Certificate of Completion: 22 Templates in Word Format

Obtaining certificate is a pride. Even, a little one as small as an infant loves to have a hug as a token of appreciation.

Do you think elders won’t look for?

Indeed a certificate confirms completion of a work. It could be a training program, a sporting event, or any competition. You must use the certificate of completion at work, home, and every other place to acknowledge the achievement of an act.

Should you design one on your one? Not necessary and you can download the same from here for free. Before that, know how, where and when to use the completion certificate.

Top Five Reasons To Give Certificate of Completion – Why

  1. To appreciate the efforts of the individual or team.
  2. For keeping it in records to feel proud of the accomplishment.
  3. Even it helps in fetching a job or any other opportunity.
  4. Used for some government purposes as in the case of contract completion certificate etc.
  5. Educational purposes where the certificate of completion is used until one gets the degree certificate etc.

Now You Must Know The Different Reasons For Which You Give Out Certificate Of Completion

HERE YOU GO one after the other.

Academic Certificate Of Completion Template

Sometimes people might not qualify to get a degree certificate but might have completed the academic course within the duration. The academic certificate will confirm their presence in the college, and that will help them for jobs and join other vocational courses.

Academic Certificate of Completion Template

Anger Management Certificate Of Completion Template

These days anger has become more pronounced for people across age. Due to the stress in the life, people lose their temper quickly. It is essential that they know the right way to manage their anger. There are many anger management classes held to help individuals overcome anger. Such courses must issue a certificate after practically putting the participants through some test. This certificate confirms that the person has learned the way to manage anger.

Anger Management Certificate of Completion Template

Army Certificate Of Completion Template

The certificates given in army add value to every army officer. These certificates are issued post training and other accomplishments done during their tenure. The army certificates will provide them with not only pride but also a career after they retire from the army services.

Army Certificate of Completion Template


Certificate Of Completion And Compliance Template

Mainly a construction contractor will use this certificate. Per the name implies completion of a construction project upon abiding by specific rules will make compliance there. So such a plan must get completion and compliance certificate.

Certificate of Completion and Compliance Template

Certificate Of Completion High School Template

As already mentioned when one cannot obtain the final certificate from high school for not qualifying can use the completion certificate to apply for higher studies. This will confirm that they attended the high school classes.

Certificate of Completion High School Template

Certificate Of Completion Internship Template

Majority of the time, individual look at an internship opportunity during their studies in college. This internship will give them exposure and real-time learning. Such programs issue a completion certificate mentioning the performance of the individual.

Certificate of Completion Internship Template

Certificate Of Contract Completion Template

This certificate can be used in construction industry to indicate the completion of the contract. Also, in other companies including the IT field gives out a certificate to their employees hired on contract. These employees may not get experience or relieving letter as they were not on roles of the company. They were just contractors. Hence a completion certificate can be used by them as an experience certificate.

Certificate of Contract Completion Template

Certificate Of Job Completion Template

On completing any specific job big or small one can obtain a job completion certificate. Also, this can include the duration and type of employment done to help individual use that for their future roles.

Certificate of Job Completion Template

Certificate Of Substantial Completion Template

When an individual is not able to complete the entire course or training or job but as done with a significant part, then a substantial completion certificate will help. Using this they can continue the training in the future.

Certificate of Substantial Completion Template

Certificate Of Successful Completion Template

Completing any work successfully deserves an appreciation in the form of a certificate. Make sure to use the successful completion certificate to differentiate the one who finished from the others who could not complete.

Certificate of Successful Completion Template

Certificate Of Training Completion Template Free

Any training provided in the office, on the job, technical, practical, training in schools, colleges, sports training, etc. must be accompanied by a certificate. Yes, only then the completion can be confirmed and also people who attended can feel good about spending their time in the training program. Also, this will make them participate in the training with some sense of seriousness. Only upon completion, the certificate shall be given. Therefore people will make sure they take part in the practice to get the completion certificate. Administer a test at the end of the training and then give the certificate.

Certificate of Training Completion Template Free

Construction Certificate Of Completion Template Free

In the construction business, a completion certificate becomes mandatory to let know the legal authority about the completion of the project. Apart from that it also confirms that the project got over following the standards and rules defined by the authorities in that locality.  You can use construction completion certificate from here to give to your customers and let them know that their building is ready for inspection.

Construction Certificate of Completion Template Free

Continuing Education Certificate Of Completion Template

When an individual continues education after degree but gets a job as well, then the continuing education certificate legally helps him/her to keep the company informed about the same.

Continuing Education Certificate of Completion Template

Free Marriage Counseling Certificate Of Completion Template

Marriages have a tough time in the recent years, and every couple seeks to counsel in some form or other. The certificate of such advice will help them when they file a case in the court. Legally before taking any decision, such consultation will be recommended, and hence these marriage certificates will be of help to such people.

Free Marriage Counseling Certificate of Completion Template

Free Premarital Counseling Certificate Of Completion Template

Ok, just now you read about marriage counseling. Before a marriage where is the need for counseling. To prevent any break in the relationship, counseling is given before wedding is called as pre-marriage counseling. This will prepare the couples for marriage. Therefore certificates are issued at the end of such counseling session.

Free Premarital Counseling Certificate of Completion Template

Grade 10 Certificate Of Completion Template

Private institutions that conduct grade 10 classes for those who cannot study in full time schools use the completion certificate. It is considered valid when issued with the company seal and authorized signature

Grade 10 Certificate of Completion Template

ojt Certificate of Completion Sample Format

On The Job Training Certificate Of Completion Template

Not only classroom training is training. But, also training attended or information gathered during the job is considered practice. Therefore on the job training completion certificate will help fresher’s who learn new things on the job.

On the Job Training Certificate of Completion Template

Professional Development Certificate Of Completion Template

Any course conducted for people to develop their professional skills like client handling, customer support, etc. requires a completion certificate. This is called as the professional development certificate. Such certificate would help people to keep it for the records of the company where they work.

Professional Development Certificate of Completion Template

Three Different Types Of Certificate Used for Any Purpose

Avery Certificate Of Completion Template

Avery is the range of the best quality photographic paper that has a unique coating. Avery Certificate Papers are great to design and print your certificates. Use this to personalize your award, print any of the templates given in this page in Avery Paper and stand impressively in front of your audience.

Avery Certificate of Completion Template

Blank Certificate Of Completion Template Free

The blank certificate template can be used for any of the above mentioned 18 reasons or even more. All you need to do is to download the blank certificate to fill in the details from scratch based on your need.

Blank Certificate of Completion Template Free

Certificate Of Completion Template Black And White

To be unique, you may want to use a black and white certificate and stay away from all the colors. Use the black and white template.

Certificate of Completion Template Black and White

You can now decide to choose the apt template and get going!

How To Make Certificate Of Completion Template

  • Make one using the word document from the template section.
  • Similarly, use Excel and do it.
  • You can also use software’s from online to design certificates.

Irrespective of how it is designed, know that you can edit them. Directly download and save it to your PC. Then open it in word and make the necessary editing work. Are you worried about your computer skills? No need to.

Anyone can edit it with basic computer knowledge. I am sure those of you who read this article will have the sufficient skills to handle a computer. You can do the editing.

Then ask me how to print it. Now, be careful to save it as a Single File Web Page. This you can do by clicking File à Save As  à File type Scroll down to select Single File Web Page.

Then open it to see on the web page, and you can print it any certificate paper you prefer to.

Ok, I hear you. Let me help you in that as well.

You know the best and quick way to edit the certificate, but want to know the basics of editing. No worries will help there as well.

Step 1: Know your certificate type: For instance, you want a course completion certificate or give a sports certificate, or certificate for any cooking class, etc. I have given a vague example, but you be precise. Ok, why should you know this? To decide the heading or title of the certificate. You liked a certificate background given here, but that does not match your category, then no worries. You download that to edit the heading.

Step 2: Select a theme that best suits your certificate purpose.

Step 3: Fill with the contents – Now change the writing part with your wordings. Include with name and other details. Save for review.

Step 4: Check for mistakes if any. You can still edit it until you’re sure about giving your certificate the best look.

Step 5: Validation. This step is essential to make your certificate valid. Hence make sure you give the signing authority details in the certificate.

Print your certificate and get a signature to add more value to your certificate instead of using a digital signature.