Pet Adoption Certificate Template: 10 Creative and Fun customizable certificates

Pet Adoption is as serious as the adoption of a child. Giving home and a family to a homeless animal is as satisfying as taking care of a child. Animals, be it a cat or a dog, are just as much of a family member as the ones born in the family. It is well said that “Time spent with PETS is never wasted”.

Providing a home to a homeless animal is one of the greatest rewards one can achieve in their lives.It is necessary to find the pet which you are seeking  must be aware of all pros and cons of adopting a pet whether you are adopting a dog or a bird.

cat adoption certificate template

Pet can be your best friend and loyal one too. Whosoever is adopting a pet will must consider a point in their mind that the pet is now onward is their responsibilities. And trust us people the more you love your pet will more you get return in future.

Pet adoption is the process of taking responsibility for a pet that previous possessor has unrestrained to a shelter or rescue. Common sources of adopting a pet is animal shelters and rescue groups. There is also availability of pet adoption in ecommerce market.

certificate of pet adoption template

Benefits of adopting a pet

  • Sometimes when you adopt a pet they are already trained you don’t have the need to adopt them.
  • Your child will develop the affection and love with the pet as it develops with their own siblings.
  • When you adopt a pet from a rescue group or from a shelter you are giving a loving home to a deserving pet.
  • Most of the adoptable pets are happy, healthy and well trained.

So, here we are providing you with the free adoptable certificates having the colourful background. These templates are perfectly designed according to your requirements. Go and attain your favourite one.

dog adoption certificate printable

dog adoption certificate template

Fields necessary for adoption certificate

  • Name of the person adopting the pet.
  • Bread of the pet.
  • Name of the shelter or rescue group from which you are adopting.
  • Date
  • Place
  • Signature of both the institute and adopting person.

dog adoption certificate template free

Useful tips for designing

We are here not providing you only the certificates templates but will provide you the way to create it by yourself. Yes, we are discussing here some points with you with the help of that you can design one for you with the help of your creative skills.

  • Start your system and open Microsoft word.
  • Click on the file and then on the new in menu bar which is appearing at the top of the screen.
  • Out of three panels of the new window, click on the Award certificates in the first panel.
  • A range of certificates will be display on screen in the middle panel of the new window.
  • Choose one of the certificates that will seem most appropriate for you and click on the download button in the right hand side of the screen.
  • Open the downloaded certificate and Edit to include your heading and subheadings.
  • You can also include colorful pictures of different teddy bear and kids to make them more attractive.
  • Preview it carefully and then save the changes and print that certificate on a stiffed sheet.

pet-adoption certificate template paw patrol

A pet adoption certificate can be read as:

This is to certify that


Had adopted






Or it can be in another format which is described as



Into the family of


On the day of


In the year




pet adoption certificate- printable

Mock-up adoption Papers

As you know very well about adoption which is a legal process. Adoption papers are mandatory for the sake of either the child or the pet whatever you are adopting for their future rights.

In this serious or legal matter of adoption we are here with a funny and innovative to make this process a little bit sarcastic that is the mock-up version of adoption certificate. In this mock up version you can give the name to your pet something rowdy rat, mister miyagi, hotty cat.

pet adoption certificate template

A sample version we are describing you here is:

Miss Minny

Is welcoming her new friend

Mr. Sheru

On the day

In the presence of

Mr. and Mrs. Pussy

If your child has adopted the pet using our Mock-up version you will teach them their responsibilities regarding their pets as:

Miss Minny here by declared that she will take care of Mr. Sheru ‘s health and will give him food on time. And she will never deny with her duty.

pet adoption certificate template free

Different printable certificates

We are here providing you the different printable certificates on pet adoption. In reference to pet adoption you are having a wide range of pets you can adopt like dogs, cats, rats, bird and so on. We are here venturing the different colorful certificate according to the pet you are adopting. There are wide species of bird are also present for adoption like parrot, sparrow and so on.

We care about your precious time so we are providing you the certificates in which all you need is to download the certificate which will open in an editable format which will allow you to do mandatory changes according to your need.

pet rock adoption certificate template

Re-adoption Certificate

Re-adoption certificate is all about adopting a pet. This concept is all about responsibilities of pet on your Childs. You can teach your child regarding their responsibilities about the pets. With the help of these certificates you can tell them that you are signed under the mention conditions and you are the owner of the pet. So you are not allowed to deny from your words. In this way you can teach them the adequate and liability they have for their pets.