Learn Colors + The Complete Guide To Learning Colors for Kids

Teaching kids to learn colors can be challenging. However, there are tons of free educational resources to help your children learn colors. The team at Demplates has compiled a list of the best ways to help kids learn colors.

Other lists of colorful thingsĀ 

Learn Colors: Step by step guide to teaching kids colors

Throughout this guide we will link up a few lists of colors and things that help associate colors. On top of that, we’ve written complete guides to learning and associating colors for kids of all ages. For the in depth lists of different colors, click the corresponding link below.

  1. Things that are Black
  2. Things that are Blue
  3. Things that are Purple
  4. Things that are Red
  5. Things that are Yellow
  6. Things that are Pink
  7. Things that are Orange
  8. Things that are Green

Bingo Song

The bingo song is one of the most popular videos on learning colors ever created.

Watch the full video below.