Teacher Of The Month Certificate Templates : 11+ Word Award Templates


Do you know? Teacher’s profession plays a vital role in shaping any individual. More than parents, teachers contribute in every child’s development. But, sadly most often we forget to appreciate them.

No worries just make use of this page to download Teacher of the month certificate templates. After all being a human being and doing such a fantastic job certainly deserves applause.

I promise you to provide all the information required to know about the teacher of the month award.

Come on, show your gratitude by downloading these certificates and customize per your need to appreciate your deserving teacher.

Best Teacher Award Certificate

Certificate Of Recognition For Teacher Of The Month

Who Should Appreciate A Teacher?

 Well, I agree a teacher deserves appreciation. But the question is, who must recognize the efforts of a teacher.

The answer is simple, the students. No, it does not stop there; people listed in the section below can also join hands to award the teacher for all his/her efforts in grooming a child.

  • Students must learn the way of showing gratefulness and appreciation only can make a teacher happy.
  • Parents also must take the responsibility to thank a teacher who makes sure your son/daughter comes out in flying colors.
  • The school management or the organization that enrolls teachers must come forward to identify their real work with a token of appreciation.

So now, the list has many stakeholders to value the efforts of the teacher. Then just get your favorite Teacher of the month certificate templates from here and feel happy by showing your gratitude.

Feel free to change the wordings per your creativity.

Certificate Of Teacher Of The Month

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Certificate

Teacher Of The Month – Selection Criteria

OK, now you want to know the reasons to appreciate a teacher. Get going by reading the selection criteria. Though you need not limit yourself to these aspects to judge a teacher’s good work, you may use these inputs. Allow your thoughts to flow to add more to this list.

Classroom Excellence – And you know what? The classroom is any teacher’s playground. Yes, they know they need to play and coach. A teacher must demonstrate their teaching not only by just talking but also by doing things practically to get the attention of children.

Free Printable Teacher Of The Month Certificate

Free Teacher Of The Month Certificate

Creativity and Innovation – Yes, a teacher helps us understand the details of all lessons printed in the book. But that pinch of creativity added to it will make anyone understand the lessons quickly. Most of us look for a teacher who can relate lessons to real events in life and make things clear. The enormous amount of imagination is required for a teacher to accomplish this task.

Sample Teacher Of The Month Certificate

Teacher Appreciation Certificate Template

Leadership – I am sure you will agree with me. Getting the attention of students requires a talent, and only a teacher can make it happen. I name that talent a leadership. Being arrogant can make others afraid of you, but being a leader can bring everyone closer to you. Closer the students with their teachers brighter become their future. 

Motivation – This skill requires a lot of patience. Only a good teacher has patience, and only endurance can drive teachers to motivate the inbuilt skills of a student. Driving a bright student alone won’t suffice, but to understand the ability of an average student and to encourage him/her makes the best teacher. 

Dedication and Communication – Above all passion for teaching contributes towards their dedication in teaching. The dedicated teacher becomes the best communicator. Communication does not necessarily mean to talk a great language but to listen and talk and understanding language.

Simple criteria right? No, it is not. You need to understand a teacher to appreciate better.

Teacher Of The Month Certificate Template

Teacher Of The Month Printable Certificate

Teacher of the Month Certificate – Ideas

 Based on the criteria’s mentioned above you have identified the best teacher. And now You start to worry about inspiring ideas for making the best teacher of the month certificate.

Let’s jump right in.

Teacher Of The Year Certificate

Top 5 Ideas To Make The Best Teacher Of The Month Certificate to Double Your Joy 

Every individual loves to get appreciation. The teacher is not an exception to it. Just print this teacher of the month certificate templates from here and make your teacher proud.

Also, make the event a memorable one by following one the ten ideas posted here.

Personalize the appreciation certificate with wordings and photo. Steal some wordings from here and be happy.  Yes, certificates make the best gift as preserving it for years make your teacher feel nice.

  1. Arrange for a Teacher Appreciation Day in a month and host a small lunch party in the school premises and give them the certificates. A good gesture to recognize their efforts throughout the month.
  2. Motivate children to send handwritten letters quite often to teachers highlighting the support in grooming them. Try and publish them in the bulletin board to encourage other teachers as well.
  3. Announce a day and let teachers come in Jeans. Give them a break from the usual costume well known as a teacher. And to make it more explicit inform teachers to earn that privilege which will make them feel good to come differently in recognition for their contribution.
  4. Give out gift certificates to those who have never absent themselves from school. Adding spice to it provide options like a certificate for a spa, books, CD, dinner, or movie.
  5. Celebrate the teacher of the month birthday to honor their service. Get all together in a place and start a pamper chain game. Yes, one must start pampering the teacher with great words and the chain goes on.

Teacher Of The Month Certificate Wordings

 Feels Good To Offer A Certificate To Teachers By Various Methods. But Dearth For Wordings? No Issues, As Mentioned Just Grab Few From Here To Ignite Your Creativity.

You Deserve This Certificate For Making An Important Impact On Our Lives.

We Will Never Let You And Will Always Remember You For Your Professionalism, Dedication, And Leadership.

In Acknowledgment Of Your Novel Teaching Method, You Made It Happen In Every Student Life. Congratulations!

Thank You For Being With Us All During This One Month In The Journey Of Getting To Know New Things Creatively. Your Patience Saluted!

While, the value of a sincere, dedicated, hardworking, passionate teacher deserves an appreciation certificate every month. Don’t you feel so?  Don’t wait and create an occasion to express your thanks, just download the template from here and make your teacher feel swollen with pride today and forever.


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