SPA Gift Certificate Template – 27+ Word, PSD Templates (Amazing Designs)


SPAs have grown to a greater extent and that one can easily figure out. As the owner of Spa business, one can use Spa Gift Certificate Template to design their own Spa gift certificate to present it to their customers. One can also use these gift certificates for inviting and attracting customers.

The Different Approach in Reaching Out to your Customers

Gifting Spa certificates to your customers will engage them in your business. This makes them more part of your business. These gift certificates also make them feel overwhelmed and that helps you in exercising your business over them. Spa gift certificates are another methods of building client relation.

So What Exactly is Spa Gift Certificate?

A Spa gift certificate is like any other coupon, free visiting card, free service coupon, special invites, discount coupon, special membership certificate and anything that may attract the customers to give you a visit. The basic purpose of such certificates is to engage with your customers making them feel more comfortable and in profit.

Day spa gift certificate template

SPA Gift Certificate Template - $25 Coupon

Day spa gift certificates template

Salon and Spa Gift Certificate Template

Adding Salon in Spa will definitely attract your customers as salon has lot to offer. All people are necessarily not interested or are comfortable with spa but people will definitely like to use the salon feature that is given in gift certificate.

Wording like “We are offering Salon as well as Spa facilities for our Customers” will sound more attractive. You can also mention the details on why you are offering in salon facility. Also do mention what is special in your salon from the rest.

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Facial gift certificate template

SPA Gift Certificate Template

Facial gift certificate templates

SPA Gift Certificate Template With Discount

Printable Spa Gift Certificate Templates

Yes! We offer free printable templates to our customers. You can download free printable spa gift certificate templates and can use wherever necessary. You can also customize these templates as per your need.

You can also take help from our website on what wording you should use, what designs you should put in your gift certificate template.

Free nail salon gift certificate template

SPA Gift Certificate Template

Free nail salon gift certificate templates

Spa Pedicure Gift Certificate Template Free

The spa pedicure is different from normal pedicure that is focused entirely on foot and nails. Spa pedicure offers more comfort, lavishness, luxury and relaxation. Gifting a coupon to your customer will definitely mean big.

Try to highlight it and tell how much it means to give such facility for free. Also, tell what exactly it is and what its advantages are.

As mentioned above, we offer free templates to our customers, therefore, you can download these templates for free from our website.

Free nail salon gift certificates template

Massage gift certificate template free printable

Spa Gift Certificate Example

Here is few example of how to design a spa gift certificate. What to write in it and so on…..

Example 1:

Dear Mrs. …………..


                It’s our pleasure to inform you that we are giving special

               Spa Day coupons to our loyal customers.

               You are one the few customers that have been chosen by us.


You can you these coupons twice in any of the days of this month.


With Regards

Facial gift certificates template

We can have simple certificates as well. Like we can write:

  • Name
  • Address and Contact number
  • Type of gift we are offering
  • Time till this gift coupon is valid
  • And few lines of appreciation or invitation

Massage gift certificate templates free printable

Day spa gift certificate templates

Spa Massage Gift Certificate Template is somewhat different from normal spa gift templates. Spa massage adds massage in the traditional spa which is more effective and refreshing. To make a spa massage gift certificate, you need to explicitly name what you are offering.

Wordings like “We are offering Spa Massage for our members” sounds interesting and appealing. You can further mention the importance of massage with spa.

Massage gift certificates template free printable

Massage therapy gift certificate

Example 2:                         


Dear Mrs. ……………….


It’s our shear honor and pleasure to hold you part of our

Family that is growing each day.

We believe that your presence as our member always push

Us to work harder to ensure your wellbeing.


In order to show our appreciation for you, we are gifting you “Five Gift Coupons” that offer you Spa Day at our place.


This facility is available especially for our trusted and loyal member.


We will be pleased to have in any days of the month November.


With Warm Regards

Massage therapy gift certificates

Massage therapy gifts certificate

Spa Day Gift Certificate Template

Spa day is different from traditional spas as it offers more from just spa-like whirlpool, sauna, pool, steam room, facial and many more. A Spa Day Gift Certificate Template means more than just spa. If you feel that your customers deserve just more than spa then you can offer them.

A spa day gift certificate template should have clear mentions of the word “SPA DAY” as it is necessary to let them explicitly understand that you are offering them more than a spa. The template design should be attractive and the wordings should be bold.

It should look that you are giving them out something special what you aren’t giving to others. Your gift message should be full of excitement, cheerful, joyous and full of gratitude to ensure that your client feels happy that they are connected with you.

Spa Day Gift Certificate Template

Spa Day Gift Certificate Templates

Spa Day Gift Certificates Template

Spa Gift Certificate Template in Word

So how a Spa Gift Certificate Template in Word will look like? We can try different methods make it look more attractive and appealing. What to add that will make the certificate compatible to the desires of the customer?

The certificate wording should be decent in nature. The first few lines that address the customer and request an invite should be pleasing and at the same time full of gratitude. The rest of the lines should mention the details of the gift.

One thing that should be very important that it should look that you are offering this gift from the heart and not just to attract your customer as it will sound cheap. The other important point should be that every gift certificate should be customized according to the customer.

A gift certificate for a new joiner should offer him something different from the old member of the spa. Similarly, there should be something interesting for them. To attract people who are not customers, the gift certificate should be designed and words used should be in tandem to the market.

Spa gift voucher template

Spa gift voucher templates

Spa gifts voucher template

Make own Gift Certificate for Free

Yes, you can also make your own gift certificates for free. It isn’t much time taking. What you need is a free template that you can download from Demplates and then write some special and interesting wordings in it.

Try to make it unique to attract and mesmerize your customers and the people who you are offering. That’s all you need to do and one can assure that your customers will definitely love your gift coupons.

The coupons should be customized for person to person to ensure that it looks special for them when they go through it. Try to know what facility they like yours and you can mention them in gift coupon. This can also be used to add some new facility in your coupons so that your clients can try new facility without being hesitant of cost. Try it, everyone loves things for free!


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