Black Things + Things That Are Black for Kids Learning Colors

Looking for a natural list of things that are black? We’ve built a list of many natural things that are black in color.

We have collected some of the world’s best things that are in black color. 

The darkest color is the color black. We fear it as it means darkness, uncertainty, and even death! When somebody asks about things in nature that are black, we unfailingly point our fingers to the sky as in a moonless night it is pitch dark. Although black as a color has become a popular one in the fashion world in the 20th century, it was strongly associated with all evil and secret things in the Middle Ages. Today, there are many artificial things that are black like rubber tires of bikes, business suits, electronic appliances, and more, but it would be interesting to know the natural things that are black.  So, let’s have a look.

Black Things and other Things That Are Black

There are millions of things that are black. From the night sky to the roads we drive on every day. Teaching kids to learn the color black is pretty simple, from simple coloring activities to talking about black things in every day life.

Everyday things that are black

The night sky

Yes, in the photo below the sky is not in fact black. But it looks quite a bit better than a black sky.


Well, for the most part. Most asphalt roads start out as black, hence the reason they call asphalt “blacktop”.

Black Animals

There are hundreds of species that are black, here are a few of our favorite black animals.

American Black Bear

American Black Bear - Things that are black

This is the smallest bear species found in the regions of North America. With short claws that are non-retractable, this bear can climb a tree easily, and love to have a varied diet like plants, fruits, nuts, honey, small mammals, and even sometimes, young deer.  The bear is largely a solitary bear, and seldom venture out in a group to search food.

Black Panther

Black Panther - Things that are black

The big cat is well known as leopards in Asia and Africa. It is also known as Jaguars in America. It is called a black panther because of a color variation that makes their skin color like silky black. The big cat also has spots like leopards and Jaguars but they are not easily visible because of the presence of excess melanin pigment.

Valais Blackneck

valais blackneck - Things that are black


The beautiful black domestic goat with white hindquarters is specific to Valais in Switzerland. It is also found widely in adjoining areas of northern Italy. The medium-sized goat is mainly raised for meat, milk, and to manage unwanted vegetation. The goat is extremely hard-working and has tolerance for all climate types. It is now also preferred in Germany and Austria for diary purpose.

Galloway Cattle

Galloway Cattle - Things that are black

Be it cold winters or a damp climate, the Belted Galloway cattle have a high adaptability to both! It is indigenous to western Scotland and has a curly coat that keeps it warm at such temperature. It even has hair to cover its ears so that even in extreme freezing temperature, it can survive.

Black Colobus

black colobus - Things that are black

This large monkey is a severely threatened species found in dense forests of Africa. Occasionally, it is also found in coastal regions or in swamp forests. It has a distinctive coat on their body in glossy black. The diet includes seeds, unripe fruits, and leaves. This monkey loves to live in a group with other monkeys of same species.

Black Birds


raven - Things that are black

The blackbird is often termed as the smartest of all birds because of its smartness to get around people in order to have some quick meal and an ability to solve complex problems. It is found in abundance in the northern hemisphere. It has an echoing croak. However, although it looks identical to a crow, it is not social like the later one.

Red-winged Blackbird

Red winged blackbird - Things that are black

One can easily spot this beautiful bird on telephone wires. Found in abundance in North America, the bird has a distinctive marking. It is known to exhibit a habit of leaving the nest after a few days of taking birth. The male red-winged blackbird is also not at all committed to one mate like many other birds.

European Starling

European starling - Things that are black

This bird was first introduced to North America in the 19th century. Now, these birds are found in large numbers and have a reputation as songbirds. Their long-pointed bill and triangular wings make them distinct from other black colored birds. However, these birds miraculously get white spots during the winter season.

Common Grackle

Common Grackle - Things that are black

This bird appears to be black colored but a close inspection reveals that it has a glossy purple color body with hints of blue and gold. Quite adaptable, this bird loves to eat corn and other food crops. Often, this is spotted in noisy flocks in places like city parks and lawns.

Western capercaillie

western capercaillie - Things that are black


The large –sized bird is also known by the name of the wood grouse. It belongs to the grouse family. Scientifically, the bird is known as Tetrao urogallus and the bird is widely found in evergreen and deciduous forests in Asia and Europe. It is even found in Siberia. However, in the last few years, the number of this bird species is largely diminished. In some places, it is now altogether disappeared.

Black Drongo

Black Drongo - Things that are black

Known as “Kotwal” in Hindi, the small bird is native to the Indian subcontinent. The bird has fiery red eyes, black body, and a forked tail. The bird often attacks large sized birds when it comes to providing protection to their own eggs. This bird is now largely found in Africa, Australia, and Central Asia too.

Black Insects

Black Bug

Black bug - Things that are black

This bug is found in many places across the world. Some of the common species of this black colored insect are the common black bug, the Malayan black bug, and the Rice black bug (RRB). The insect is notorious for its capacity to destroy large areas of rice crops. Damage is often seen more when rice fields have poor drainage.

Black Garden Ant

Black garden ant - Things that are black

Widely known as the common garden ant found in households, the small insect is found all over the world except a few regions. While the body remains glossy black, there are stripes around the abdomen in brown. It can eat literally everything like leftover, seeds, smaller insects, and even seeds. A black garden ant is known as an extremely hardworking insect.


black fly - Things that are black


While male black flies mainly feed on nectar, females feed on mammalian blood including that of a human. Common in households, a black fly is extremely tolerant to pollution and lays its eggs in flowing water. It is largely speculated that human activities led to a substantial increase in the number of black flies across the world.

Black Reptiles

Black Snake

black snake - Things that are black

This snake is uniformly black and extremely poisonous. While some species of this kind of snake move slowly, others are fast moving. The main diet of this snake is the rat, but it also eats other rodents, lizards, and birds eggs. This snake can be found at any place infested with rats and a dark environment.

Black Caiman

black caiman - Things that are black


This large-sized crocodile can be found near rivers with a sluggish flow and lakes. This reptile is typical of length 16-20 feet. The reptile feeds mainly on a large variety of fishes, birds and some mammals. In short, this is an excellent predator.

Varanus salvator

varanus salvator - Things that are black


Also known as water monitor, this is a large lizard native to Asia and swims quite well in water. It can tear down the flesh of its prey like a carnivore animal. Common diet includes frogs, fishes, young crocodiles, and even turtles. It can grow to a huge size during its lifetime. It can be seen in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Black Gemstones


melanite - Things that are black


This is a glossy gemstone with high titanium content. This is largely found in Russia, Mexico, and Mali. Also known as “titanian andradite”, the gemstone is opaque and has a great luster. No wonder, it is used widely by jewelry makers as a versatile gemstone for making rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Many prefer it as an alternative to the expensive black sapphire.

Black Opal  

black opal- Things that are black


With its origin in Ethiopia, the gemstone is an opaque one. As a birthstone, it is associated with zodiac sign Libra and is also available in various other colors like pink, purple, red, grey, and much more. The gemstone is black because of a high content of carbon and traces of iron oxide elements. Among all the black opal variety found across the world, the Australian black opal is considered the best.

Black Sapphire

Black saphire - Things that are black

This gemstone is one of the most popular gemstones because of its durability, appearance, and enchanting beauty. It is widely used in making rings and pendants. The gemstone is cheap but its other variety Black star sapphire is extremely rare as well as prized.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline - Things that are black


This is a powerful black colored gemstone which was once considered extremely important because of its capacity to dispel negative energies or destructive forces and turning them into positive energy. Today, it is widely used for meditation and healing purpose.

So, what are your thoughts about our collection of things that are black? Please share your views or thoughts on this article. If you know some more things that are naturally black, don’t hesitate to write in the comment box below.

Things That Are Black – Coloring Sheets




Let’s admit it, kids love painting and drawing pictures as this arouse their curiosity a lot. Here, we are presenting a small collection of sheets that can help kids to known in a better way to color things that are black. As an educational tool, the coloring sheets can provide a favorite pass time for kids.

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