Hey, welcome! So you want to invitation card for a birthday. Tired of searching for birthday invitations online? I understand your excitement. You have landed in the right place.

Yes, I have given many free printable birthday party invitations. Whether you want free birthday invitation cards for your 1-year-old baby, free birthday invitation templates for inviting your friends for your father’s 50th birthday, or create your invitations, just relax and read my article.

You will find all details under one roof including free printable birthday invitations for kids, free birthday invitation templates for adults, birthday invitation wordings, tips to create birthday invitation card with photo. Also, birthday invitation themes for Boys and Girls, Ideas to celebrate your kids birthday, plans to prepare food on the anniversary, and much more.

Read the details on your move and feel free to print any birthday invitation card. I also welcome the birthday party event planners to take inputs from my site to provide free online birthday invitations to your customers along with your add-on services.

OK, I understand that you are eagerly waiting to know all details. Let’s jump right in and prepare for a birthday invitation message.

Basic Details included in Birthday Invitation

When you want to write a letter to invite a friend to a birthday party, you do that with an appealing first birthday invitation card.   And you know what? You need to understand the essential details required to customize the card.


Listed the details below, for your reference

The name of the person, either the kid or an adult for whom you are making the birthday invitation. Find my way of writing; I proudly invite you to Ajay’s 7th birthday party. Please join us to make the show a grand celebration.

Then mention the date on which you are planning to celebrate the birthday. Write the day and date to avoid confusions if any.

Next, comes the time. Time takes equal importance as the date to let know your guest to be on time.

Where is it happening? You have written for whom, date, and time. Good job, but, what next? Give the address details of the venue. Include the clear directions.

RSVP, becoming very important these days. As we need to plan for the cake, food, and gift item. Do we need to know how many will attend the celebration?  Include RSVP and make sure it is legible for your guest to understand it and fill the same.

Post any additional Inputs required like the theme of the party, dress code if any, the color of the dress, etc. based on your plan.

Birthday invitations wording

Kindly bear with me, as I’m going to show you how to write funny birthday invitation wording for kids, funny birthday invitation wording for adults, and formal birthday invitation wording.

You have written all the usual details. Now it’s time to frame your own words to invite your family and friends. Inspire from the following phrases.

You can write these wordings either in your invitation to customize or in your SMS/Whatsapp/Email to invite.

  1. Come to our place for fun. We want you to be with us for celebrating the birthday of our little angel who is turning four on 4th
  2. Wow, it’s a fun time, a special treat, Our son will cut the cake, and we all can eat and dance with joy. Please join the party and bless the naughty little
  3. Lift your glass; it’s time to say cheers; My birthday has come before I could realize that I am 18. It’s my pleasure to have you with me on a magical day.
  4. Join us to celebrate the birthday of one brilliant man, Yes, it’s a surprise party, don’t shout loud until the 26th September comes for greeting DAD Happy Birthday.
  5. Before we could get out of the joy of his birth, he’s grown; our baby boy will complete One on 15th Come and help to accept reality and celebrate the special day.

  • Inviting all cowboys, spurs, Saddle up to come and celebrate our buckaroo, Mark is turning TWO!
  • Would he be a cricketer or a spaceman? It’s still a secret, but we know it is his birthday. Join hands to cheer him,
  • I am growing old, yes I am 50 this August 31st. Come to share my joy.
  • It is indeed fun to grow; I trouble my parents in this process, I am 16 and want you to wish me Happy Birthday and wish my parents Best of luck to deal with me.
  • Congratulate MOM for challenging life and always winning, inviting you to wish her Happy Birthday on 4th Aug for on the same day she landed on earth 70 years back.


  1. Say no to toys and yes to all the beauty products, yes I am 18, and I am going to college. Join me for my birthday party.
  2. We are glad that he is 21 years old and want to have a cocktail party on his birthday. Bring your glasses to drink with him.
  3. My husband’s 1st birthday, surprising? Yes, after he married me he is celebrating his birthday on 21st Nov, join me to appreciate the brave man for handling a tough lady in his life.
  4. Celebrating life! 6 decades is just not a joke! Dad sailed through all difficult time with a smile on his face. Come and get his blessings on his birthday.
  5. My grandma is 80, but for the wrinkles, in her face, she is strong in her heart. Join the celebration and seek blessings from that iron lady.

Make use of these wordings by including the details you want to. Use these wordings for 1st, 5th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 50th, 60th, or 80th. Trust, I have given a sample for all.

Enlightened with the wordings? Don’t as you have more to go. Just check this.

How to Design your Birthday Invitations?

I am sure you like my free printable invitations. Download and use it. If you wish to create your birthday invitations, then I will guide you the way.

You will find many free printable invitation makers across the web. Even many invitation maker apps are becoming popular.


Tips to design your Birthday invitation

If you know little graphics and illustrations, then you can do wonders with your invitation. One best design that cannot be copied by anyone else?

And guess what? Yes, you’re right, the birthday baby’s photo. Use my free birthday invitations templates with the option provided for you to include a photo. Simply download that and add the photo. Am I correct?  Design your exclusive free birthday invitations with the picture.

Cute, isn’t it?

Now photo included next need to print the invitation card template. Use a high-quality printing paper and give a professional look for your kids birthday invitations.

Sounds easy enough, but the final touch to highlight your design becomes necessary.  Use appropriate envelope, seal it with a themed sticker to let your guest do the guesswork.


Birthday Invitation Themes

When you want to give your best to your kid, dad, mom, spouse, or yourself, theme plays a significant role. A birthday party without a theme makes the event dull. To begin with let me list down Birthday invitation themes.

Design invitation in such that it conveys your theme to the guest invited. Let them come prepared to compliment you for all your efforts.

I have managed to give you a list covering all age groups. Select free birthday invitation templates matching your theme and rock the show.

I have limited the unlimited items list with the best themes.


A to Z Birthday Themes

  • Art Party •Butterfly Party •Cheese and Wine Party
  • Dinosaur Party •Egyptian Party •Fairy: Glitter Fairy Princess
  • Grand Prix Race Car Party •Honey Bee Party •Insect/Bug Party
  • Jungle Party •Hello Kitty Party •Gardener Party
  • Mermaid •Olympic Party •Playtime Party
  • Rock Climbing Party •Sleepover Party •Teapot/Teacup Tea Party
  • Truck Party •Under the Sea Party •Vineyard Party
  • Water Park Party (sprinklers) •Wine Tasting Party •Zoo Party

It sounds simple. But it isn’t. Ask me why? Because you must know how to fit these themes into?

I will help you on that.

Let me give you few examples, and then you will know it.

Vineyard Party: This theme aptly suits for age 60 and above birthday parties. As mature as a vine.

Sleepover Party: Ideal for the girls at the age of 18 and above. They always love to have that night fun with their girlfriends.

Rock Climbing Party: Best for the naughty boys and girls.

Mermaid Party: For the beautiful little princess.

Gardener Party: Suits the mom who loves her garden after her 60.

So by now, you are getting a grip on how to select a theme. Great! Keep going.


Birthday Milestone Party Invitations

Yes, you know that celebrating 1st Birthday is special, 5th Birthday again becomes unique because your little one starts going to school. 16th anniversary marks sweet sixteen with all teen challenges, deserves a party.

On the 18th Year something special, again for 21 you become a grad and so special for you. 30 years reminds you to become responsible. 40 years call you for watching and managing the same you in your kids.

At 50 running around to get your daughter married. And finally, it’s time to retire from work when you’re 60. After that every year you get as a bonus to live. So celebrate your life with your grandchildren. Then when you complete 80, you deserve applause for managing the show well all through your journey.

So what’s the number this year? Every time you finish one decade you need to celebrate. That’s all about milestones.

Do I mean to say you celebrate only the milestones I mentioned, certainly not, celebrate every year on your birthday for you are always special?

I have provided you with loads of options to use free printable birthday invitations across all ages.

Birthday Invitation DIY Ideas

You want me to give you ideas to make your birthday message? Here you go; I have revealed the secret behind the DIY.

You have a choice either to make an end to end birthday invitations or to use my free invitation templates and incorporate your DIY into it.

Make Origami art and express your entire creativeness.

Involve your little one with you while making your clay mold to stick it in the free invitations.

Ask your five years old kid to join you in making personalized cards with chart and paints.

At the age of ten kids old would love to make a PPT animation card. Just be with him/her to proudly invite your entire guest stating that your child made the card.

Go green DIY. Cards made out of old CD, Mosaic mirror card from old credit cards, flowers from newspapers all contributes to the go green DIY idea.

Think creative and do it yourself. Does it sound simple? Of course, it is.

Birthday Party Preparation

Let me walk you through the last area before I conclude my writing. Yes all about the checklist to conduct the birthday party smoothly. The well-planned event never fails. Print the checklist given below and use it.

One Month before birthday

  • Talk to all concerned people and decide on the theme.
  • Then narrow down on the activity choices and arrangement required.
  • Make sure on who needs to be part of the party.
  • Check for event organizers to send you necessary event



15 days before party

  • Confirm on the guest availability.
  • Print the birthday invitation template and send letters.
  • List down the activities for the birthday celebration.
  • Write down all that you’ll need from cake to food.

Let me help you with the things that you’ll need.

Art prerequisites, games material, tables and chairs, water coolers, serving plates, cups, plates, tablecloths, return gifts, goody bags.




Ten days before

  • It’s time to plan for the food menu.
  • Prepare a simple food list to suit any theme. Preferably go for finger chips, pizza, refreshing drinks, popcorn, and cake.
  • Make a note of the groceries required.
  • Find out whom you need to help you before and during the party. Connect with friends, elder children, relatives, help manage activities.


Seven days before

  • Get your house cleaned.
  • If it is an outdoor party, then clean up your garden, pool,
  • Do a follow up on RSVP for that final
  • Conclude on the cooking schedule.
  • You can even prepare food that has long shelf life and freezes


Three days before

  • Order for cake.
  • If you are making on your own, then make and freeze it. Do the icing on the day before.
  • Order for balloons and poppers.
  • Buy all necessary supplies.

Two days before

  • Start decorating the hall.
  • Get the grocery shopping done.
  • Check your house for any attention required and make it safe for guest to arrive.
  • Keep your cameras charged and ready to shoot. Have sufficient memory cards/films
  • Prepare goody bags.

The day before

  • Arrange the furniture.
  • Set up the tables and activity areas.
  • Decorate! Decorate! And Decorate!
  • Finish icing your cake.
  • Dice your vegetables for salad, marinate, rinse lettuce and freeze them.
  • Do the final cleaning.

The Day has come

  • Complete all cooking.
  • Collect your cakes.
  • Arrange food on table an hour before guest turn up.
  • Assign responsibility to the stakeholders. Do not run everything on your head. Allow the fun to embrace you as well.

Just during the party

  • Make sure the birthday baby gets the first piece of cake.
  • Serve the cake to all guest.
  • Make a note of the gifts and the person who it.
  • Conduct games and events.
  • Have food and fun.
  • Give return gifts to your guest.

After a couple of days, send a thank you note to all your guest and people who helped you. The gesture of thanking will stand longer than the birthday celebration.

Finally, breathe with all happiness

So what does all this mean? You have a great birthday party to your entire guest and made the birthday baby feel proud of you.

Yes, I am happy to help you in this journey. Feel free to visit my site for any free printable birthday party invitations. Refer my site anytime to get to know the nook and corner of birthday celebration.