Medicines are used for the treatment of illnesses and diseases, from small to large complications.

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Medical abbreviations are used very often in medical practices and science, and it is used for maintaining efficiency and conciseness.

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The free PowerPoint template can be downloaded by medical hospital staff and pre-med students interning at hospitals for presentation at rural villages and towns, with image clips of certain symptoms of common illnesses and with video clips aiming at creating awareness on healthcare services and other important issues pertaining to its location such as birth control issues, malaria, etc. Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template100 Continue reading

This free medical template has the image clip of a doctor in a white coat and with a stethoscope, a commonly used medical instrument and it overall signifies the profession.Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template101 Continue reading

 First Aid is the help provided by any individual, a medical professional or someone versed with the procedure to save someone’s sudden health condition or illness from deteriorating further and prevention of its further occurrence.

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Also known as contraception, birth control aims at prevention of pregnancy and curbing the population of any area from burgeoning or increasing through planning ahead.

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The human heart is a very important organ responsible for keeping the blood pumping and oxygen being circulated throughout the body, and for keeping us alive and breathing.

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It is necessary for every individual, irrespective of his or her age to get a health check-up done regularly as they could point to the development of any potential medical complications and their prevention subsequently.  Free-Medical-Powerpoint-Template105 Continue reading

It is the discipline of medical science wherein the technique of preparing medicines and drugs are learnt, and involves extensive knowledge of chemistry and biology as well.

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It is an ancient symbol of Grecian origin that represented commerce, but became associated with its representation as a symbol of medicine since the 19th century after several documentation errors.

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Nurses are individuals in the medical science field who assist doctors and other medical experts in research work, and in taking personalized care of patients as care providers.

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Medical students are expected to be well versed with not just the knowledge of the body, but with the medical instruments used for surgical purposes and for detection of potential illnesses

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