Vacation Gift Certificate Template : 34+ Word, PSD Files (For Travel Agencies)


Do you own a tour and travel company or are you a tour operator? If yes, vacation gift certificates can prove their worth in augmenting your business like never before. Creating such certificates with your company name and logo also helps in reaching out to more customers. Many hotel chains also make use of such certificates to have decent bookings at their destination hotels. We know that creating such a gift certificate from scratch is not an easy task and so, we are bringing here a collection of vacation gift certificate templates.

Vacation Gift Certificate Templates

In these, templates, you can let your customers enter the destination place and date along with listing your own services. So, please have a look at our free and downloadable vacation gift certificate templates. These are also good if you want to gift something priceless to your loved one.

Christmas travel gift certificate template

Christmas travel gift certificate templates

christmas vacation gift voucher template


Flight Gift Certificate Template

Many airlines pamper their regular and frequent fliers by issuing them Flight Gift Certificates. It is so common a practice and free Templates are available online for downloading and customizing.

One such template has the following text.


Class: First/Economy


Flight No:                  (If it is airline’s anniversary, the same can be mentioned)


Boarding Time:                                         Departure Time:

From …….. (Name of Airport)                   To…(Destination Airport)

Flight gift certificate template

holiday and vacation gift voucher templatedownload-psd-file

Flight gift certificate templates

Vacation Gift Certificate Template in Word

The decision making for appropriate gifts suiting special occasions has become so simple with Vacation Gift Certificate in Word. One need not have to visit shopping malls and spend hours to select gifts. These certificates are so convenient and economical that many now prefer to use them.

What better gifts one can give and what better gifts the recipient (who has just got married or is going to marry soon) can expect than a Vacation Gift Certificate? The best part of these templates is that there is a provision for review and hence changes can be made if required.

A sample template is reproduced below.

Vacation Gift Certificate

(Name of Travel Agency)

Gift for …….. (Name)

Gift Value ……


Printable travel voucher template

holiday and vacation gift certificatedownload-psd-file

Printable travel voucher templates

Printable Travel Voucher Template

These travel vouchers are so handy – slightly bigger than credit cards and are so convenient to use for people going on vacation. Travel agencies know better the minds of their customers who get stuck in deciding an appropriate gift.

These Travel Voucher Templates take away the worries of picking the right gifts and carrying cash. These vouchers can be created in MS Word in formal, informal or humorous style. The graphics can be added or left in a simple format. The best part is they can be previewed before downloading and printing.

Sample travel voucher

summer vacation gift certificate


Sample travel vouchers

Tour Voucher Template

During business or official tour, it is very cumbersome for people to keep track of various expenses. Tour Voucher Templates come handy and information relating to different heads can be filled in separate rows and columns provided.

A typical format is reproduced below.

Date                                                                                       Amount

Pay to ………………Name


Description of expenses:

Purpose of expenses:

Receipts/Bills ………….Attached Yes/No

Person requesting payment………

Approved by…….

Special instructions:

Tour voucher template

Tour and Travel vacation gift certificate


Tour voucher templates

Travel Agency Voucher Template

 Travel agencies make good use of these Travel Vouchers so that their customers and travelers can get services and facilities in exchanging them.

These Voucher Templates have all the functions for all that can be made in a few minutes.

It is customary to mention in these templates your business for people to know for publicity without extra cost.


Travel agency voucher template

tour travel vacation gift certificate


Travel agency voucher templates

Vacation Package Gift Certificate

It is said that people going on vacations want to take double the clothes they need and spend half the money. Vacation Package Gift Certificates are the ideal choice for someone you love or for employees whom you want to reward.

Not only the destination and duration for the vacation are mentioned, they also include the name of the Hotels and other amnesties to be provided. It also shows whether tickets for visits to famous parks or dinner at restaurants have been arranged. The hassles for reservations or admissions are thankfully taken care of.

The important information given on the vacation package gift certificates are:

Departure Date and time:

Place to report:

Place of stay:


No. of adults:

In addition, one can add one’s personal message like ‘Bon Voyage’ as these certificates are customizable.

Travel gift certificate sample

tour travel vacation gift certificatedownload-psd-file

Travel gift certificate samples

Free Travel Gift Certificate Template

Making a Travel Gift Certificate at home in minutes is now a child’s play – thanks to many free templates available online. They can be edited and customized with so much ease. To impress your recipient with your special certificate that would display your creativity, following these simple steps is all that is necessary.

  1. Change of images can be done from one’s own or selected from libraries offering thousands of graphics and images.
  2. Changing the font to meet one’s preferences is so easy.
  3. Change of the background can be made by using any other image.
  4. Change of the color of the text or background is effortlessly done.

Travel gift certificate template

travel holiday gift certificatedownload-psd-file

Travel gift certificate templates

Travel Voucher Gift Certificate Template

These templates, in general, have space for following basic details.

Gift Certificate


Presented to …………. (Recipient’s name)

Gift Certificate Value ………

With Compliments from

(Purchaser’s name)

These Travel Voucher Gift certificates have images of aero planes or yachts or beaches and these can be edited easily.


Travel gift vouchers template

summer vacation gift certificate


Travel gift vouchers templates

Travel Voucher Template Excel

It is advisable to keep track of expenses under different heads while travelling. It helps to review easily and take corrective steps in future. If it has to be submitted to office, it makes the task of approving authority much simpler. Excel is most convenient and common form for these templates.

The various columns can be customized depending upon pattern of expenses. One typical template in excel could have following columns.

1          2              3               4           5             6           7               8               9        10

Date  Amount  Description  Hotel  Transport  Meals  Phone  Entertainment  Misc    Total



These templates have the following at the bottom.

Approved By…..                                                  Notes…..

Trip gift certificate template

world vacation gift certificatedownload-psd-file

Trip gift certificate templates

Vacation Gift Certificate Template     

  There are many certificate templates available free for download and these can be edited and customized. A lot of decision-making hassles can be avoided by using these lovable certificates. They usually carry pictures of aero planes, sea beaches or snorkel diving which would definitely ignite imaginations of recipients into strong desire for vacationing.

A typical Vacation Gift Certificate Template would read like this:

Vacation Gift Certificate

This certificate entitles …… (Name) for vacations at (Name of the place)

From   ……. (Date) to …..  (Date).

This certificate is   valid for ….. (Number of persons)

You will stay at ….. (Hotel name) in standard double-bedded rooms

With Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

With love from ……..

Vacation gift certificate template

Vacation gift certificate templates

Cruise Gift Certificate Template

These templates are specially designed for cruises. To raise passions of the recipients, there is an image of a cruise on the left and other information on the right in the layout. They are available for free download and can be edited and customized easily.

A typical Cruise Gift Certificate Template would read as given below.

Gift Certificate

Issued To ………………..

This certificate entitles you to ………………… (Cruise details)

Issued By ………..                                                Expires on ………

Vacation voucher template

Vacation voucher templates


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