21+ Printable Salon Gift Certificate Templates to Attract Customers


Hair salon business is gaining more popularity. Either you are currently running a salon or planning to start one; you will have a bright future. Ger inspired and knew the best ways to set up a successful hair salon by clicking this link.

OK, but I am going to tell you a secret. Eager in knowing what it is?

Make the best use of salon gift certificate template to attract more customers to your salon. Best marketing strategy with which you can win more clients is by offering haircut gift certificate.

Do not worry about finding gift certificate; you can see printable salon gift certificate templates here. All you need to do is just to download them and customize per your need and print it. There are different options available, and you can use appropriate certificates to expand your business by attracting more people to your salon.

Beauty salon gift certificate template

Beauty salon gift certificate templates

Beauty salon gift certificates template

How To Use The Printable Salon Gift Certificate Templates?

 So you know what to fill in your certificate to line up customers at your hair salon. It’s time to understand how to make use of the printable salon gift certificate templates.

Step1: Click on any certificate given here and download to your PC.

Step2: You can fill the details on these certificates based on what you have planned to offer. Use the ideas given above and fill details.

Step3: You can now save and print it for use.

Step4: But, I want to you to know more, and that is editing the design. You can add your logo, change color to brand your salon, include images of your salon, etc.

Step5: You can save these formats and standardize to let customers know that you have a discipline about designing your gift certificates.

Following these ways and printing the certificates not only will fetch you customers but they will become lifetime members of your salon.

Free printable beauty salon gift certificate template

Free printable beauty salon gift certificate templates

Free printable beauty salon gift certificates template

Salon Gift Certificate Ideas

In this section, I will let you know about the various ideas to give out salon gift certificate and get more customers.

Five Ideas To Improve Your Salon Business 5x


  1. Know what must be present in the gift certificate.

Mirror your beauty and hairstyle business brand. Be up to date and state of your service quality. Make sure you explicitly mention about the designs.

  1. Design certificates with a higher value offering more promisingly.

Give out gift cards designed with more alluring colors and pictures. While giving, wrap them with decorative satin ribbon. One potential customer will become your brand ambassador. Hence remember to create certificates with more attracting features.

  1. Terms and Conditions

Mention the validity of the gift certificate. Mention about certificate discount for cash or card payment. Never deceive customer once they reach your salon to make use of your service. Be specific at the time of personalizing the salon gift certificates.

  1. Wordings

Choose the best possible wording that can please viewers. Follow this post to get ideas about wordings.

  1. Unique Gift Certificate Ideas

Using salon gift certificates alone won’t help. You must make use of individual ideas and mention details in the certificate for best results. You can think about covering tax along with the service charge. This is one of the perfect design that makes your gift certificate unique. Many people consider gift certificates fake, as finally, they land up paying tax. Ensure to gift them a certificate with one free service where they merely walk-in and get hair styling done without carrying their wallet. Such gift certificates will impress customers


Hair salon gift card

Hair salon gift cards

Hair Salon Gift Certificate Wording

You have designed the best certificate and giving out the premier offer to your customer. If you can use the right wording, then stay assured that you are number ONE in the salon business.

  • For The SHE In You Go For A Pixie Cut.
  • Pamper The Man Within You With The Perfect Layered Brush Back.
  • A Gift Worth Pampering.
  • Specially Designed Spa Treatment For You.
  • Relax In Our Spa As We Do Magic On Your Hair.
  • Come To Our Salon And Go Out With A Proud Face, Yes It Is Pixie Cut.
  • Lose Ten Years By Getting Your Hair Cut Done With Us.

Hair salon gift certificate

Hair salon gift certificates

Hair salon gift voucher

Hair salon gift vouchers

Haircut Gift Certificate Template

 There are numerous options available to suggest your customers about the haircut and hair styling. You can be more specific by offering specialized haircuts gift certificate. For doing so, you must know the different hairstyles that are preferred by men and women.

Different Haircut For SHE – HERE YOU GO WITH THE NAME 

  • A-Line bob – For the professional look.
  • Long layers – These layered curl will give the best look in the party.
  • Short layers – For the crazy girl in you.
  • Long layers – For that long bangs.
  • The Pixie Cut – Beautifully textured layers.

These five cuts best suit any age group and loved by every woman to give her that young look.

Haircut gift certificate template


  • Classic fade – For the president in you. Why do I call this president? Search for the classic fade image in Google and find out.
  • Longer Comb Over – For the schoolboy in you.
  • Layered brush back.
  • French Crop – The front fringe.


Haircut gift certificate templates

Haircut gift certificates template

Nail Salon Gift Certificate


Not only hair salons offer haircut and hairstyling. But the nail cleaning, pedicure, manicure, and polishing should be part of your salon business. Provide all service under one roof, and you will have more likely customers.

Nail salon gift certificate template

Nail salon gift certificate templates

Nail Salon Gift Ideas


You may give out nail salon gift certificate to your regular customers who come to you for haircut or hairstyle.


The ideal solution to stand in the mind of any frequent customer is to give one free NAIL service. Many don’t know the advantage of nail salon services.


Nail salon gift certificates template

Salon gift card template

Spa Finder Gift Cards 

Spa Finder gift certificates work excellent and a natural gift for many occasions including birthday, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduation, and even baby shower.

It is the right way to show your care concern to your clients. When they first come to your salon ask them to fill their essential details. Make use of those features and send out spa gift cards via email or send to your customers. This gesture of remembering their events will make you their preferred hair stylist.


You will stay close to their hearts. Use the spa gift cards from here for free for any occasion you want to surprise your customers with you.


In this competitive business, such small personal touch will reward you in a significant way.

Salon gift card templates

Tanning salon gift certificate template

Salon Gift Card For Men 

A gift that will be ever remembered and enjoyed by men is the salon gift cards. It is the one place they reach out every time. You must give out gift cards for their special days and make them feel proud of your hairstyle service, haircuts, nail pampering, facial, and shaving.

Tanning salon gift certificate templates

Tanning salon gift certificates template

Gone are those days where people visit a hair salon for a haircut and shaving. You may wonder that there are lots more do in salons. Yes, nail cleaning, facial, hair styling, and much more. I am not talking about facial to women alone here. Men prefer using hair salon service to groom themselves. So I feel these gift templates can help you attract more such customers to your Salon.


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