Towing service invoice template: 13 Templates Free to Use


Seriously, How Do You Submit Invoice For The Towing Service You Provide?

Don’t panic, feel free to download free towing service invoice template from this page. On the move learn the basics about all details about towing service.

Yes, become a pro in offering towing service.

OK, why do you think towing service has got its importance in the market?

Vehicles always require service for efficient functioning. Failing to provide proper service to machine leads to break down. Many times cars and trucks break down on the road while driving.

How to solve this? Either to repair, or to move the vehicle from the road to avoid traffic congestion.

The second option holds well to save time and traffic. Why am I talking about this? Yes, to highlight the importance of towing service.

Towing service provider not only removes the vehicle from the road but also executes repair work. Here on this page, you will find free downloadable towing service invoice template. Only that much? No, more than that. You can understand about invoicing for roadside assistance, road side services form, tow tickets, tow truck forms, and much more.

Follow through this page and grow your towing service business.

Invoicing For Roadside Assistance

Towing, the most valuable service offered by companies into the roadside assistance.

Ask me how? Attaching a towing truck to the repaired vehicle with a cable carries the vehicle to the shop and there fixing work gets completed.

The mechanic looks at the option to rectify the minor problems of the vehicle on the spot. If not possible, then towing happens.

Yes, your question is right. Tow trucks also used when you park the vehicle in a no parking area.

Take a look at the Free Towing Service Invoice Template.

Automobile Car Towing Invoice Form

Invoice Right to Enjoy Hassle Free Service

Many methods are followed by different Towing companies to charge clients. In general, a mileage system is a preferred system. Only ask for the towing distance from the customer. Service time gets added to the payment. Extra rates might include the cost for using specialized equipment to pull the vehicle.

Yes, these inputs need to have some records and hence an invoice, the official document gets ready.

Follow My Instructions To Fill The Invoice Template Within No Time.

  • Name, Location, and Contact details.
  • Mention Vehicle details like registration number, model, color, and type,
  • Calculate the distance towed (Mileage).
  • Write the details about the reason for Service. Guessing? The vehicle got broke down, damaged tire, or abandoned vehicle.
  • Also, provide the Type of Tow used for the execution.
  • Amount details incurred for the towing work.

Road Side Services Form

Do you know? Roadside Service Forms are such a simple form printed on two or more Part 8.5×5.5 Carbonless Paper.  With either black or blur carbon ink.

We Have Done It For You With The Following Inputs.

Road side service form includes Name of the company, contact details, and company logo. Fill the forms in sequence and bind them to form a booklet.

The checkbox provided in the form covers the standard services offered by towing companies.

Download them for free.

Basic Towing Invoice Form

Essential Features Of Our Roadside Towing Services Form Contains The Following Sections

Client Details – Name, address, and contact number.

Vehicle Details – Vehicle Name, type, color, number, etc.

Services performed – Towing, repair work, and much more.

Time – Vehicle Pick up and drop time.

Storage details

Additional Inputs – Storage requirement, any other equipment used to tow and rectify. Details regarding the person called for the tow. Locations about the vehicle towing happened.

Payment details – Service charges, purchase of new components if any and tax.


While these are just a list for your review, feel free to personalize per your need.

Use Our 4 Step Multi Part Towing Invoice Forms To Increase Your Business 4x More

Both tow drivers and towing company can use multi part towing invoice service template.

Just fill the payment detail and sign to send it to your customer.

Print it on a half page two part (NCR) paper. Yes, again these are free to download.

Use these invoice numbered sequentially for convenient tracking.

Invoicing For Comprehensive Roadside Service

Want to know about comprehensive roadside service? Read more to understand.

Towing Services – Towing the vehicle from the road to the mechanic shed

First Aid Services – If any minor repair found trying to rectify on the road.

Locksmith Services – If the vehicle is locked with the key inside, then under the comprehensive roadside service, we offer key recovery service.

Lost Key Services – Not only recovery of the key from inside the vehicle but also to find the lost key or to replace with a new key.

Tire Services – Punctured tires are rectified or replaced based on the tire condition.

Fuel Delivery – Fuel tank is filled.

Battery Services – If the battery of the vehicle seeks attention like charging or changing, then that service is provided.

Car Storage Invoice Template

Winching Services – Crane services are provided to the nearby city.

Travel arrangement services – Comprehensive roadside services also make travel arrangement for the vehicle owners.

Personal assistance – Any other personal assistance required gets addressed.

In simple words, comprehensive roadside service covers A to Z needs of the vehicle and the vehicle owner.

Invoicing for the roadside mentioned above service needs a different invoice form. Not the usual one. Hence use our free comprehensive invoice form and fill per your services.

Select the services you provide and fill payment details against them. Most customers prefer this form in a check list pattern to tick the required services offered and fill the details.

Enlightened to know about the all under one umbrella roadside services?

Great! Keep moving to find out more.

Towing forms enables you to run your tow and recovery show very economically. Make your business run smooth and organized by using this road service forms, dispatch logs, tow tickets, etc.

Usage Of Roadside Service Forms And Dispatch Logs

We have been reading about the roadside forms all this while. Now I am introducing a new term called Dispatch log. Thinking, what is dispatch log?

Here you go with the answer; Dispatch log books help to maintain the details of each service calls received.

Proficiently dispatches tow truck operators to move to pulling locations by using the free dispatch log form template provided by us.

The dispatchers in the towing company provides detailed work orders to tow truck operators using the dispatch logs

The tow truck operators quickly execute the roadside assistance services.

Try our free tow dispatch log book on your mobile device and benefit from the same.

Fake Tow Receipt Form

More Details About The Form

Tow truck dispatcher’s answer the service calls and must at once collect the details including the customer and the vehicle. They send out the received details to the tow truck operators.

Professional dispatch log books help the dispatchers to make a note of the details accurately to guide the operator.

Don’t worry we will help you to fill them correctly.

Details Contained In The Form

The dispatch log form has been designed in such a way that the dispatcher can make a note of the entire information one after the other in the manner while answering the customers call.

Date and time of the tow request call

Client name and number

Vehicle Details – Vehicle Number, Year of manufacture, Model, Color

Tow request type

Equipment requirements

Towing destination

Truck Details – Truck number, Tow truck operator contact information, and name

Comments section

Using our form you need just to fill it.

Both the roadside form and dispatch log usage has become pretty simple.

Do you agree with me? Yes, that’s all.

Tow Tickets

What next?  Tow Tickets.

Free Tow Service Invoice Template

Need For Tow Tickets

Tow tickets help the Tow Truck Drivers to issue to the clients with all the details required on the spot.

Take a look at the sample tow ticket for better understanding

Free Towing Invoice Template

The sample has been presented only for you to get a feel of a tow ticket.

Always makes sure to include the following in your tow ticket. Feel free to order the way you want to. Remember, No hard and fast rules.

Checklist for your perusal

  • Towing company licensed name.
  • Towing Company Phone number publicly listed.
  • Towing company Regn number along with the TDLR
  • Name of the tow operator
  • License number of the tow driver issued by TDLR
  • List down the charges and characterize the fees as stated in the file of the respective department.

RoadSide Assistance Invoice Template

Tow Truck Forms

Make yourself familiar with the list of Tow truck forms available. Download the individual form for your requirement. All the name of the forms represents their purpose.

  • Add / Change a Holding Yard
  • Add a Close Associate to Tow Truck Operator Licence
  • Approved Holding Yard Register
  • Exemption from On-Hook Insurance
  • Internal Review of Decision
  • Maximum Tow Fees – Light Vehicles, Maximum Tow Fees – Heavy Vehicles
  • Mutual Recognition – Tow Truck Drivers Certificate, Tow Truck Operators Licence
  • Non-Accident Towing Record, Scrap Metal Exemption Authority
  • Operate a Category C Tow Truck
  • Operator Licence Business Address – Use this form to change the operator business address.
  • Remove a Close Associate From Tow Truck Operator Licence
  • Scrap Metal Exemption Authority
  • Support Tow Truck
  • Tow Truck Driver Certificate and Replacement Tow Truck Drivers Certificate and Statutory Declaration
  • Tow Truck Driver Register, Scrap Metal Exemption Authority
  • Tow Truck Operator Licence, Replacement Tow truck Operators Licence and Statutory Declaration
  • Tow Truck Usage Log

Invoice Vs Towing Receipt

As usual, we land up getting confused with the names invoice and receipt. Towing service does not differ here.

Let’s dig a little deeper.


A tow invoice has the list of services provided for roadside assistance. Charges for each line item get recorded. Either it is multipart towing service or comprehensive towing service.

Send the Tow invoice to the client, wait for the payment.

Tow Ticket Template


Ever noticed how a tow receipt differs from an invoice?

Straightforward answer, raise tow invoice to request payment, issue tow receipt as a proof of payment received for the services offered.

The simple truth being, download and use invoice before the payment and print the receipt after payment.

No doubt about it.

Towing Receipt Books

Now you know about towing receipts. Let me take you further inside by throwing some light on towing receipt books. Yes, you’re right. A collection of receipts bounded together to form a towing receipt book.

Benefits Of Using A Towing Receipt Book

Towing receipt books help to tow companies to manage their billing records for various purposes including tax payment and proof of work completion.

Receipt books enable achieving the task easily. Easy to track client acceptance. Avoid disputes by taking Signature from customers.

Makes you more organized. The bound book retains a permanent copy for future reference.

Carbonless copies help to stay firmly associated for apparent, clean copies. You can always personalize for free with your logo etc.

Car Towing Template

Think about it this way, when you want a fast and undisturbed solution to open your car towing, roadside services or auto car serviceman website. Completely editable Car Towing template helps you to establish a strong online presence.

Car towing service, rapidly growing business in the market. Most of the people have started using cars. Apart from company car pick up, individuals drive to the office using their personal vehicles.

Car towing service plays a vital role in offering comprehensive road side services.

Towing Bill Template

Typical Car Towing Template Would Include The Following Information

Contact Details

Service provider name and address. Car users name and address

Type of services offered

Car towing, fixing issues on the spot would include fuel insufficiency, locking the car with keys inside, etc.

Car towing and repairing service offered at the client place or the mechanic shop. Labor charges for each service.

Tax and Cost

Price calculated for individual services provided, tax added over and above that. Total cost printed.

Signature and Seal

This section has the signature and seal of the company.

Comments Section

Details regarding mode of payment, bank details, last date for payment etc.

Need not worry about making a template for you can freely download from here and use it.

Fake Towing Receipt

Yes, I understand during situations like going to the office and mentioning car tow as a reason may require producing some tow receipt to retain your job.

At a situation when you have lost your receipt, you may need to generate a fake towing receipt.

Sounds funny isn’t, yes it is.

But need to be a Roman while in Rome.

Let me help you to understand a fake towing receipt.

Towing Forms Free

How To Fill Out A Fake Tow Receipt?

While filling a towing receipt, it does not differ from an original receipt.

But Let me tell you a few ways to identify a fake receipt.

Check for the company logo. Color identification starts with the logo and makes your job easy to identify.

Similarly, if you know the company, then you can differentiate the typos and font to identify the fake.

It becomes tough to print the same receipt number and product code. This can help find the fake.

Genuine towing receipts come with watermarks.  That can show you the difference

Fake receipts are prone to wear and tear as it passes through many hands. Unlike an original receipt gets done single handily.

Signature and pattern will differ.

Limited and incorrect information including SKU numbers, tax details, and actual price amount may vary.


Towing Invoice Form

Carbonless Invoice

What is Carbonless paper?

The definition of paper remains the same for an ordinary paper and carbonless paper. The paper kept under carbon, and no carbon copy makes the difference. The paper under carbon paper makes a duplicate copy for reference.

Heat Hydrocarbons till they decompose partly. The carbon deposit that remains becomes “carbon black.” Roll regular paper around a rod loaded with carbon black. This makes one side of the paper covered.

Making Use of Carbonless Paper for Invoice

Carbon paper makes the copy a real mess, and hence in the recent years, carbonless papers have come into usage. Place the carbonless paper under the carbon-laden paper, and glue the edges to keep them intact. Make sure to put the two papers straight on top of one another and get an exact carbon copy.

Press the top paper with a pen, the little chambers consisting the black carbon break open onto the paper below thus makes an impression.

Towing Invoice Template

Facts about Carbon Invoice

Carbon invoice copy looks the same as a standard bill. Beware after few days the ink will start fading.

Carbonless paper cannot work on either side.

For your expediency, I have developed pre formatted carbon towing invoice templates in the word. Only include your company name, logo and contact details.

Get going with your towing service by making use of all free towing service templates from us.

Keep visiting our site for all your business template needs.

Happy Towing!

Vehicle Towing Invoice Template


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