16 Personalized Auto Detailing Gift Certificate Templates


An auto-detailing business can be a lucrative venture. Many confuse it with a simple car wash, but it is more than just that! If you are a newbie entrepreneur who is willing to enter into this business, having some auto-detailing gift certificates can be a good idea. Today, customers love to have gift certificates. Also, gifting such a certificate to any of your customer can make him refer you to friends or colleagues. In short, your business can grow by word of mouth with such certificates.

Sounds great right!

However, I agree that it may not be possible for you to create such a certificate from scratch. Being an entrepreneur into the auto-detailing business, you always have to be on your toes. Also, hiring a professional to get a template can be expensive.


So, what is the solution?

See, the solution is simple as I am going here to guide you to create an auto-detailing gift certificate from scratch. Yes, with simple guidance, you can learn to make a certificate that will look professional. If nothing works, you can always have the free automotive gift certificate templates designed by me! Yes, just have a look at the free printable templates and choose the ones that you think are best. Click and download the same without spending a penny to have readymade templates that you can use for your auto-detailing business within no time.


You need to learn the words that you can put in such templates. So, here we go.

Wordings for an auto-detailing gift certificate

Since it is a gift certificate presented by a company to a customer; the wordings for such a certificate will differ from the certificate wordings that you might have noticed for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. It will also differ from the wordings included in certificates given away by spa or salons to their customers. So, lets’ have a look:


Words can be as per your choice but it must convey clearly that who is receiving the certificate and who is presenting the same. Also, there should be room for mentioning the type of service, purchase date, expiration date of the certificate, and gift certificate number.

Giving your business contact number and website URL (if any) is also a good practice to follow to spread a word about your business and catch the attention of potential customers. As social media has now a profound influence, you can also include your Facebook account on the certificate at one corner or preferably at the bottom of the certificate design.  If you feel you can also include words like “not redeem for cash” or even a list of your auto-detailing services in small font size.

Things to do to design an auto-detailing gift certificate

Although, there is nothing very specific regarding the design of an auto-detailing gift certificate, there are few things that you can keep in your mind to have a professional looking gift certificate. For example, it is better to insert a certificate border in the same by using your basic Microsoft Word skills. Since it is a service, avoid fancy or decorative borders. Also, it is best to keep the certificate design simple like either aligning all the text at the center or to the right of a relevant image. Now, the image could be most probably of a model of car for which you are rendering your auto-detailing service or an illustration of a car. Sometimes, service providers also choose to include images of a Christmas tree or Christmas bells if they are gifting the same on the eve of Christmas or around the same period. Also, make sure that the font size and color of the text should be such that it becomes easily readable.

You need to remember that you can always use our gift certificate templates for free. If you need to have printable car wash coupons or free car wash tickets, you can also tweak our templates a little to get the free car wash ticket template. Please spare a few moments to share your views about our carefully collected templates in the comment section below. Believe me; your views are really valuable to us!

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