Cardiology is an important branch of medicinal science that deals with the functioning of the heart and circulatory system of both animals and humans.

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The muscular organ that along with the brain forms an essential part of breathing and being alive, the heart is located at the center of the body, and leans more towards the left side.

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It is an essential indicator of the proper functioning of the heart, and signifies the cardiac cycle of the organ.

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Also known as cardiovascular diseases, these are illnesses that affect the heart and/or its blood vessels which are the veins, capillaries and arteries.

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The heart’s functioning is essential to keeping alive, as it acts as a pump that pushes and delivers blood through the entire body, after passage through the lungs and blood vessels.

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Fitness and staying active can help in keeping the body as well as the heart in shape and fit, and 30 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough to do so.

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Since it is the most vital organ of our system, the science of cardiology takes care of all issues heart related.

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Blood pressure, also commonly referred to as BP, is the rate or measure of the force of blood pumped from the heart pushing against the walls of blood vessels.

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A cardiologist, different from a cardiac surgeon, is a specialist in the study and treatment of the blood vessels and the heart.

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Each medical specialist uses certain instruments for checking the patient for concerned ailments and diseases.

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Electrocardiography, abbreviated as ECG or EKG is the procedure of measuring the muscular and electrical functions and activities of the heart.

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With the surge in technological innovations at hand, treatment of cardiovascular diseases has now no longer become a hassle.

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