Adoption Certificate Template: 21 Free Certificates for you to Use

Adoption certificates are legal documents given to the family for adopting a child. The original adoption certificates are generally placed in the adoption records and sealed permanently. If you are someone wanted to get more information on adoption certificate process, please read our following article to get more information.

In this article, we are providing free certificates for adoption.

“Adoption is when a child grows in its mommy heart instead of her tummy.”

Adoption is way for a couple to complete their family and for a child to have a family. It’s a bond that goes beyond the blood ties. Adoption is a legal procedure hence it demands a documental proof. This is where the plays its role.

Legally, adoption is referred as the transfer of the parental rights of a child from one set of parents to another. Once an associate degree of  adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents are legally the parents in each and every sense of the word. But leaving the definition at that misses the heart behind adoption.

Adoption birth certificate

Adoption certificate template dog

Adoption certificates are legal document given by the adoption agency to soon-to-be parents of an adopted child. The document certifies the official name given to the child by the parents, the name of the parents, the place of adoption, date and other important details related to the parties in adoption. Certificate templates are great as they cut down the time of creation of certificate and make ready within the least time.

Adoption certificate uk

Fields necessary for adoption certificate

Following are fields provided to give information which is considered mandatory in a certificate:

  • Name of the couple adopting the child.
  • Name of adoption agency or orphanage trust .
  • Name of child.
  • Date
  • Place
  • Signature of both, the agency and couple.


Animal adoption certificate

Useful tips while designing

The certificate is a life-long document. Hence the couple have every right to customize the design of the certificate which would document the most memorable day of their life.

Since it’s an adoption certificate, it can have colorful pictures of children, cartoons and other objects that seem appealing to the child.

The certificate can also be themed according to popular cartoon characters or Disney movies.

Once the designing of certificate is done the process of printing begins. Do print the certificate on a thick lustrous sheet in order to increase it’s shell-life.

Beanie boo adoption certificate

Blank adoption certificate template

Blank adoption certificate templates can allow the parents to design it according to their wish and also include information regarding the adoption which they find necessary to document. Here there are different formats of certificates according to your need. We are providing you the customizing template which let you make the modifications according to your need.

Simply just download these certificates and make the required modification according to your requirement.

Blank adoption certificate

Cabbage path adoption certificate

Cat adoption certificate template

Child adoption certificate template

Child adoption certificate is the document which certifies the adoption of the child by the couple through an adoption agency. According to your comfort download the certificate whatever you want. So don’t wait just go and download the certificate according to your requirements. We will also help you regarding the certificate designing as if you are adopting a girl child here is the certificate which is best suitable for girls. Here are themed certificate templates available for agencies and parents alike:

Child adoption certificate

Elf adoption certificate


Free adoption certificate template

Monster adoption certificate

Paw patrol puppy adoption certificate

Pet adoption certificate template

Adoption of a pet is as serious as adoption of a child. Giving home and a family to a home-less animal is as satisfying as taking care of a child. Animals, be it cat or a dog, are just as much of a family-member as the ones born in the family.

We are providing a wide variety of pet adoption certificate and you just have to simply download this and print on stuff sheet.

Pet adoption certificate is all for fun. So this adoption certificate will give more fun. These certificates are similar to the original one but had funny text instead of former one. Imaginations of children are beyond the universe, one may adopt a monkey or a bear so we have here different animated certificate’s according to your child’ wish.

A free pet adoption certificate read as

This is to certify that


Has adopted a very cute panda

Name given to panda …………

On ……..

Pet adoption certificate

Pet adoption paw patrol certificate

Puppy adoption certificate

Puppy adoption certififcate

Rabbit adoption certificate

Stuffed animal adoption certificate

Teddy adoption certificate

Toy adoption certificate template

Adopting a child involves so many legal procedures whereas toy adoption is very simple procedure. You can distribute these certificates in play school and kindergarten parties. Children will never know about the value of the certificate but will the animation pasteurised on the certificate.

A free toy adoption certificate read as:

This is to certify that


Has adopted




Toy adoption certificate is more of mock-document given to the child by their parent. The document allows the parent to make their child more responsible towards the thought of adoption.

Here we have a large variety of toy certificate for different kind of toys.

So what are you looking for? Give the certificate to your children and make them the parent of that toy and create a fun loving and responsible environment around themselves.

Toy adoption certificate