Do you think only a business magnet must hold a business card? Then you’re wrong. Don’t feel bad but yes my feedback is blunt. Today business card is mandatory for every individual who does work on their own. Of course when your part of a big corporate you get a card from the company. Do you want to teach Yoga at home to people around? Or want to take a painting class for the kid. No, you run a recruitment business, and the list goes on. For every business initiative, you must print a business card. It is not only pride to hold a card, but you can share this card with people to let know your contact details including mobile number, email id, and company website. Continue reading

You will need calendar beside you always to check for dates for every planning. For an individual or business everyone needs a calendar, and hence I decided to offer you calendar templates in in-design for free here. Continue reading

Let me ask you a question? Why do you need a portfolio? I understand that you want to publish your work online be it your photo, design work or any art. Portfolio is the best way to present. Yes, PDF Portfolios make sense than anything else. Then you may wonder how to design a portfolio. Stay worried free and access any number of InDesign portfolio templates for free from here. Continue reading

Most of you desire to become an entrepreneur and be your boss. Still, you have so many worries regarding what business, how to get funding, will it take off, etc. With the entire struggle in mind you start, and now another challenge is to market your business. With the advancement in technology you cannot stop giving bit notice about your business and publish free ads, but you must print brochures online and attract many people. Social media forums will not let you down in promoting your business.

So how to design brochures is your next question. I have a quick answer, and it is Indesign brochures which you can create using Adobe Indesign. I can understand your concern that you are not a high techie. Worries Apart, I will give you free InDesign brochure design templates. Continue reading

It feels good to get the best job with a blend of the role you wished for, the salary to yearn to earn and the life you are looking forward to living. Yes, I agree with you, that you will get this great job when you have the required skill.

But, there is a challenge, and you guessed it right. Skill is one thing that you must possess for getting the right job, and above that is how you can present yourself in the interview. There is something you’re missing. That is the ReSuMe; the employer will see your profile before seeing you. This means you must design your profile professionally to catch the attention of the job provider. You don’t have to spend money to write your resume to the many players in the market who claim to write your resume in the best manner. Continue reading