Many companies prefer an end of the year bonus or taking their staff to a lavish lunch to get the same results. Both are expensive but employee appreciation certificates are inexpensive and yet serve the desired purpose wonderfully.

So, here we are presenting for you a nice collection of free certificates of appreciation for employees that you can download and print effortlessly. Please have a look and pick the one that you think is best.

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Are you running a school and willing to recognize talented students and teacher for their efforts towards academic success? Recognize the talent and reward your Honor students and teachers with our Honor Roll Certificates. These recognition certificates are perfect for classroom and school-wide awards. Keep reading our article to get more information.  Continue reading

Everybody expects to receive a reward certificate for being brave or performing any courageous act!! So, do not forget to reward anyone for their courageous success. Find out our lovely Bravery Certificates Templates to reward anybody showing bravery. Please continue reading to know more about our Bravery Certificate Templates. Continue reading

The employment verification letters are like check points which serves as proof of employment used for various purposes in our day-today life. It is quite interesting to know about employment verification letters. Let us get started!! What is a verification of employment letter? Employment verification letter is a written document that confirms an employee’s current […]

All products that are produced must bear a certificate of compliance. It is also known as a Certificate of Conformity or a Certificate of Compliance. It is nothing but a document issued by a competent authority to guarantee that goods plus services meet requisite stipulations. To make it convenient for you we have provided a lot of Certificate of compliance templates on this site. They are all free and you can use them at will. These templates are available in Microsoft word, excel and pdf file. Continue reading

Award those who have made it — pick from our assortment of certificate designs and modify them for any accomplishment. Our Superlative certificate templates can be utilized for any reason. You can use the printable superlatives list to give an award to each student. Even as you have students with the finest hair and finest smile commemorated in your yearbook superlative part, there is a small trap you can apply to save yourself the trouble of a large, school-wide vote and, simultaneously, bring those honor more in order with your community’s center values by using our Superlative certificate templates. Continue reading

Awesome is a word used describing a person who is good at something than the others or profound at doing a particular thing. People are awesome and to display the unique charismatic qualities of the people certificate of awesomeness is awarded. Continue reading

Obtaining certificate is a pride. Even, a little one as small as an infant loves to have a hug as a token of appreciation.

Do you think elders won’t look for?

Indeed a certificate confirms completion of a work. It could be a training program, a sporting event, or any competition. You must use the certificate of completion at work, home, and every other place to acknowledge the achievement of an act. Continue reading

What is COC?

Certificate of Conformance or otherwise known as COC is a statement of the conformance or compliance with the signature consent of EC. The main objective of this certificate is to guarantee the free movement of good within the enclosure of the European Union. Although it asserts its importance on all kinds of goods, it stresses mostly on that merchandise which is expected to undergo homologation and registration. Continue reading

Are you an organizer of a netball tournament or planning to organize one within your locality or at a higher level? Are you thinking to give away netball certificates to each team player or those who have exhibited an accomplished performance? If yes, this is simply wonderful to recognize the efforts of players participating in a tournament. However, I know that your biggest hurdle in accomplishing such a noble task will be how to get professionally designing netball certificates. Continue reading

Are you an institution head, thinking of giving some kind of recognition to the sustained efforts of the scouts of your educational organization? If yes, indeed the idea is a noble one as scouting is immensely taxing both physically and mentally.  I also agree that you have no time to do the designing yourself. So, the best thing that you can do is to make use of our scout certificate templates that I will offer to you for free! Continue reading

Cooking is an art and for some, it’s a passion to serve cooking to others. So many people to pursue this passion they undergo severe training in the cooking field to acquire the desired skills. They go through tremendous amount of teachings to become a good cook and serve the customers. But how can a person be judged as a professional cook or experienced cook who have skill.

In the line of cooking a person can learn cooking skills by either working in restaurants or few who are self-taught. But the one thing which describes their skills when it comes to the cooking is the cooking certificate. A cooking certificate is an official document which is given to the cooks by the organization where a cook worked before. Continue reading