Mafia is a category of crime organization that is infamous for the use of threats and physical violence to protect their clients from any law-enforcing administrator or for the crimes of illegal trading of riches, money laundering, drug trafficking, etc.


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It is a form of crime wherein the burglar or thief breaks into a house in order to steal items of value or other significance.


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These professionals receive the same law education as lawyers but with a juris doctor degree, and their job entitles them to give legal advice outside the courtroom.


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It is a set of rules and rights as per the law that gives consumers the entitlement to knowledge about goods and services, brands and fair trade.


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It is a field of law that stands for moral and social uprightness, with a set of regulations which if defied fall under its purview.


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Regarded as the supreme law governing India, the Constitution is a book dictating the structures, powers, procedures and framework of the Government of India, along with the fundamental rights and duties of its citizens.

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Also known as street journalism, it is based upon citizens taking up journalistic work such as the collecting and reporting of information pertaining to citizen rights in moral and social contexts.

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It is a type of consensus or settlement between international organisations and governments when there is conflict such as war crimes. Free-Legal-Powerpoint-Template206 Continue reading

It is the set of rules and regulations that govern the way we live, and is enforced through social organisations and public institutions to administer human behaviour and maintain decorum.

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It is a field of law consisting of the various acts and procedures that govern members of the military, also known as the armed forces. Free-Legal-Powerpoint-Template208

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A solicitor is a legal professional who deals with matters pertaining to matters of law in courts and its authority.

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It is a form of governance method where a set of established individuals in an administration position monitor and punish individuals performing criminal activities that endanger the security of societies.

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