19 Athletic Certificate Templates For Schools & Clubs (Free Download in Word)


Are you running a sports organization or a sports facility where kids, youth or adults receive training in any type of sports or strength training? If yes, you are probably looking for athletics certificate templates to present the same to your students or participants.

I agree that although you want such templates badly, chances are low that you can create one from scratch if you are not familiar with any designing tools like Adobe Photoshop or other. Also, you may be pre-occupied with supervising your organization day-to-day activities that will make it more difficult to get some time to invest in designing.

Well, there is no need to worry as you can indeed have an easy access to some wonderful Athletics certificate templates that will make your work easier. You will need to only take a print out and then fill the template with the recipient’s name, date, and other event details to use the same as a professional certificate.

I am here to help you in this regard by showing you also an easy way to create athletic certificates using your existing computer skills, which I guess may include Microsoft Word for sure. I will unfold all the steps one by one so that there will be no difficulty in doing the same.

Free Athletic Certificate Templates

Athletic Achievement Certificate Template

downloadAthletic Administration Certificatedownload

Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate


Athletic And Outdoor Certificate


Athletic And Outdoor Industry Certificate


What to write in an athletic certificate

Before you have started designing you first athletic certificate template, the million dollar question is always what to write. First, you need to extremely precise if while writing award certificate wording. For example, in such a case, the words should include a header, recipient’s name, the reason for presenting the certificate/award, name of the event in which he or she has participated, the date on which certificate is presented or you are going to present, and signature.

It is a good practice to leave blank spaces above date and authorized signatory. Moreover, the event may postpone due to unforeseen reasons.


You don’t have to think too much if you are still unsure about wording as you can always get an idea by having a close view of my free printable running certificates or I can say athletic certificate templates. The key is to choose simple words for writing anything in your certificate and to include a good heading which is convenient to put as Athletic Certificate or an Award Certificate.

Athletic Certificate Of Participation


Athletic Club Gift Certificate


Athletic Coaching Certificate


Athletic Injury Management Certificate


Athletic Letter Certificate


Athletic Participation Certificate


As if this is not enough…

I am presenting here some generic headings that you can use in your athletic certificate. Here, we go…

There are also ample resources over the web regarding the right wordings that you can put in a athletic certificate.

Athletic Participation Certificate Template


Athletic Promotional Events Certificate Of Authenticity


Athletic Scholarship Certificate


Certificate In Athletic Administration




Step by step creation of an athletic certificate

I am now writing here all the steps to create an athletic certificate using your existing knowledge in MS Word. Let’s have a look.

  1. Open Microsoft word document and click on START button to the extreme top-right corner of your screen
  2. Now, click on NEW and a new window will appear on your screen that will have three panes
  3. Choose CERTIFICATES or AWARD CERTIFICATES from the left pane and a range of certificates will appear in the middle pane via Microsoft Office Online Search.
  4. Choose the one that seems to suit best or will require minimal edit from your side and press the DOWNLOAD button to the right-bottom of your window
  5. Go through the CERTIFICATE TEMPLATE that you have downloaded just now and identify the places that you need to apply any change
  6. In most cases, you will need to replace the existing HEADER with the one that you have prepared or written previously.
  7. Try to keep in large size relative to the remaining text and also edit the remaining text as per the text that you have prepared.
  8. Change the text size and font type or font color as per your preference to make it look attractive and sophisticated
  9. Insert an image of athlete or sportsperson within the certificate. You can download such an image from the web, but make sure it is without any watermark and is free for commercial use.
  10. You can either insert the image as a background or within a rectangle, circle or any other shape. For more help you can have a view of our athletics certificate templates. This will help in positioning the image better within the certificate.
  11. Review the whole certificate again and look at the print preview to check whether it is looking appropriate or not
  12. Now save the FILE and PRINT it on a certificate or parchment paper. For an enhanced look you can print your certificate on a foil paper with metallic border and a golden seal. It will, prove expensive. but will look extremely elegant

Certificate In Athletic Therapy


Certificate In Athletic Training Ust


High School Athletic Certificate


Athletes certainly deserves an award and applause whenever they reach any milestone or display an outstanding performance. We have presented a small collection of athletic certificate templates which you can download and use readily as per your convenience.

I sincerely hope that you will definitely love my athletic certificate templates and can use the instructions to create your own certificates within minimum time.

Please share your thoughts and opinions regarding our collection in the comment section.


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