20 SWOT Analysis Template PPT files


In this article, we are presenting 20 SWOT analysis template PPT files that you can download for free! In all organizations, SWOT analysis is an integral part for strategic planning and since it needs a template, you need to have the best SWOT template design suitable for you to showcase or evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your organization. SWOT analysis is also about identifying the opportunities and possible threats.  So, let’s have a look at the free SWOT templates.  

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SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 1

This is a cross-shaped design in monochrome i.e. black and white. In the design, there are four boxes in a futuristic shape all meeting at a single point in the center of the template. SWOT Analysis Template PPT 1


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 2

The template features an endearing design with a soothing color combination of dark and light green as well as ocean blue and brown. The oval call outs look really nice in this SWOT analysis template.

SWOT analysis template ppt 2


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 3

The template is here a bright one comprising of four triangles in red, orange,  purple and blue. There is a narrow space between each of the triangle and is best to suit for businesses engaged in graphic designing or likewise due to its bright color combination. SWOT analysis template ppt 3


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 4

The template features four arrows coming out of four boxes with rounded corners. While the boxes are in light blue, light green, olive and light orange colors, their respective arrows are too in same colors in a lighter shade. SWOT analysis template ppt 4


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 5

The template oozes a sleek design in its appearance and has plenty of space to include text details. The arrow heads and the rectangles with rounded corners makes the template an interesting one to check out for sure. SWOT analysis template ppt 5


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 6

This one is a template of SWOT analysis that really stand high amidst others with its cool colors and ample white space within the design.In the center, there is a large circle in four equal halves of subtle colors separated by a narrow white space. SWOT analysis template ppt 6


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 7

The template features four boxes with round corners separated from other by a white space and two arrows crossing each other in an opposite direction. The light colors of the template design make it just appropriate for SWOT analysis in a business environment. SWOT analysis template ppt 7


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 8

With large blocks in colors like red, green, purple and blue, the template is a wonderful one to use. All the blocks are separated with each other by an extremely thin white space and there is also a block with round corners in the center with SWOT written on it in bold. SWOT analysis template ppt 8


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 9

If you are looking for a SWOT analysis template in eye-pleasant colors and designs, this is the best pick. The template has one diamond shaped in blue on white background on which there are four blocks of equal sizes in different shades of blue. SWOT analysis template ppt 9


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 10

The template is a simple one with four blocks closely placed in different dark colors. The text is in white which acts as a contrast. This is definitely something very different what you have ever seen as a SWOT analysis template ppt. SWOT analysis template ppt 10


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 11

The template has a beautiful and clean design in contrasting orange and sea-blue on a white background. The text is in white which makes the overall look extremely sophisticated. SWOT analysis template ppt 11


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 12

Heavy on text, the template is  a colorful one. Bright colors are in the centre while lighter colors are at the four sides with text written in black. SWOT analysis template ppt 12


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 13

The template is an interesting one with an illustration of four individuals at the center holding asymmetrical shaped blocks of bright colors and there is dedicated text space in light color at the four corners. SWOT analysis template ppt 13


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 14

The keyboard keys indicating strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities looks wonderful and makes the template visibly catchy. The use of bright colors in combination with light colors has made it all the more stunning. SWOT analysis template ppt 14


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 15

This one is really unique in its appearance and features a myriad of colors like orange, red, purple and yellow. The template will best suit for those engaged in an automobile, pharmaceutical, and piping business because of its design.  SWOT analysis template ppt 15


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 16

The template consists of four cubes in green, blue, red and orange color with a white colored oval shape  in the center. SWOT analysis template ppt 16


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 17

With rectangular callouts in subtle colors, the template is worth a pick because of its neat design and ample space to include necessary text. In the center, there is a large circle with a splash of four bright colors amidst which there is another smaller circle with ‘SWOT’ written in black text.

SWOT analysis template ppt 17


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 18

The template features the four alphabets ‘S’, ‘W’, ‘O’ and ‘T’ in bright colors and have an extended rectangle attached to each vertically to create text space. Each of the rectangles below the alphabets seems like an extension of the same and looks lovely on the white background of the ppt template. SWOT analysis template ppt 18


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 19

Those who have a business of graphic designing or related to any form of creativity, the template is an ideal one with a clever use of white space and brilliant use of colors. There are four square shaped boxes in subtle colors with dedicated text space. These squares hang from each of the colored design space. SWOT analysis template ppt 19


SWOT Analysis Template PPT – 20

The ppt template features a clean design with the usage of bright colors in ovals and light colors in rectangles with rounded corners. Each rectangle also has a bright outline which makes the same more prominent on a pristine white background. SWOT analysis template ppt 20


Clearly, with so many stunning SWOT analysis templates, to develop an understanding that whether your business is healthy or in a sick state is not difficult. By these templates, one can easy find out the internal and external factors that are affecting the success or failure of your business. There is no dearth of SWOT analysis templates for free. You need to only check which one fits your bill perfectly. Please write to us about your views on our collection of SWOT analysis ppt template. All of these templates are completely customizable. We are always eager to hear from you as this helps us to bring better templates for your aid. So, please comment in the comment box below.


  1. You should create one similar to SWOT for PEST, which is the external portion of SWOT that focuses on the Political, Economic, Social and Technology.


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