Top 10 Specialized Manicure Gift Certificate Templates


A popular saying about manicure – ‘Nails without a little sparkle is like a cake without frosting’s’ gives an inkling of the importance of manicure. It is no more merely cosmetic beauty treatment of fingernails and hands. Besides filing and clipping of nails, the treatment extends to massaging of hand and application of fingernail polish. To get such professional services from manicurists and salons, Manicure Gift Certificate Templates can be used.

Free Printable Manicure Gift Certificate

Manicure Gift Certificate

Manicure Gift Certificate Templates

There are many free Manicure Gift Certificate Templates which can be downloaded and edited. These customized certificates have space for personal messages too. The easy steps for making these certificates are:

1: Select template of your choice.

2: Download the same.

3: Edit and add personal messages.

4: Print

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Manicure Gift Certificate Template

Manicure Gift Cards

Some prefer to use Manicure Gift cards instead of Manicure Gift Certificates. The two are basically same except some small differences in size etc. These cards can be downloaded like the certificate templates and edited to make them customizable.

One such sample gift card is reproduced below.

Interestingly, most cards carry images suggestive of manicure like scissors, nail cutters etc.

Manicure pedicure gift certificate

Manicure and Pedicure Gift Certificate Template:

If a manicure is for cosmetic treatment of fingernails, a pedicure is for the treatment of feet and toenails. A pedicure is not just taking care of the toenails but includes removal of dead skin by rubbing pumice stone at the bottom of the feet. It is realized that taking care of only fingernails and ignoring toenails or vice versa may not be the right thing to do.

So it is no surprise that customers who ask for manicure also ask for a pedicure. Cashing on this, many salons offer services both for manicure and pedicure. They display their services under the banner as “Mani Pedi”. That makes customers happy that they do not have to go to two different salons –one for a manicure and another for a pedicure.

Manicure pedicure gift certificates

Manicure Gift Certificate Design

Manicure salons are having nail-biting competition these days. To impress the recipients as well as to get the best publicity, Manicure Gift Certificate Designs are proliferating. There are hundreds of templates available for selection online.

Since both Manicure and Pedicure services are sought by the majority of clients, these services are available many times in the same salons. It is, therefore, a common feature in Manicure Gift designs to carry images of slippers or footwears.

Some Gift Certificates are designed in a way that answers FAQs of the customers.

One such Certificate design mentions the types of manicure done.

Solar Nails

Gel Nails

Diamond Nails


Nail Art

Nail gift certificate design


Nail salon gift certificate

Manicure Gift Certificate Template Word:

For those having little time but desire to present their relatives or friends with a unique Manicure Gift Certificate, it has been made possible without hassles to get them with the help of Word. There are hundreds of templates available for free download. These certificates are editable and can be customized with personal messages in home comfort.

Apart from details like the name of the recipient and the person making the gift for a specified amount which is part of every Gift Certificate, any personal messages you fill in making them stand out.

Just one can add even a quip ‘I make nail contact before making eye contact’.

Nail salon gift certificate template

Nail salon gift certificates

Nail voucher template

The format of these certificates usually reads as:

Gift Certificate

From ………………………………….

To ………………………………………….

Amount …………………………………….

Date of Expiry ………………………….

Authorized By ………………………….

These certificates have names of salons given prominently at the top. They also carry details of business hours. The most distinctive feature of these certificates is that they often show images of tender and delicate hands showing nails.

Though it appears to be simple, it stands out because of the image of two tender hands displaying nails with vibrant color nail polish.

For gifting Manicure and Pedicure Gift Certificates to near and dear ones, lots of free templates are available online which can be downloaded, edited and customized. The selection of images is somewhat tricky since both services are covered. One finds images of scissors and other clippers lying beside slippers. It is a subtle attempt to trigger visualization of the services provided by the salons.

These certificates are being used extensively for giving cosmetic treatment to both fingernails and toenails to look trim and trendy. However, a word or may be noted. All the tools used in salons are potential sources of infection. So one should make sure to go to only salons where proper hygiene is maintained for trouble-free manicure and pedicure.


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