14+ Free Pageant Certificate Templates for Your Next Contest – Download Now


Are you in pursuit of different Pageant Certificate Templates?  There are many templates available in this article for free – suitable for every type of Pageant Certificates.

The word ‘pageant’ instantly conjures up events like beauty contests though it could be ‘any show, exhibition; especially an elaborate colorful exhibition or spectacle often with music that consists of a series of tableaux, of a loosely unified drama, or of a procession usually with floats’. So there are Christmas pageants, Santa Claus parade and the spectacular Republic Day pageants in India to just name a few.

Interestingly, there are child beauty pageants as well which are beauty contests featuring contestants below 16 years of age.

For participants, every event can be memorable which can be treasured by them with the accompanying certificates for such occasions.

Pageant Certificate Templates

The design, color and font size can be selected as per choice and a blank space is provided for the recipient’s or participant’s name which can be written by hand to give a personal touch.

Beauty contest participation certificate

Beauty contest winner certificate template

Beauty Pageant Certificate Template

Though traditionally a beauty pageant or beauty contest is more focused on the physical attributes of the participants, it is gradually being made more broad-based with personality traits, intelligence, and performance on questions and answers taken into consideration.

The organizers frame the rules for the completion and they go to the extent of specifying the dresses and swimsuits for the contestants. Beauty pageants are held from the local level to national and international levels covering hundreds of contestants. The winner of a beauty pageant is given the title ‘Queen’. The rankings of the contestants are referred to as placements.

Each Template has the typical format.

“We award this certificate to

Name of the participant …..

On:  (Date to be mentioned)

At:  (Name of the place)

Signature:                                                           Signature

(Name)                                                               (Name)”

Beauty pageant certificate template

Beauty Pageant Winner Certificate Template

Beauty Pageants or contests are not just events for beauty exhibition but also are an opportunity for contestants to get recognition. The certificates are meant for appreciation of the efforts put in by participants. They, in turn, feel rewarded for the efforts made.

There are many free printable certificates available online. Depending upon whether the recipient is a winner or runners-up, the appropriate certificate can be chosen. Interestingly, the winner of beauty contests is given the title Queen.

For the winner, the pleasure of winning gets multiplied by getting the title ‘Queen’. The special certificate has Queen written boldly that would draw anybody’s attention first. Besides this, it has the usual format having space for the name of the winner, date, and venue besides the signatories.

Awards include titles, tiaras or crowns, sashes, scepters, saving bonds, scholarships besides cash prizes. Some pageants award college scholarships, to the winner or multiple runners-up.

Beauty pageant winner certificate template

Free Pageant Certificate Templates

There are many Pageant Certificate Templates which are available for free downloading. If one wants to customize them, it can be done easily. When several children take part and one wants to award a child who is adjudged the best, one can use the certificate templates bearing the child’s name and at the top, the inscription in bold “First Place Award”.

Similarly, where several groups participate like the Republic Day Pageant (individual states are represented by tableaux), it would go a long way for giving a ranking for First, Second and Third places to the winners. This way, they feel encouraged and it helps healthy competition among participating states.

Certificate of appreciation for beauty pageant

Certificate of appreciation for judge in a beauty pageant

Certificate of Appreciation for Beauty Pageant

Behind the extravaganza of Beauty Pageants, there are enormous efforts and time spent by participants to try to make their shows best. Often these background matters are not appreciated by the general public. It is a great idea to give Certificate of Appreciation for Beauty Pageant to every participant. That gives a personal touch and makes the recipients feel rewarded.

The format for this certificate can be simply made as follows.

Certificate of Appreciation

This certificate is awarded to

Recipient’s Name

For his active participation and valuable contribution

in making the Beauty Pageantry a grand success.



Certificate of appreciation for panelist

Certificate of judges in a pageant contest

Certificate Template for Pageant

The organizers of a Pageant earn goodwill by issuing certificates to candidates for their active participation. A typical Certificate Template reads as follows.

Certificate Template For Beauty Pageant

The highest beauty pageants at the international level are as follows.

  1. Miss Universe
  2. Miss World
  3. Miss International
  4. Miss Earth


Certificate of participation in beauty pageant

Then there are templates for different countries.

  1. Template Miss France
  2. Template Miss Brasil
  3. Template Miss Philippines

Essentially, these certificate templates bear the name of the recipient, the title (Miss …), the date on which it is awarded and the name of the person giving the award.

Beauty contest certificates are a great way to spread joy and instill a sense of pride among the contestants. One can create his own beauty contest certificates easily on the home computer. Using the Microsoft Word, a beauty contest certificate can be easily made, customized and printed.

Microsoft Word offers a variety of blank documents which can be customized.  Opening up a new document by clicking on ‘Award Certificates.’, and clicking again for a beauty contest, a certificate preferably with a floral or beauty theme could be made ready.

Child pageant award certificate

Free obe certificate

Certificate of Participation in Beauty Pageant:

There is hardly any difference between Beauty Pageant Winner certificate and Certificate of Participation for Beauty Pageant. Instead of the word Queen, this certificate has the top eye-grabbing bold line saying “Pageant Winner For Achievement in Pageantry Participation”. The format, otherwise, is the same as shown below.

Pageant Winner

For Achievement In Pageantry


We award this certificate to

(Recipient’s Name)

On (Date)

At (Place)

Signatories (Names)

Pageant certificate of participation

Certificate of Achievement/Winner Certificate Template

These certificates are available freely for download. Moreover, these certificates can be edited easily. So it takes minutes to make ready customized Certificate of Achievement/ Winner Certificate.

Depending upon the event, the format for these certificates may need small alteration. For Christmas Pageant, it could be ‘Winner of Best Dressed Couple’ whereas, for Republic Day Parade, it could be ‘Winner of Best Marching Band’. They may read like this:

Certificate of Achievement


Best Marching Band

Awarded to … (Name of the band)


Date:                                          Signature

Pageant queen achievement printable certificate

Sample certificate of recognition for beauty pageant

Things to Include in a Pageant Certificate

The Title and the recipient’s name are must in a Pageant Certificate though some other insertions are often made. The wordings usually given in these certificates are “is awarded to” or “is presented to”.

It is desirable to indicate who is giving the award for which a space for “From …” should be provided. It is also customary to give a small description explaining why the award is being given. These certificates usually have space for Date and Signature.


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