled and the follow-up timing. They should have responded as per:

  • If there is any Emergency – should get back within 1-3 business days of receiving the inquiry
  • If the work is Urgent – should revert within one to four business hours from the time of receiving the query
  • Daily Routine – should not delay response by more than 24 hours after getting the notice (7:00 AM To 5:00 PM between Monday and Friday)
  1. Type of job.
  2. Kinds of service offered
  3. Working members of the Team

And finally, the good news is, you can download any template from here and edit information based on these guidelines.